Parel and Panvel Railway Terminus 

Indian Railway decide to build New Railway Suburban trains Terminus at Parel and Long distance trains Terminals at Panvel. At the time of foundation stone laying ceremony on Monday Railway Minster said that the terminal project would take three years to complete. Details of Parel and Panvel Railway Terminus are following. 

PAREL TERMINUS : For SUBURBAN TRAINSPanvel and Parel : New Terminus

The Parel terminus, in Central Mumbai will consist of one terminal line with platforms on both sides, each 10-m wide and would be constructed at Rs.51 crore. Along with the additional platforms on the west side, widening of existing platforms a Central Foot Over Bridge(FOB) connecting east to west, a sky walk connecting the south end FOB to the Carol Road over bridge and elevated booking offices will be constructed. The suburban terminus is part of the Mumbai Urban Vikas Project, Phase 2, for commissioning the 5th and 6th lines between Parel and Mumbai CST, which has been targeted for completion by 2021 at a cost of Rs. 436 crore. The project work will begin from next month. 

Summary of the Project : Parel and Panvel Railway Terminus

Part of Mumbai CST – Kurla 5th and 6th lines a component of MUTP PH-11.
Sanctioned coast of work is Rs.891.00 Crs. and Parel Terminus is Rs.51.00 Crs.
The project is proposed to be commissioned in two phases:- 
  • PH -1 : Kurla to Parel – Cost Rs.455.00 Crs., Deadline is 2019-20.
  • PH -11 : Parel to Mumbai CST. Cost Rs.436.00 Crs. Deadline is  2020-21.

Facilities proposed in Parel Terminus:- 

  • One Terminal line with Double discharge Platforms, each 10 m wide.
  • Existing Platforms to be widened to 10 m and the FOB staircases to be widened.
  • One Central FOB with landing on both, the east and as well as the west and beyond Western Railway tracks.
  • Sky walk connecting the South end FOB to the Carol Bridge (Parel ROB).
  • Elevated Booking office, etc.
  • Modern, Swanky looking cover over the Terminus area.

Status of Work:- 

  • For carrying out yard remodeling, a new RRI equipment is to be provided, for which the building work has been completed.
  • Architectural elevations have been finalized in consultations with the Sir.J.J.College of Architecture.

The completion period for the Parel Terminus work is Three Years.

Dadar – Parel : Mumbai Local Train Time Table


Railway also decided to construct a long distanced terminus at Panvel, first railway terminus for Navi Mumbai. After the completion of the Terminus work commuters can board outstations trains from Panvel without going to LTT or CST. Three platforms along with foot over bridges and subways for evacuation of passengers also included in the plan. Facilities for stabling trains besides Four washing lines for maintaining coaches at Kalamboli near Panvel are also included in the plan.
Railways planning to double both the Panvel-Karjat single line section and the Konkan Railway to serve passengers going towards the south east and south of Mumbai. The Panvel terminus would be constructed at a cost of Rs. 154 crore. The cost of the Panvel terminus would be shared by CIDCO and Railways.  

Summary of the Project : Parel and Panvel Railway Terminus

Project sanctioned in year 2012-13 on cost sharing basis on 2/3rd – 1/3rd basis between CIDCO and Central Railways.Sanctioned coast is Rs.154 Crs.

Facilities are planned for commencement of coaching terminus:- 

  • Construction of 3 platforms with Foot Over Bridges and subways along with deck slab over newly constructed platform with Road connectivity.
  • Construction of dedicated line from Panvel to Kalamboli for transfer of coaches to maintenance depot.
  • Construction of 4 washing line along with two stabling line and coach maintenance facilities at Kalamboli.

Benefits of Terminus:- 

  • First rail terminal for long distance trains in Navi Mumbai, will allow starting of new train services from Panvel in all directions.

Status of Work:- Parel and Panvel Railway Terminus

  • Tender for construction of earthwork, bridges, platforms, parking deck over new platforms awarded.
  • Tenders for P-way invited.
  • Work is likely to take 3 years for execution. Deadline is 31st March,2019.


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