Live Multi – Train Tracker Online With Map

Live Train Running Status

One or More Trains Live Train Running Status with Clear Map Online

Do you know now a wonderful facility available to track Indian Railways any train online on a single map. Yes its possible with your preferred trains customization also possible. Live Multi Train Tracker Online with Map are following.
That if you want to track 10 trains Live Train Running Status on the same time then also its possible with this facility.  Please find the following sample train tracking picture with simple / less info
One or More Trains Live Train Running Status Online
One or More Trains Live Train Running Status Online
 Now I will show you how to get these information as well as customization process to add the trains to the map display.
The One or more trains Live Train running status online getting from website named indiarailinfo. So first open the following link to go to Track your trains online

Live Train Status Find Customization Setup

After opening the website just search following image like session available top right area of the page
Online Live train Tracker Customization Menu indiarailinfo
Now you just have to click on add train to current list in the website itself
After selection of this one pop up menu will open and ask for Train No / train name , Arrival / Departure Station Codes etc. Enter the information as per your requirement. If you want to track specified train then enter Train No / Name and press Add button to add to  the list for Live Train running status.
There several other option also available with this map, that means if you want to know the Map with differentiate the Single Diesel BG, Meter Gauge etc. then this also possible. Following picture shows the Color codes available. This you can see once have click on to the Atlas Colour Key option.
Atlas Color Key Live Train Status Online on Map

Also there is facility to get the Trains Live Train Status based upon the Railway Zones too.


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