How to use CoTVM Ticket Printing Machine ?

CoTVM Ticket Printing Machine

Now Various Zones of Indian Railway have CoTVMs. Western Railway, Central Railway, Southern Railway etc started to install the CoTVM in main stations. This machine will help the passengers to get the unreserved tickets without much hassle.  

Cash/Coin and Smart Card Operated Ticket Vending Machine more popularly known as CoTVM is a self – operated kiosk to buy unreserved tickets using currency notes or coins as well as smart cards. The kiosks have touch screens, are self operated and have user friendly graphical interface for easy and convenient ticket transactions.

Book Ticket

How to Book Ticket

  Anybody can take tickets from CoTVM by following simple steps.

  • Select the Language of Operation,
  • Select the Destination station (via point if any),
  • Select the Class of travel or journey type
  • Select the Number of Passengers (adult/child)
  • Select the Mode of Payment – Cash or Smart Card
  • If mode of payment is selected as Cash, then the screen will show the message to insert the note and coin in cash accept or within the pre – defined time.
  • Insert the note and coin (as the case may be) one by one. You have to insert the exact amount.
  • After inserting exact cash, confirm to print ticket. The ticket will be issued.
  • In case, mode of payment is selected as Smart Card, keep the Smart Card on the card reader and press the print icon. The ticket will be issued and amount of ticket will be deducted from the balance available in the smart card.

CoTVM : Step by Step Procedures

CoTVM : Step by Step Procedure


Details of CoTVM

CoTVM Consists

  • Thin Client
  • Thermal Printer
  • Touch screen
  • RFID reader
  • Cash Validator with 15 notes escrow
  • Coin Validator with 10 coins escrow
  • The cash box has the capacity to hold 25,000 notes and 3,000 coins.

This machine help us to get all type of unreserved tickets including platform tickets. It is providing 24 hours service. It help us to avoid queues. step by step procedures. While using Smart Cards, recharge of smart card will happen with single note of denomination as selected by the passenger which is ✅ Rs. 20/50/100/500, i.e. for a Rs. 500/- recharge, one has to insert a single note of Rs. 500/- only.


 Functionalities of CoTVMs

  • Issue of non-concessional second class journey tickets for non-suburban section and second/first class journey/return tickets for suburban section.
  • Issue of Platform Tickets
  • Renewal of non-concessional season tickets.
  • Recharge of smart cards in denominations of ✅ Rs. 20/-, Rs. 50/-, Rs. 100/- and Rs. 500/-.

Other Features

  •  The kiosk accepts Indian coins of ✅ Rs 5/- and Rs 10/- and Indian currency notes of denominations of ✅ Rs 5/- to Rs 1000/-,only.
  • These machines do not accept soiled/cut/glued/taped/wet/colored currency notes and currency notes other than the ones bearing the image of Mahatma Gandhi.
  • These kiosks will only accept exact amount in currency notes and coins within the pre-defined time i.e 60 seconds for issue of ticket. If the passenger fails to insert the requisite amount, the transaction will be cancelled and the amount will be refunded to the passenger and he may start the transaction afresh.
  • The Kiosk issues maximum 4 adult/child ticket on each second class ticket.
  • Only one ticket will be issued in case of First Class ticket, Season ticket and Platform ticket.
  • The refund of tickets issued through CoTVMs will be done as per extant refund rules.



What is CoTVM?

Cash/Smart Card operated Ticket Vending Machine (CoTVM).

✅What is the use of CoTVM?

Cash/Smart Card operated Ticket Vending machine (CoTVM) is an unmanned self-operated kiosk which can be used by passengers themselves to buy unreserved tickets through Currency/Coins as well as smart cards.

✅Which types of tickets can we take from CoTVM ?

We can take unreserved tickets using Currency notes/Coins as well as Smart Cards via CoTVM.


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