Automatic Ticket Vending Machines (ATVM) was introduced by Indian Railways to reduce passengers queuing up at the Ticket counters at the Railway Stations.

Advantage to passengers

Over 3000 + ATVM available at Major Railway stations. ATVM is “Q” less 24 hours unmanned ticketing kiosk for purchasing unreserved tickets for both suburban and non-suburban routes. It is a Smart Card based touch screen kiosk. The passenger can purchase and recharge the Smart cards from nominated ticket counters.

  • No queue
  • No problem of small changes
  • Being transferable, it can be used by any member of the family
  • User friendly

Details are following.

One Touch ATVM for Fast Ticketing by Indian Railway

ATVM Ticket Printing Steps

  • General Instructions
  • Platform Tickets via ATVM
  • MMTS Tickets via ATVM
  • Non – MMTS Tickets via ATVM
  • Five Easy Steps to get Tickets Through ATVM

Automatic Ticket Vending Machines Facilitators for Ticketing Booking

  • Role of Facilitator
  • Eligibility of Commission
  • Other Terms and Conditions

 ATVM Ticket Printing Steps

Purchase a SMART CARD (RFID CARD – Radio Frequency identification Card) from the SMC (Smart Card Management Counter) / nominated counter at the station. The minimum value of the initial purchase is Rs.80/- out of which Rs.30/– is the security deposit.

General Instructions for ATVM

Use your fingers to touch screen
Always touch the screen softly
Always wipe your finger before touching the screen
Do not use pen, pencil or any sharp edged item on the screen
Do not spit, spit water or other liquid on the ATVM
Do not lean on the ATVM
Do not indulge in acts which may make the system malfunction
Use the ATVM quickly to give others a chance.

Platform Tickets via ATVM

  • Place the Smart Card on the card reader as indicated on the ATVM
  • Select Platform on the right side of the screen
  • Select No of Passenger (Up to a maximum of four) and then select Print.
  • Collect the ticket from the drop box provided in the ATVM and also collect your Smart Card.

MMTS Tickets via ATVM

  • Place the Smart Card on the card reader as indicated on the ATVM
  • Select Zone i.e. Zone 1 or 2 on the display depending upon your destination station.
  • Select ticketing option like Destination Station, Class of Travel (I OR II), Adult, Child etc in the next screen and then select Ticket option.
  • After satisfying yourself about correctness of the ticket from preview screen elect Print.
  • Collect the ticket from the drop box provided in the ATVM and also collect your Smart Card.

Non – MMTS Tickets via ATVM

  • Place the Smart Card on the card reader as indicated on the ATVM
  • Select option Press here if your staton is not in the map on the display.
  • Using the keypad appearing on the screen, select first three alphabets of your destination station, i.e WAR for Warangal and then select your destination station from drop down menu.
  • If the selected destination has more than one route, select the desired route.
  • In the next screen, select one of the three options under train type i.e. Ordinary (for passengers trains), Mail/Express and Super Fast.
  • Select other ticketing options like Number of Tickets, Adult, Child, Route of the journey (from the drop down Menu) and then select Ticket option.
  • After satisfying yourself about correctness of the ticket from preview screen Print.
  • Collect the ticket from the drop box provided in the ATVM and also collect your Smart Card.

Five Easy Steps to get Tickets Through ATVM

  • Place Smart cards on Sensor
  • Choose the Language and Zone
  • Choose Destination, route and Class
  • Select Single/Return and No.of Child/Adult Tickets and Press Ticket
  • Verify details and then Print Ticket

Following picture shows the ATVM ticket printing process.

You can take printout of your ticket on 5 Easy steps.

ATVM Ticket Printing Steps details
ATVM Ticket Printing Process

Automatic Ticket Vending Machines Facilitators for Ticketing Booking

If you don’t know to book ticket via ATVM, no issues, but How? the answer is here.

Railway introduced the scheme for Facilitators to facilitate passengers in getting unreserved tickets without manual intervention. Details of Facilitator and details of facilitator scheme are following.

Role of Facilitator

Large number of Rail passengers are illiterate or semi-literate. They do not know how to use an ATVM. When such passengers come to ATVM to buy a ticket, the facilitator will issue them a ticket duly collecting exact fare and explain them the procedure of using and ATVM. During peak hours, the facilitators will form a queue of such passengers for orderly dispensing of tickets.

Many educated passengers are already using the ATVM duly procuring the smart cards, when such passengers approach the ATVM facilitator will give them priority and allow them to generate their own ATVM tickets. Such passengers should not be insisted to come in the queue.

As soon as the ticket roll is finished in the ATVM, the facilitator will inform the CBSR,BSR or Booking Clerk to insert a new roll. The facilitator should also inform the CBSR, BSR, BC in case of malfunctioning of ATVM. He would ensure that the ATVM is not damaged by miscreants while he is manning the ATVM.

The facilitator will always wear prescribed uniform and identity card in a visible manner. He will not keep any furniture, chair, table etc., near the ATVM.

Eligibility of Commission

For tickets dispensed through ATVM, 3% of bonus amount is allowed on the smart cards. The facilitator is eligible to retain this bonus. Other than this, no other emoluments, incentive will be paid to the facilitator.

Other Terms and Conditions

  • The facilitator must keep sufficient small changes and return correct change to the passengers.
  • He should issue both long distance and short distance tickets
  • When he comes for duty or on completion of duty, he will sign the off and on register.
  • He should allow smart card holders to take tickets through ATVMs.
  • He should check the ticket roll position and informed to on duty CBSR / BSR / BC, if the
  • existing ticket roll will be completed.
  • He should maintain the premises of ATVM is clean and tidy.
  • He should ensure the balance of his smart card before commencement of the shift to avoid detention while issuing tickets to the travelling public.
  • He should invariably wear Coffee Brown trouser with cream color shirt and display an identity card and name badge.
  • The facilitator should also facilitate issue of ticket by the user / passenger (holding smart card) from the ATVM. Adequate education to the user / passenger should be provided by the facilitator.
  • In case subletting or proxy attendance is detected at any time, the permission should be cancelled immediately.
  • There should be no provision of furniture on the stations premises under the scheme so as to prevent congestion.

One Touch ATVM for Fast Ticketing by Indian Railway

One-touch ticketing facility through Automatic Ticket Vending Machines (ATVMs) has been launched in 486 ATVMs over Western Railway and 92 ATVMs over Central Railway in Mumbai Suburban Railway Network, Railway announced through a press release on 20.11.2019

Salient Features

The salient features and objectives of these ‘one-touch ATVMs’ are as follows:

  • Selection of destination station can be done with one touch.
  • One can select station within the distance slab.
  • Issue of tickets to top 20 destination stations can be done.
  • Platform tickets can also be issued with single touch.
  • One screen can be used for selecting single and return journey tickets.
  • The objective is to reduce waiting time and transaction time of passengers and to avoid standing in long queues.
  • The passenger can get the ticket within 6 seconds.

In regular ATVMs, unreserved tickets for all stations over Indian Railways for which route is defined in UTS can be bought using the smart card. However, in one-touch ATVMs, unreserved tickets can be bought only for 20 select destination stations.

Earlier News

Indian Railways has launched ‘one touch ATVM’ at 42 suburban stations of Central Railway to render fast ticketing to millions of commuters over Mumbai Suburban Network, Railway announced through a press release.

Railway passenger can avail the service of this new machine from 24.10.2019 onwards at 42 suburban stations. This new machine will reduce the waiting time of the passengers and allow passenger to avoid standing in long queues.

The new machine is loaded with the user friendly and uncomplicated procedure which will greatly ease the load on ticketing system of Mumbai Suburban Network. A total of 92 ATVMs has been installed at 42 suburban stations.

The user-friendly and uncomplicated procedure will ease the load on the Mumbai suburban network’s ticketing system

the official said.

One Touch ATVM for Fast Ticketing by Indian Railway
One Touch ATVM for Fast Ticketing by Indian Railway

Main Features

The salient features of one touch ATVM :-

  • Passenger can obtain a ticket in just two steps instead of earlier six steps on a regular ATVM
  • The passenger can get platform ticket also with single touch

How does it Work ?

  • One touch ATVM will show one screen display for selecting single/return journey tickets.
  • The passenger can select desired station in the distance slab, just press tab “upto station” either for journey tickets or return journey tickets.


  1. sir i want to ,make my atvm smart card so i want to know that any educational qualification is required or not and how can i got the card, please tell me .

  2. Sir I recharged my card with 500 rupee before 15 days, now it’s showing only 11 rupees, where is my money, I use my card often. After 500 recharged I just only tickets of 40 rupees , where is my money, and I how can I recover them

  3. There is a big problem in ATVM cards. We keep cards in normal purse & after some days, cards couldn’t be read by machines. On talking with booking counter official, he suggested me for a replacement at free cost. But giving guidelines how to keep the card.

    Is there is really any such guidelines for ATVM cards?

    I would request authorities to provide a sturdy card for hassle free journeys.

  4. my smart card expired on 18th July 2018 and frequently inquired about extension or refund of money. No result approx 603 rupees are still in account.

    please reply

  5. Sir In Ludhiana there are 10 atvm. But fortunately always 2 are in working conditions. Rest few dispense tickets inside otherwise not working. I noticed no one cares to promote these mechanisms. Whereas it really help passengers

  6. I have purchased an ATVM card as i am a frequent traveller on 11/8/16, it has been almost half a month, neither that card is working nor the issuing counter has any measures to solve the problem.I have topup of 350/- approx in the card which seems to be of no use.

  7. Hi

    Tried to buy the ticket through ATVM and followed complete proceedure to buy a ticket but ticket didn't come from machine and balance has been charged from my card. Approached ticket vendor to help on this but she said she is not aware of the ATVM and infas balance can not be reversal. Location: Dornakal Junction, Telangana.

  8. Railways can permit the commuters who have reached Chennai using Reservation Ticket to travel to nearest station through Suburban trains without buying a separate suburban ticket. Or they can consider collection of extra cost also to avoid queue in suburban ticket counters especially at Park or Central Suburban Station. Guna Shekaran R Adv

  9. it is very good news for frequent travellers and avoid the rush during the train arrival and it is only can done by the educated people only and villagers cannot do. hence a may help you counter at THESE COUNTERS.


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