Single Window Booking System by IRCTC
Single Window Booking System by IRCTC

FTR Trains via Single Window Booking System by IRCTC

Now passengers can book coaches, special trains, saloons on Full Tariff Rate (FTR ) via online i.e through a single window booking system by IRCTC, the online booking had been introduced on a pilot basis from stations on the Western Railways. Indian Railway announced through a press release. Details regarding booking of FTR trains/ coaches online through single window booking system by IRCTC for party/ marriage/ religious tour etc are following. Let’s check how to book a train for Marriage or any Function.

In supersession of all the instructions issued on booking of special trains/coaches/saloons etc., on Full Tariff Rates (FTR), Ministry of Railways have decided that all the trains/coaches/Saloons on Full Tariff shall now be booked through single window booking system by Indian Railway Tourism and Catering Corporation (IRCTC). Henceforth any individual/party seeking – to book trains/coaches on FTR shall approach IRCTC and IRCTC shall book trains/coaches online on behalf of the, individual or party.

General Guidelines:-

  • Those who wants to book ticket should approch IRCTC and IRCTC shall place indent online for booking of trains or coaches on FTR. The person would have to also give a written request containing journey details for full tariff rate (FTR) for such booking, sources said.
  • IRCTC shall levy facilitation charge @ 5% of total fare for booking.
  • Priority shall be accorded for booking over extra coaches to clear waitlisted passengers.
    Registration shall be made minimum one month in advance and not beyond six months of the date of proposed journey.
  • No manual booking through UTS shall be permitted.
  • Security cum registration deposit shall be taken as revolving security deposit uniformly for both booking of coaches and rakes. Revolving security and registration deposit may be in the form of e-wallet or RDS system. Revolving security deposit may be minimum 5 lakh in e-wallet/RDS account of each zonal railway. Maximum limit for collection of security deposit by IRCTC from individual/party/Govt. agency etc shall be Rs.50,000 per coach.
  • All the co-ordination work shall be arranged by IRCTC.
Enquiry form for Charter train / Charter Coach
Enquiry form for Charter train / Charter Coach

Fare Details 

  • Payment of fare shall be made only online through digital mode viz RTGS/NEFT/net banking etc.
  • Minimum distance for charging : It shall be 500 kms for outward and return journey separately. In case of hill stations, minimum distance for charge shall be the chargeable distance of the whole section subject to minimum distance of 200 kms and minimum composition of special trains.
  • Minimum composition : It shall be of 18 coaches. For the hill section, the minimum number of coaches will be the maximum permissible load for the concerned section.
  • Service Charge : Service charge of 30% shall be levied only on the base fare.
  • Other Charges : Super fast surcharge, GST, Mela Surcharge etc. as applicable shall be levied separately. Reservation charge shall not be levied separately.
  • Empty haulage charge : Empty haulage charge shall be levied at basic fare + reservation charge for the carrying capacity of coaches for the actual empty haulage of rakes/coaches or minimum haulage for 200 kms, whichever is higher.
  • Dining Car/Kitchen/ Pantry Car/ Generator Car :- It will be charged at Rs. 85 per car per Km uniformly for BG, MG and NG.
  • Charge for SLR and Luggage van:- SLR coach will be charged at carrying capacity of the sleeper class coach with sleeper class fare.
  • Detention charge : It shall be levied @Rs.900/- per hour or part of an hour per coach uniformly for BG, MG and NG system subject to a minimum charge of Rs.1500/- per coach without giving any free time.
  • Engine detention Charge:- It also be levied.
  • Concession :- No concession shall be allowed., but existing rules applicable for Kisan specials and industrial workers special will continue.
  • Payment :- All charges shall be paid in full, 48 hours in advance of the departure of the train, otherwise Rs.50000/- shall be deducted.
  • Countermanding charge :- If the train is cancelled two days in advance before the scheduled day for journey or earlier, 10% of Rs.50,00/- per coach shall be charged against IRCTC. If the cancellation is done one day in advance and upto four hours before the scheduled departure of the train, cancellation charge shall be 25% of the chargeable fare and if journey is cancelled within four hours before the scheduled departure of the train or afterwards, the cancellation charge will be 50% of the chargeable fare.
  • Refund :- The receipt in original shall be deposited by IRCTC in the Zonal Railway office within 30 days of completion of journey. The amount shall be refunded in the RDS wallet/e-wallet after completion of the journey.
  • Identity Cards:- All the names of the passengers shall be submitted to the station master of the journey origination station before 24 hours of the departure of the train. Identity tokens shall be provided by station master.


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