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IRCTC PNR Status Check

I know most of the websites confusing the passengers and guide you to a wrong web page.
For avoiding these things here by i am adding a topics about what all ways you can check the Indian Railways PNR status safely. Have a look at IRCTC PNR Status check.
Indian Railway provides mainly 3 types of PNR Status checking facility
  1. Web pages
  2. Mobiles SMS
  3. Telephone Calls
First up all i will tell number of web pages supporting PNR Status.
    1. Indian Railways Official PNR Status checking Facility is provided by Indian Railways only to check PNR Status you can click this link Indian Railways: PNR Current Status Enquiry. To check the PNR in this site you have to note your PNR number from your Train Ticket. The web page for PNR status will look like following picture.  You have to enter the PNR number like that. ie, first 3 digit in the first column and remaining 7 digits in the next column, dont worry you can keep on type the data once 3 digits occur it will move you to the second column.
      Indian Railways - PNR Status Checking Page
      Indian Railways – PNR Status Checking Page

      Next step you have to click on the Get PNR Status button. Then a new window will open and there you will get the current status of your ticket.

    2. Indian Rail Info: PNR Status . Most of the cases the official sites of Indian Rail will be busy in that case you use this indian rail info.Yo
      Indiarailinfo - PNR Status Check
      Indiarailinfo – PNR Status Check

      u can check the PNR status by the following link

  1. IRCTC Site  You can check the PNR Status from the IRCTC Website easily if you have a IRCTC account. In that case you have to first go to the Booked History link, open the your travel ticket there you will get check your PNR Status by just click the button Check PNR Status.
  2. Other useful site supporting PNR Status check are WWW.CLEARTRIP.COM. Following is the screen shot taken from website to visualize the “Train PNR Status” link.
     Cleartrip - PNR Status Checking
    Cleartrip – PNR Status Checking

    You can also directly go to this link: Clear Trip PNR Statusto check your Indian Railway PNR Status.

  • Mobile SMS : PNR Status                                                                                                              Now you will get the PNR status through your mobile SMS also. To do that you have to   SMS in the following format PNR 10 Digit PNR Number   to 139
  • Telephone Calls:PNR Status Enquiry                                                                                       You can check the PNR Status by a telephone call also, for that you have to call 139 from any ladline or you can call by STD Code + 139  from any mobile phone. egs: 080-139


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