Sleeper Class Tickets:: Not Available From Counters

Happy news for all Reserved passengers now onwards no one will disturb you on the day time saying you have to adjust as they are having Sleeper class sitting ticket. Yes its true, Now onwards Sleeper Ticket issuing via normal Ticket Booking counters are not available as per Indian Railways latest rule. Railways cancelled facility of Sleeper Class ticket booking facility through normal ticket booking counters on Day time for the AC and Sleeper classes.
Here after Sleeper Class ticket issuing after the chart preparation is allowed only via Special Live Counters setup on selected station for the Vacant Berths and as per TTE’s permission. For getting the TTE’s permission passengers should meet the TTE before leaving the train and get sanction for the vacant berth. After getting approval should pay necessary charges for that. Also railways revoked discounts for the Senior Citizens etc for the TTE provided tickets. If passengers not received permission and catch the reservation then TTE will raise huge fine.
So normal ticket booking counters now issue only Ordinary tickets and First Class tickets.
This new rule circular issued by Railways on 16 September and most of the divisions are started implementing this rule also. There is mixed feed back receiving for this facility on most of the railways.