Indian Railway is taking many passenger friendly action to keep the coaches and stations in properly maintained and clean condition. Following are the details regarding Hygiene policy by Indian Railway.

Cleanliness and Maintenance of Passenger Rail Coaches

Some of the major initiatives taken by Indian Railways (based on press release by railway on 9th February, 2018) towards improvement of cleanliness and maintenance of coaches are as follows :

  • Cleaning of coaches of trains at both ends including mechanized cleaning.
  • On Board Housekeeping Service (OBHS) has been provided in more than 970 pairs of trains including Rajdhani, Shatabdi and other important long distance Mail/Express trains for cleaning of coach toilets, doorways, aisles and passenger compartments during the run of the trains.
  • ‘Clean My Coach’ service is provided on demand in nearly 950 pairs of important Superfast/Mail/Express long distance trains having On Board Housekeeping Service.
  • Clean Train Station (CTS) scheme has also been prescribed for limited mechanized cleaning attention to identified trains including cleaning of toilets during their scheduled stoppages enroute at nominated stations.
  • Regular maintenance and upkeep of all passenger coaches is carried out during laid down maintenance schedules at the Coaching depots and workshops to ensure that they remain in good condition.

Some special measures like running of model rake trains (like Mahamana Express), upgradation of identified Rajdhani / Shatabdi trains to Swarn Standard, running of Humsafar, Tejas, Antyodaya trains etc. have also been taken to improve travelling experience.

Action Plan for Cleaner Bedding and Better Meals

A policy of zero tolerance towards poor quality of food and bedding is being strictly enforced by Indian Railways. In current financial year, 12 catering contracts have been terminated for complaints or other contractual deficiencies. In case of unsatisfactory work or passenger complaint regarding bed roll, suitable penalty is imposed on the contractor as per contract conditions. Regular inspections are done at various levels to monitor the quality of bedding and catering services.

Some steps taken for providing cleaner bedding are as below :

  • Washing of bed linen (except blanket) is done after every single use. Blankets are cleaned at least once in two months.
  • To improve the quality of washing of bed linen, 58 mechanized laundries have been set up in the railways, covering nearly 65 % of linen washing requirement. Most of the remaining linen is also washed in outside mechanised laundries through contracts.
  • Nominated storage places with facilities like racks and compactors are provided for storage of linen.
  • Sample checking of washed linen is done before dispatch from laundry.
  • Regular inspections are carried out by officers and supervisors for compliance to the norms for washing of linen items.

The following steps have been taken for provision of better meals to passengers :

  • New Catering Policy has been issued in February, 2017, wherein inter-alia, Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Limited (IRCTC) has been mandated to create a distinction primarily between food preparation and food distribution.
  • IRCTC is to set up new kitchens and upgrade existing ones.
  • Optional Catering service has been introduced as a pilot project for 180 days from August, 2017 on 32 Rajdhani /Shatabdi/Duranto trains under the management of IRCTC.
  • Introduction of station based E-Catering for widening the options of food choice.
  • Pilot for introduction of pre-cooked food in the range of options available to passengers.
  • Operation of All India helpline No. 138 for lodging complaints / suggestions pertaining to food and catering services and Operation of Centralized Catering Service Monitoring Cell (CSMC) for prompt redressal of passenger grievances and real time assistance related to catering.
  • A Twitter handle @ IRCATERING has been made operational for complaints/suggestions pertaining to catering services.

Penalties For Activities Affecting Cleanliness At Railway Promises

Think twice before putting anything in train, in Platform moreover anything in the premises of the Indian Railway. Indian Railways recently amended its Rule in such a way that able to claim fine from anybody creating dirtiness in the Indian Rail Premises.Ministry of Indian Railway recently declared the New rule for Activities Affecting Cleanliness At Railway Promises. Following are its definition
If anybody thrown or deposited waste tends to create unclean or unhygienic or danger  to life, environment pollution , public health, safety and welfare. This law also capable to penalties the person who paste the posters on the Railways bogies. Railway also mention that the definition of Railway premises means Station Building, Platforms, railway track and other property belongs to railway including trains.
This rule also prohibit following cases too, Cook, bath, Spit, Urinate, defecate, feed animals or birds, repair or wash vehicles or any other objects or keep any type of Storage in any railway premises except in such facilities provided.
Fine Amount
You may get fine up to Rs. 500
Persons Authorized to Collect Penalties
  1. The Station Master or Station manager
  2. An Officer not below the Ticket Collector of commercial department
  3. Any other officials authorized by Indian Railways