Biogas Plant by Indian Railway

Biogas Plant by Indian Railway
Biogas Plant by Indian Railway

Biogas Plant by Indian Railway

Western Railway has set up a biogas plant in Mumbai Central to use organic waste to make fire for the Railway kitchen purposes. It is a major green initiative by Western Railway. Details of Biogas Plant by Indian Railway are following.

The solid waster management plant has a 0.5 tonne capacity, the officials added. The biogas will be used to cater to long distance trains from Mumbai Central. Waste from the base kitchen in Mumbai Central will be used too.  The estimated organic waster from these units will be between 200 -250 kg. But the plant can handle 500 kg of organic waste each day.  

Biogas Plant
Biogas Plant

Western Railway authorities said that if the plant is operated at maximum capacity, the gas generated will fill a liquefied petroleum gas cylinder each day. But as the qutanum of waste generated is low, the biogas produced will be equivalent to one-fourth of a cylinder. 

Mixed waster will be segregated first and biodegradable waster material, like stale or unused cooked food, vegetable waste, cattle dung, fruit peels and rotten fruits will be used in the plant. The produced biogas will get stored in a balloon and it will be supplied to the kitchen as per requirements. 

The major advantaged of the plant is that the system of garbage handling will improve and waste segregation norms laid down by the civic body will be followed. 

Biogas plant by Indian Railway : Summary

  • Western Railway has installed a solid waste management plant of 0.5 ton capacity at Mumbai Central . It Will convert organic waste into gas which will be used for cooking.
  • The waste for Solid Waste Management system will be from trains,Mumbai Central station and base kitchen. Capacity of plant to handle organic waste is 500 kg/day. It will help recycle wet garbage which is otherwise not accepted by the civic body & turn it into solid disposable waste
  • If Solid Waste Management Plant is operated at maximum capacity, gas generation shall be around 1 cylinder per day. Another major advantage of this plant shall be that the system of garbage handling will improve.

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