Cluster Journey Tickets

Cluster Journey Tickets by Indian Railway
Cluster Journey Tickets by Indian Railway


Details of Cluster Journey Tickets by Indian Railway.

Applicability of Rebate of 10% on Cluster Journey Tickets after preparation of First Chart

Rebate of 10% on Cluster Journey Tickets after preparation of the first chart. No Berth Option for child passengers and Minimum Distance for Charge in such cases. (Press Release – 09.05.2017)

Eastern Railway announced that Rebate of 10% would be given on the fare of the first leg of journey only, in case of cluster journey tickets issued on telescopic fare. Accordingly, a 10% rebate would not be given on total fare of cluster journey tickets. 

In case no berth opts for the children of age 5 years and under 12 years of age at the time of reservation, in that case, minimum distance for charge shall not be applicable. In such cases, only half of the applicable adult fare shall be charged. In other cases, the minimum distance for charge provision shall continue. 

In the present PRS system, a passenger is permitted to purchase tickets for stations even beyond the destination station of the train. For example, a passenger can purchase a ticket from New Delhi to Madurai, travel up to Chennai by 2616 Grand Trunk Express and thereafter by another train. In the process, he avails the heavy telescopic benefit of fare. It is also possible to book tickets on this train for going to Jabalpur which is not on the route of the train through two different stations i.e. via Nagpur and via Itarsi with reservation up to Nagpur/Itarsi. Similarly, a passenger is also permitted to purchase tickets from any cluster of stations defined for a train even before the train originating station. For example, a passenger can purchase a ticket ex. Jullundhur to Guwahati with a reservation from Jullundhur to New Delhi. The reservation for the next leg of journey ex. New Delhi to Guwahati is done on zero value reservation slip based on original journey ticket. Some frauds have been reported on such Zero Value reservation slips. Ministry of Railways have reviewed the matter and decided that PRS tickets will only be issued for any station where there is stoppage of the train in which the reservation is sought for. Passengers will also be permitted to break the journey as per extant rules and make a subsequent reservation by any train. For example, if a passenger wants to travel from Mumbai to Amritsar with break journey at Delhi, he can purchase a ticket from Mumbai to Amritsar (with telescopic benefit) with reservation upto Delhi by 2903 Golden Temple Mail (which terminates at Amritsar) and for the journey from Delhi to Amritsar, he can seek reservation by any train which goes to Amritsar. But if he wants reservation from Mumbai to Delhi by 2471 Swaraj Express which does not go to Amritsar, he will be issued ticket up to Delhi only and not upto Amritsar. For travel from Delhi to Amritsar, he will be required to purchase a fresh ticket, in which case he will not be entitled to the telescopic benefit. Circular tour tickets will continue to be issued manually and the reservation will also be granted on such circular tour tickets as pre-bought tickets. However, no manual single return/journey tickets should be issued to cover the earlier cluster journey tickets of PRS. In view of the above, it is desired that henceforth the cluster stations defined in the system may be suspended/deleted. The system of issuing BPTs from PRS should also be disabled. Necessary changes may be carried out by CRIS. Action may be taken to implement the provision w.e.f.01/04/2006, under intimation to this office.


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