How to Book IRCTC Executive Lounge at Railway Station

IRCTC Tourism Website
IRCTC Tourism Website Executive Lounge Booking

How to Book IRCTC Executive Lounge at the Railway Station?

In this post we are explaining in Step by Step simple process to Book IRCTC Executive Lounge at railway station Online.

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Step 1: Open IRCTC Tourism Website and Login

Open the IRCTC Tourism website directly clicking on IRCTC Tourism Website open or typing in any URL. After Login the IRCTC Tourism website you have click on to the Login as highlighted on following image.

Once you click on Login link it will open a Popup window were will ask for User ID and Password. If you are having existing IRCTC login credentials then use the same or else create the same. If you don’t know how to create the IRCTC Login then visit our IRCTC User Signup step by step details.

IRCTC Tourism Login Page
IRCTC Tourism Login Page for Executive Lounge booking

Step 2: Navigate to IRCTC Tourism Lounge Booking First Page and fill details

Once you Login to the IRCTC Tourism website Just needs to click on “Lounge” icon highlighted on following image or directly open via IRCTC Lounge Start Page.

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IRCTC Tourism Website Executive Lounge Booking Simple Steps
IRCTC Tourism Website

Once you click on Lounge icon then will open a window similar to following. All you have to do enter the following details for booking the IRCTC Lounge online.

  • Station Name : Station Name to which you want to book the IRCTC Lounge.
  • Check in Date : Date to which you would like to book the Lounge. Remember maximum of 120 days IRCTC Lounge booking allowed right now.
  • Lounges : Type Lounge you would like to book
  • Check in Time (HH:MM): Here you mention the IRCTC Lounge check in time / what time you would like to join this facility.
  • No of Passengers : No of passengers you would like to book the IRCTC Lounge. Remember as of now maximum 6 passengers only can able to book at a time.
  • Duration in Hours: In this option you have to choose duration of Lounge service required by you. If you want 2 hrs then select the option like below.

After entering all the above mentioned details click on to the Book button to proceed further.

Step 3: IRCTC Lounge Booking Passenger Details

In this page you have to fill the passenger details. You have to enter following details

  • GST : Yes / No , If GST registration having then choose yes fill then details. For the normal passengers choose “No”.
  • Name: Here you have to enter the Passenger Name
  • Age: In this section you have to enter the Age of the passenger.
  • Gender: In are select gender of the person who required accommodation, Male / Female
  • Email ID: Enter your Email ID.
  • Mobile No : Enter your mobile number details.
  • State: Select the state code available on drill down option
IRCTC Lounge passenger details
IRCTC Lounge passenger details filling page

After filling all the details press on SUBMIT button to proceed further. If you want to replan the details you have filled then click on to REPLAN.

Step 4: IRCTC Lounge Booking Summary Details / Verification Page

In this page you have to verify all the details you filled earlier steps. Please note after proceeding this you may not able to change the same. So check all the details before proceeding.

IRCTC Lounge Summary page
IRCTC Lounge Summary page

Check the required Payment Details and click on selection box of “I Agree Terms & Conditions” once you read the terms and conditions mentioned on the screen.

Once you completed all these steps press on “MAKE PAYMENT” button to perform the payment.

Step 5: IRCTC Lounge Booking : PAYMENT Page

During this step you have to select appropriate payment option to proceed the IRCTC lounge booking.

IRCTC provided several payment to do the same.

  • Credit / Debit Cards
  • Net Banking
  • BHIM / UPI
  • Wallets
  • International Credit Cards
  • IPAY
  • PhonePE
IRCTC Lounge railway station booking  payment
IRCTC Lounge railway station booking payment

Click on Make Payment button to proceed further.

Once your payment confirmed then system will send you you booking confirmation details.

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