Blank Paper Tickets by Indian Railway

Blank Paper Tickets by Railway
Blank Paper Tickets

Blank Paper Tickets by Indian Railway

Blank paper tickets (BPT) by Railway details are following.

Blank Paper Tickets Features

Blank paper tickets may be issued in local and through booking. These tickets are machine numbered and printed in distinct colours for different value ranges, as shown below:-

For value ranges Colour

For value ranges Colour
Upto Rs. 10 (inclusive)White
Above Rs. 10 upto Rs. 30 (inclusive)Yellow
Above Rs. 30 upto Rs. 50 (inclusive)Pink
Above Rs. 50Green

Separate series of tickets for local and through traffic for all classes will be printed according to the value ranges mentioned above. Entries on these tickets will be made in block capitals and the amount shall be entered in bold figures in the special space provided on the ticket.

  • The face of the ‘Passenger’ foil of a blank paper ticket will have the name of the issuing railway hatched in red to form a background, and a waved red band printed on the face of the foils for use-in through booking. The letter ‘R’ in red bold type is printed on the face of the return portion of all the three foils of return tickets.
  • Blank paper tickets are prepared with the aid of double sided carbon paper in three foils, viz., for “Accounts”, “Passenger”, and “Station Record”. The destination station, class, route, description of train or trains by which available (mail/express, ordinary), ✅ distance and fare are not printed on blank paper tickets, these entries should be made in block capitals and the class, amount of fare and date of issue must be shown in legible figures and words. The name of the destination station, the class and fare must be written both in English and Indian script. The name of the booking station should either be printed or stamped.
  • Each blank paper ticket will be made available for only ✅ one passenger, adult or child.
  • At times of heavy rush, if a railway administration considers that there is likely to be a tendency to corner reserved seats or berths by one person one blank paper ticket for a party of more than ✅ four persons will be issued, notwithstanding that printed card tickets are in stock, if the party requires the seats or berths to be reserved. Separate series of tickets of white colour for different classes regardless of any value ranges for use in such cases will be printed.

Issue of Blank Paper Tickets

  • In issuing the Blank Paper tickets
    • Booking Clerk should work out the fares with the help of distance and fare tables.
    • The route by which the blank paper ticket is issued, should invariably be shown in the space provided for the purpose on the ticket.
    • When these tickets are issued to stations on contiguous railways which can be reached by more than one route, the name of the railway by which booked should be shown with the name of the junction station, but when such tickets are issued over two or more railways and the destination station can be reached by more than one route, the first junction with each railway should be shown along with the code initials in capital letters of that railway.
    • Booking Clerks must enquire from passengers the route by which they intend to travel, and issue tickets accordingly.
  • When a paper return ticket is issued, the Booking Clerk should enter on it the date of issue and the date upto which return journey is to be completed. Each halt made by the holder of the ticket should be entered on the back of the ticket by the Station Master of the station where the journey is broken.
  • Blank paper ticket should be accounted for separately in the daily train cash book-cum-summary
  • Corrections in paper tickets prohibited
    • Corrections in blank paper tickets including ✅ special, soldier, circular journey tickets etc. are absolutely prohibited.
    • If through oversight or some other cause incorrect particulars are entered on these tickets, they should be cancelled and treated as ‘non-issued’.
  • Advance issue of single journey tickets for journeys commencing from out stations but terminating at the station of booking
    • Single journey tickets for all classes, for journeys commencing from an outstation but terminating at the station at which tickets are purchased, will be issued one month in advance of the date of journey. In such cases, blank paper tickets will be issued irrespective of whether any ticket for the outward journey is purchased or not.
    • The actual date on which the journey is to commence will be entered on the blank paper ticket both in words and figures and subsequent alteration in it will not be permitted.
    • Passengers commencing their journeys on any other date than that shown on the ticket will be treated as travelling without ticket and dealt with under the rules.
  • Issue of tickets for journeys commencing from and terminating at other than the booking stations
    • Individual railways may introduce at selected stations, the facility of issuing tickets for journeys commencing from outstations on the same railway and terminating at other stations on the same railway or other zonal railways.
    • For example Ahmedabad, a station on the Western Railway, may be authorized to issue tickets to passengers for their journeys commencing from Surat to Bombay Central, Vadodara to Amritsar and so on. In all such cases, blank paper tickets will be issued upto one month in advance of the date of journey from separate series of books which should be stocked at the authorized selected stations.

Blank Paper Tickets Refund Details

  • If the ticket is returned at the station of issue, the refund should be granted according to the rules in force, but if the ticket is surrendered at any other station, the ticket will be collected, and a receipt in ✅ Form Com./R-13 Rev. granted to the holder who will be advised to apply for a refund to the Chief Commercial Superintendent of the railway concerned.


✅ What is Blank Paper Tickets?

This ticket is issued in exchange for concession orders, police warrants, etc.
These tickets are printed on watermarked paper and are serially numbered.
It is book form with each book having 50 tickets.
The ticket has 3 foils – Accounts, Passenger, Record.
On receipt, each book is to be counted and certified that all the foils are intact.


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