Cloak Room and Locker Charges in Indian Railway

Cloak Room and Luggage Charges in Indian Railway
Cloak Room and Luggage Charges in Indian Railway

Cloak Room and Locker Charges in Indian Railway

Most major Railway stations have cloak rooms and lockers where you can leave your luggage, on payment of prescribed charges. Following are the details of Cloak room and Locker charges in Indian Railway.
This passenger amenity ensures safe custody of your luggage, giving you the freedom to spend a day or two as you desire. The process of depositing your luggage in the cloak room has been simplified for your convenience. All you have to do is to deposit the luggage duly locked, where upon a receipt will be given to you. This receipt, duly signed as an acknowledgement of having received your luggage, should be surrendered along with the prescribed charges at the time of delivery. Delivery of luggage will not be done without the surrender of your receipt. Please ensure that all baggage/hold-alls/travel bags are locked securely. Otherwise, these may not be accepted by the railway personnel.
Maximum period that you can leave luggage at a Cloak Room is one month. However some Cloakrooms have notices stating that the maximum period is 7 days,  While the Left Luggage facility is officially known as the Cloak Room you may see it signed as Clock Room.

Cloak Room and Locker Charges in Indian Railway : The essentials

  • You must be in possession of a train ticket showing that you have either just arrived at your chosen station or that you will be departing from there within the next month.
  • Your bags must be securely locked. This may require some ingenuity for rucsacs but can be done. If you cannot lock a side pocket make sure that it is empty.
  • Don’t keep any food in your checked in luggage. It attracts vermin
  • When you check your luggage in have a look at the notice for Opening/Closing times. Most will have some closure period(s) which may affect when you need to pick up your bags.
  • There is a fee per piece per day (or part day). You are given a ticket when you check your items in. You hand that in when you need to collect, the fee is calculated and you pay at collection.

Cloak Room and Locker Charges in Indian Railway : Tariff

Revising the rates for the two facilities for the first time in 12 years from Feb 2013 ,
  • the Railways will charge Rs. 20 for use of a locker for 24 hours, up from Rs. 5 now, and Rs. 30 for every additional 24 hours or part thereof.
  • The cloakroom rent will be Rs. 15 for 24 hours and Rs. 20 for every additional 24 hours
In 21.12.2017 Railway published another press release regarding the Revision of Cloak Room and Locker charges at Railway Stations.
Please refer to Board’s letter no: 91/TG-I/10/P/Cloak Room Charges dated 23.01.2013 (CC No. 09/2013) wherein the last revision of Cloak Room and Locker charges were notified. It has, now, been decided that DRMs shall have full powers for upward revision of the Cloak Room and Locker tariff at stations based on their local conditions after obtaining concurrence of their Associate Finance. This issues with the concurrence of the Finance Directorate of Ministry of Railways.

Cloak Room and Locker Charges in Indian Railway : Theft of Luggage

Passengers are informed that in case of robbery and dacoity of their luggage and other belongings in running trains, forms for lodging report to the police are available with conductor, Coach Attendants, Guards and the GRP escorts. After properly filling the form, it may be handed over to one of the officials mentioned above for registration of the report at the next Police Station. Passengers are not required to break their journey for lodging their report with the police.  These forms are also available at RPF posts and Outposts.


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