Adarsh Stations Scheme Details


Adarsh Station Yojana is a scheme, that was launched on 2009. Development/modernization of stations is presently taken up under ‘Adarsh Station Scheme’. The expenditure on development of stations under ‘Adarsh’ Station Scheme is generally funded under Plan Head –‘Passenger Amenities’.

The stations which have been upgraded under the scheme has various upgraded facilities such as drinking water, toilets, waiting rooms, catering services, lights and

so on. The scheme is mainly envisioned to upgrade the quality of the stations in India.

Main Features of Adarsh Station Yojana

Main features of this scheme are following

  • This scheme mainly aims to upgrade the suburban stations of India to Adarsh stations. These stations will be beautified and modenized to make them look better and act better.
  • The stations will be upgraded with all facilities. The ticket counter, toilets, over – bridges, porters will all be redecorated under this scheme. The redecoration process will be monitored by the Indian Government and Indian Railways.
  • This Scheme has been carried through in phases and Ist phases started in 2009 and the last phase is expected to conclude in 2017 – 18 when all of the stations mentioned in the list will be upgraded.

Model Railway Stations 

Development of stations under ‘Model’ Station Scheme was in vogue from June, 1999 to November, 2008.  Under this scheme, 594 stations were identified for development and all stations have already been developed.

‘Model’ Stations are provided with “Desirable Amenities”, depending upon the category of the station, such as, retiring room, waiting room, public address system/computer based passenger announcement system, electronic train indicator board, water coolers, standardized signages, Pay and Use toilets etc. At present, stations are upgraded under the Adarsh Station Scheme.

Adarsh Station Scheme


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