IRCTC Bharat Darshan Trains Details

IRCTC Bharat Darshan Trains Details
IRCTC Bharat Darshan Trains Details

IRCTC Bharat Darshan Trains Details

IRCTC Bharat Darshan Special Tourist Trains, one of the most affordable, all-inclusive tour package, covering all the important tourist places in the country. Indian Railways is operating Astha Circuit Special or Bharat Darshan Tourist Trains and State Special Trains for the promotion of religious tourism across India.

Astha Circuit Trains were announced in Rail Budget, 2016. Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Limited (IRCTC) inaugurated the trip of Astha Circuit Trains on 17.02.2017 for Guwahati covering Kolkata, Bhubaneshwar, and Puri. So far 10 Astha Circuit Trains are operated. IRCTC with the collaboration of State Governments is operating State Special trains for senior citizens (60 years and above) of the respective States. So far, State Special Trains were operated for the State of Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh, Punjab, Odisha, Jharkhand, and Uttar Pradesh covering important pilgrim/religious destinations of India. Currently, State Special Trains are being operated for Madhya Pradesh, Odisha, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, and Rajasthan.  

Following are the details including How to Book Bharat Darshan Special Tourist Trains, What is the cancellation charges, what are all the tour packages under IRCTC Bharat Darshan trains etc.

Cancellation Policy Details

The cancellation policy is the same for every trip under Bharat Darshan Specials. Total deductions amount as per the days while cancellation of the trips by the passenger is following

No. of days before commencement of TripTotal Deductions

  • Up to 15 days (excluding departure date) – Rs. 100 /- per passenger
  • Up to 8-14 days (excluding departure date) – 25 % of the package cost
  • Up to 4-7 days (excluding departure date) – 50 % of the package cost
  • Less than 4 days – 100 % of the package cost

Route Details

Following are the details regarding Itinerary of the Bharat Darshan Trains

Currently Bharat Darshan Trains are running to and from the following destinations only.

Agartala, Anand Jn / Bharuch Jn / Kalyan / Pune / Rajkot Jn / Sabarmati Jn / Surat / Surendranagar / Vadodara Jn / Vapi / Viramgam Jn, Bangalore / Chennai / Madurai, Dibrugarh, Gorakhpur, Guwahati, Indore, Jalandhar City, Jammu, Jasidih, Jaynagar, Madurai, Nagpur, Patna
Rajgir, Rajkot Jn, Raxaul, Rewa, Saharsa Jn, Varanasi.

Booking Details

Astha Circuit Trains and State Special Trains are operated by IRCTC. The cost of the trip for Astha Circuit Trains is paid by passenger itself at D900/- + GST per passenger per day, whereas, the cost of the trip for State Special Trains is borne by the respective State Government and the beneficiaries are selected by the respective State Governments.

IRCTC provides all-inclusive services to passengers during the tour of Astha Circuit Trains and State Special Trains. It includes rail and road transportation, accommodation (Dharamshala/dormitory), sightseeing, meals, accidental insurance, etc. In addition, as per the instruction of State Government, passengers of State Special Trains are also provided additional requirements like traveler’s kit which includes cap, toothbrush, and paste, hair oil, comb, shampoo etc. The entire cost of value-added services is borne by concerned State Governments.

Booking of Bharat Darshan Special Tourist Trains is available online on the IRCTC website. Bookings can also be done through IRCTC Tourist Facilitation Centre, Zonal Offices, and Regional Offices.

Charging Principles and Composition of Astha Circuit Special or Bharat Darshan Tourist Trains

  • Sleeper Class Mail/Express fare for GSCN coaches and for 3 AC Coach the fare for 3 AC shall be levied on telescopic basis for entire journey for the carrying capacity of the train. This amount shall be escalated by 20%. No concession, including senior citizen concession, will be allowed and every passenger will be charged full fare, including children, as per carrying capacity or as per actual capacity, whichever second class Mail/Express fare on telescopic basis, escalated by 20%, for entire journey. Pantry Car will be charged at 50% of normal rate. In case luggage portion is utilized for booking luggage, normal charges would be applicable for the entire trip, otherwise the luggage portion should be locked. No other charge will be levied additionally.
  • The composition of Bharat Darshan/ Astha circuit trains will be 15 coaches comprising 12 GSCN + 1 WCB + 2 SLRs. IRCTC will be provided with one additional 3 AC coach whenever there is demand and availability. All the coaches shall be utilized by IRCTC.
  • The passenger tariff of Bharat Darshan/Astha Cirucuit trains will be in the range of Rs.800-900 per person per day in Sleeper Class and Rs.1100/- per person per day in 3 AC class respectively.
  • There shall be 4 rakes for operation of Bharat Darshan / Astha Circuit trains.
  • The charging principles and composition of Bhart Darshan / Astha Circuit trains will be valid till 31.03.2019.

For booking of Bharat Darshan Trains, one should go to irctc tourism site. There you can see details.

Tour Packages under IRCTC Bharat Darshan

Currently following are the tour packages under Bharat Darshan


✅ What is the Bharat Darshan Trains?

One of the most loved and affordable tourist trains in the country, Bharat Darshan covers some of India’s most important tourist destinations. It is perfect for travelers and religious pilgrims who wish to explore India on a budget. Bharat Darshan Train is a special tourist train operated by Indian Railways that takes passengers on a budget-friendly tour of some of the popular tourist destinations in India.

✅ What are some popular Bharat Darshan tours?

Some popular Bharat Darshan tours include the South India Tour, Shirdi Tour, Goa Tour, Rajasthan Tour, and Golden Triangle Tour.

✅What amenities do Bharat Darshan Trains offer?

Bharat Darshan Trains offer basic facilities like sleeper class accommodation, vegetarian meals, and a tour guide. The trains are designed to be budget-friendly, so the facilities are not luxurious.

✅Can you get off the train during the tour?

Yes, passengers can get off the train during the tour at various destinations and explore the surrounding areas. However, passengers are advised to follow the tour itinerary and return to the train on time.

✅How long do Bharat Darshan train tours typically last?

Bharat Darshan train tours typically last for around 7 to 15 days, depending on the tour package.

✅ Are Bharat Darshan Trains a good option for families with children?

Bharat Darshan Trains can be a good option for families with children, especially for those on a budget.

✅How can I book a Bharat Darshan train tour?

Booking a Bharat Darshan train tour can be done through the Indian Railways website or through authorized travel agents. It’s recommended to book in advance to secure your preferred date and tour package, especially during peak travel seasons.


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