What is ATVM?

Automatic Ticket Vending Machine (ATVM) was introduced by Indian Railways to reduce passengers queuing up at the Ticket counters at the Railway Stations. ATVMs are touch screen based ticketing kiosks operated using Smart cards. The passenger can purchase and recharge the Smart cards from nominated ticket counters. The Smart card has to be placed on slot in the ATVM and user has to select the route and destination using the touch screen. After the confirming the details, the ticket is printed. Once the ticket is issued the charge is debited from the Smart card. After the introduction of ATVM Indian railways ticket purchase queue became less.

 ATVM Ticket Printing Steps

Following picture shows the ATVM ticket printing process. You can take printout of your ticket on 5 Easy steps.

ATVM Ticket Printing Steps details
ATVM Ticket Printing Process
Mumbai ATVM

Mumbai division of Central Railway presently 752 ATVMs and 123 Smart cards recharge counters are available at 73 stations. This system is gradually being popularized among the commuters and presently this system is carrying 23% of overall tickets.Updated: 6 – 12 -12

Western railways

Western railways announced that have plan to increase more ATVM machines as well as CVM machines for the convince of the passengers. Hope this will reduce number of queues at the Western railways ticket booking offices.
 Western Rail plan to procure 490 new ATVM machines. Last 2 months Western Railways increased its ATVM strength from 115 to 117 too. Also announced will increase 24 more ATVMs too. ATVMs can used for book single journey ticket, return journey ticket, multiple passengers ticket, platform tickets. Renewal of season tickets can also be done at ATVMs.
Western railways also announced that have planned to install 306 more CVM machines on the Mumbai local train stations. At present there are 292 CVM available on the Mumbai Local stations. These are Microprocessor based digital CVMs. One of the trusted media today announced that Indian Railways plan to introduced Barcode based CVM coupon in mumbai to avoid the fraud tickets.


South Central Railway commissioned Automated Ticket Vending Machines (ATVM) at Hyderabad and Lingampalli stations.  Passengers can buy MMTS tickets , General Second Class tickets for travel by Ordinary, Mail / Express trains, and Platform tickets from these ATVMs by using Smart Cards avoiding long queues at the Booking Counters and saving their time. ATVM is an extension of Unreserved Ticketing System (UTS) and has user friendly touch screen with instruction in three languages viz. Telugu, Hindi and English. ATVM generates the Ticket after deducting the fare from the Smart Card duly indicating the balance amount available. The Smart Cards can be topped up by the Passengers at the Supervisor Counters as and when required.

Automatic Vending Machines


Updated : 5 – 6 – 2010

Northern Railway

Northern Railway announced that commissioned 25 ATVMs at 9 stations of Delhi Area (New Delhi-7, Delhi Jn.-6, H.Nizamuddin-4, Sewa Nagar-1, Sarojini Nagar-1, Lajpat Nagar-1, Tilak Bridge-1, Shivaji Bridge-1 and Anand Vihar Terminal-3). The ATVMs have already been operational and open for public to purchase ticket through smart card.


The passenger has to purchase smart cards from SMC counter, which is situated adjacent to booking counter in booking office of that particular station. Initially, smart cards will be issued for a minimum of Rs.115/- ( Rs. 65/- as security and Rs. 50/- as top up value) with validity of 6 months from the last purchase. It can be further topped up with amount of multiple of Rs. 50/- and upto maximum limit of Rs.1,000/-.

The machine will issued platform tickets and Second class journey tickets, Adult and Child tickets for limited stations which are displayed on the map of ATVM screen. A flat 5% concession will be given to the passenger over and above the denomination of the card value as incentive. The cancellation of ATVM tickets will be handled manually as per existing refund rules.
Updated : 5 – 5 – 2010

ATVM Now In Chennai Suburban Stations

Southern Railways announced that to avoid passengers queuing up before the ticket counters in various suburban stations of Chennai division and also for easy hassle free travel,this Railway has introduced a passenger friendly ticket vending system. At Present this facility is functioning at 40 suburban stations of Chennai division for the convenience of public.

This facility is a prepaid Smart Card based system valued at Rs.100/80 with six months validity from the time of purchase and a top up facility in multiples of Rs.50 with a refundable deposit of Rs.30 and an added 5% extra value on purchase of Card.

The Smart Card can be used anyone unlike the season ticket which necessitates the holder to produce his or her identity as a support document.

It is a cashless, convenient and a service available round the clock. The Automatic Ticket Vending Machines function even when there is a power failure and a ticket can be taken within 5 seconds.

So far, approximately 80,000 Smart Cards have been sold and an average number of 20,000 Passengers travel on this facility on a daily basis.

It is requested that public may take advantage of the Smart Card system and buy these Cards to travel at ease without the necessity to stand in the booking counters for purchase of ticket. For assistance, they can contact the Booking Supervisors/Clerks at these stations.


  1. it is very good news for frequent travellers and avoid the rush during the train arrival and it is only can done by the educated people only and villagers cannot do. hence a may help you counter at THESE COUNTERS.

  2. Railways can permit the commuters who have reached Chennai using Reservation Ticket to travel to nearest station through Suburban trains without buying a separate suburban ticket. Or they can consider collection of extra cost also to avoid queue in suburban ticket counters especially at Park or Central Suburban Station. Guna Shekaran R Adv

  3. Hi

    Tried to buy the ticket through ATVM and followed complete proceedure to buy a ticket but ticket didn't come from machine and balance has been charged from my card. Approached ticket vendor to help on this but she said she is not aware of the ATVM and infas balance can not be reversal. Location: Dornakal Junction, Telangana.

  4. I have purchased an ATVM card as i am a frequent traveller on 11/8/16, it has been almost half a month, neither that card is working nor the issuing counter has any measures to solve the problem.I have topup of 350/- approx in the card which seems to be of no use.

  5. Sir In Ludhiana there are 10 atvm. But fortunately always 2 are in working conditions. Rest few dispense tickets inside otherwise not working. I noticed no one cares to promote these mechanisms. Whereas it really help passengers

  6. my smart card expired on 18th July 2018 and frequently inquired about extension or refund of money. No result approx 603 rupees are still in account.

    please reply


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