Booking and Cancellation of E-WHEELCHAIR Services at Railway Stations

Booking/Cancellation Details of E - Wheelchair by IRCTC
Booking/Cancellation details of E - Wheelchair by IRCTC

Booking and Cancellation of E-WHEELCHAIR Services at Railway Stations

Indian Railway is offering many facilities to passengers, and one among those facilities is Wheelchair service. This is a service by Indian Railway for senior citizen, differently-abled and patients. Following are the details of WHEELCHAIR services facility at Railway stations including Booking /Cancellation of Wheelchair, list of stations having e-wheelchair facility etc.

E – Wheelchair Services at Railway Stations

E-Wheelchair service would facilitate Rail passengers at Nominated Railway Stations in booking wheelchair for sick, senior citizens, handicapped and needy passengers.

  • Any passenger having valid confirmed / RAC / Partial WL reservation ticket may book the Wheelchair through website.
  • The wheelchair is provided free of charge, depending on the availability on first come first service with booking voucher.
  • The wheelchair(s) will be collected from and returned to Collection center at Railway station.
  • The passenger/ attendant need to deposit Rs. 500/- in cash and a valid Govt. approved identity card, which shall be returned on return of wheelchair.
  • No other facility is associated with E-Wheelchair.
  • One booking is allowed per PNR.

List of Stations Available for Online Booking of Wheelchairs

List of stations currently available for online booking of Wheelchairs are following. Advance Reservation Period (ARP) for online booking of E-Wheelchair and Collection center of E-Wheelchair are also included here.

E-Wheelchair services are available for the Train departing between 08:00 Hrs to 20:00 Hrs only at ADI (Ahmedabad Jn.) station.

S.NoStation NameStation CodeAdvance Booking Time(Upto Hrs.)Collection CenterContact EmailContact No.Railway Zone
1AGRA CANTTAGC4TFC at Agra Canttdeepak.upadhyay@irctc.com9794863617NORTH CENTRAL RAILWAY
2AHMEDABAD JNADI6TFC at ADI Concourse hallvikram.sompura@irctc.com9601649310WESTERN RAILWAY
3BANGALORE CITY JNSBC72TFC at deepu5137@irctc.com9741429437 ,9686575201SOUTH WESTERN RAILWAY
4BHUSAVAL JNBSL6Cell Kitchen at PF no. 3manoj.kumar@irctc.com9752091658CENTRAL RAILWAY
5HOWRAH JNHWH24Platform No 10 /TFCsakarim60@irctc.com9002040010EASTERN RAILWAY
6INDORE JNINDB6TFC at PF no.1rholkar5617@irctc.com9630098913WESTERN RAILWAY
7JAIPUR JNJP4Jan Ahar, Jaipursanjay.maal2@gmail.com9001556999NORTH WESTERN RAILWAY
8JHANSI JNJHS4Dy.SS(Commercial) office, Platform No.1, Jhansi Railway Station, Jhansiaman.kumar@irctc.com9794863633NORTH CENTRAL KANPUR CENTRAL JN
9KANPUR CENTRAL JNCNB4Refershment Room, Kanpurvgoyal5430@irctc.com9794844569NORTH CENTRAL RAILWAY
10LUCKNOW JNLKO4Refershment Room, Lucknowasyadav4998@irctc.com9794844558NORTHERN RAILWAY
11LUCKNOW NELJN4Refershment Room, LJNasyadav4998@irctc.com9794844558NORTH EASTERN RAILWAY
12MATA VAISHNO DEVI KATRASVDK4IRCTC Guest house, Katraajazahmeddar5042@irctc.com9797540652NORTHERN RAILWAY
13MUMBAI CENTRALMMCT6TFC at MMCT Concourse Hallvinay.kumar@irctc.com9004082702WESTERN RAILWAY
14MUMBAI CSTCSMT6TFC at between PF no. 7 - 8vinay.kumar@irctc.com9004082702CENTRAL RAILWAY
15NAGPUR JNNGP6Food Plaza at PF no.1skar5091.irctc@gmail.com9004082891CENTRAL RAILWAY
16NEW DELHINDLS4TFC at PF no.16concierge@irctc.com9717998975NORTHERN RAILWAY
17PATHANKOT CANTTPTKC4Jan Ahar, PTKCpmehra5046@irctc.com9779240607NORTHERN RAILWAY
18PUNE JNPUNE6IRCTC Food Plaza at PF no.1ranveerchaudhary4949@gmail.com9601649321CENTRAL RAILWAY
19SECUNDERABAD JNSC24TFC at Secunderabadcontrolsouthcentralzone@irctc.com9701360702SOUTH CENTRAL RAILWAY
20VADODARA JNBRC6Food Plaza at Pf. 1vishalyadav5586@gmail.com9001017986WESTERN RAILWAY
21VARANASI JNBSB4Dy SS/Commercial office, Platform no. 5, Varanasi Jn.ggupta4993@irctc.com9794863637NORTHERN RAILWAY
22VIJAYAWADA JNBZA24TFC at Vijayawadandbrao1998@irctc.com9701360632 9701360634SOUTH CENTRAL RAILWAY

Wheelchair Booking and Cancellation Procedure

Details regarding Booking and Cancellation of Wheelchair at Railway Stations are following.

Booking of E-Wheelchair Service

There are simple steps to book E-Wheelchair services by Indian Railway.

  • ✅Visit
  • Select E-Wheelchair under tab of ” SERVICE AT STATIONS “.
  • Click on “E-WHEELCHAIR”.
  • Enter Your PNR No. and click on “Search”
  • Enter required details, then click on “Book”
  • You will get the complete booking details. Click on ✅ “Print Voucher” for Voucher.

Cancellation of E-Wheelchair Service

No cancellation charges applicable on E-Wheelchair. Passenger may cancel the confirmed wheelchair booking online. Any amendment made is subject to cancellation of previous booking. The wheelchair is provided ✅ free of charge, depending on the availability on first come first service with booking voucher.

There are Simple steps to Cancel E-Wheelchair services by Indian Railway.

  • Please visit and Login through “Guest User Login”
  • Enter your Email id and Mobile no. (With Pair) which you have used at the time of booking (Master Email ID and Master Mobile No. or Alternate Email and Alternate Mobile no.) and click on ✅ “SIGN IN”.
  • Click on My Account, you will see a logo of Wheelchair Booked and click on it.
  • You will see a complete list of your Wheelchair bookings.
  • Select your ticket from “List of Booking” which is to be cancelled and click on the “Cancel Wheelchair” option. You will get OTP on Email id and Mobile no. which you have used at the time of booking (Master Email ID and Master Mobile No).
  • Select No. of Wheelchair to Cancel, Enter OTP which you have received on mobile and Email ID, then click on Cancel Wheelchair.
  • It will show complete Cancellation status details.

Wheelchair Lift for Specially-Abled Passengers

The Nagpur Division of Central Railway has added one more facility at the station for specially abled passengers by procuring a wheelchair lift, which lands you straight near your compartment berth, a famous newspaper reported.

This is the first battery-operated wheelchair lift procured from Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) across the Central Railway in the state. It has been bought under CSR project. Its cost is Rs3 lakh. It would benefit passengers immensely,” said senior divisional railway manager (SrDCM) KK Mishra.

On manpower to run the vehicle, Mishra added that even the manual wheelchairs are being operated by coolies.

“It has a very simple technique. We will train coolies in phases, who will handle the vehicle,” he said. “The vehicle will be powered by rechargeable batteries and can be driven and operated by most people with ease. Once charged, the vehicle operates for 25km,” says Bhargav Sundaram, chief executive of Callidai Motor Works, Gummidipoondi in Chennai, which manufactures the vehicle.

While Nagpur is first to get it, one each wheelchair lift will be supplied at eight other stations including Chennai, Delhi, Bhopal, Jhansi, Gwalior, Agra, Vijaywada and Nizamuddin,” says IRCTC area manager Ahad Siddiqui.

The vehicle features a platform that can move upwards and downwards with the assistance of a motor which will also derive power from the battery pack. A belt winch mechanism assists in lifting and lowering of the platform.

The platform will include a wheelchair that would be tied down to the platform using suitable restraints, and passengers can either use this wheelchair as a seat or as a regular wheelchair.

Sundaram says this modified wheelchair can be removed and any standard wheelchair used by the passengers can also be used on this lifting platform to get into the coach reserved for wheelchair users.

Also, if a specially abled passenger wants to get into any compartment, this can be achieved using the modified wheelchair that will be supplied along with the vehicle.

The wheelchair can be rolled ‘in’ or ‘out’ of the train. It has been designed to move in narrow spaces (as in aisles of trains). On its operation, Sundaram says little effort is required to drive the vehicle as it will be operated by use of a joystick. It would take not more than a few hours for an operator to get used to driving this vehicle.

Wheelchair Service by Railway
Wheelchair Service by Railway


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