Biometric Token System in Railway

Biometric Token System In Railway
Biometric Token System In Railway

Biometric Token System in Indian Railway

For the convenience and safety of railway passengers Indian Railway introduced Biometric token system in Stations. Details are here.

Biometric Token System in South Central Railway

South Central Railway has launched Biometric Token Machine services for Passengers at Secunderabad station. This will help in facilitating smooth boarding of passengers into unreserved coaches and Also to identify any miscreant with the help of biometric captured.

Biometric Token System in Western Railway

To regulate the flow of passengers and boost security, the Western Railway (WR) has installed biometric token machines at Mumbai Central and Bandra Terminus, a famous News paper reported.

How Biometric system for unreserved coaches work ?

Railway Protection Force personnel have been deputed to operate the machines and issue tokens to passenger travelling in general compartments. Tokens are issued one hour before the scheduled departure of long-distance trains. Passengers have to queue up near the gate of the general compartment five minutes before the arrival of the train. Their fingerprints are then scanned before issuing the tokens.

In this system, a counter on the platforms with individual token system is managed by the RPF staff under CCTV surveillance. It is a portable system, easy to transport across platform. The token distribution starts 60 to 90 minutes before the departure of the trains on first come first served basis.

In Short:-

  • The Passengers purchasing tickets for the general class coaches will have to get their fingerprints scanned at the biometric machine.
  • Then a token will be generated, the total number of tokens generated will be in line with the number of seats in a particular general class coach.
  • The passengers can then assemble in a queue as per their serial number on the token a few minutes before the rake is placed on the platform.
  • The RPF staff at the entry point of the general class coach verifies the token serial number and allows the passengers to board the coach in an orderly manner.
Biometric Token by Western Railway
Biometric Token by Western Railway

Ravinder Bhakar, chief public relations officer, WR, said the new system would provide relief to passengers and prevent jumping of queues. He said, “We plan to procure an advanced version of this machine, which will be able to capture photos along with the fingerprints of passengers. This will further streamline the flow of passengers and act as a strong deterrent to criminals. The next batch of machines will be installed at major stations in Ahmedabad and Mumbai divisions.”

Two machines each have been installed at Mumbai Central and Bandra Terminus as they cater to the bulk of the long-distance passenger trains on WR. S.R. Gandhi, senior divisional security commissioner, WR, Mumbai division, said they implemented the system for a month on select trains at each station. He said, “Passengers are happy with the system as it is transparent. It also deters thieves who purchased unreserved tickets as it did not require them to give their personal details.”

Details of other Railway Zones

Details of other Railway Zones’s having Biometric token system are here.

At present biometric token system are used for general class passengers of

  • Paschim Express (Bandra Terminus)
  • Amaravati Express (Bandra Terminus)
  • Avadh Express (Bandra Terminus)
  • Maharashtra Sampark Kranti Express (Bandra Terminus)
  • Amravati Express (Mumbai Central station)
  • Jaipur Superfast Express (Mumbai Central station)
  • Karnavati Express (Mumbai Central station)
  • Gujarat Mail (Mumbai Central station)
  • Golden Temple Mail (Mumbai Central station)

Taking a cue from WR, Central Railway has decide to follow suit at CSMT and LTT stations soon.


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