South Western Railway decided to run Weekly Express Trains between Yesvantpur and Bikaner. There will be 06 trips in each direction. Following are the details.
Train Details
  • Train No.06587 YESVANTPUR – BIKANER WEEKLY EXPRESS SPECIAL will depart at YESVANTPUR at 05.00 hrs on Sundays with effect from 20th July, 2014 to 24th August, 2014(Total : 06 Specials only) and arrive at BIKANER JN at 07.10 hrs on Tuesdays.


Tumkur at 06-03/06-05 hrs; Arsikere at 07-45/07-50 hrs; Davangere at 10-37/10-40 hrs; HUBLI at 14-55/15-10 hrs; Gadag at 16-35/16-45 hrs; Bagalkot at 18-58/19-00 hrs; Bijapur at 20-55/21-00 hrs; depart at Hotgi at 23-16 hrs; arrive/depart at Solapur at 23-40/23-50 hrs; PUNE at 04-55/05-05 hrs(Mondays); Lonavala at 06-09/06-10 hrs; Kalyan at 07-47/07-50 hrs; Vasai Road at 09-10/09-15 hrs; Boiser at 09-54/09-56 hrs; Vapi at 10-43/10-46 hrs; Surat at 12-10/12-20 hrs; Ankleshwar at 12-56/12-58 hrs; VADODARA at 14-10/14-20 hrs; Anand at 14-52/14-54 hrs; Nadiad at 15-11/15-14 hrs; AHMEDABAD at 16-10/16-30 hrs; Mehasana at 17-38/17-40 hrs; Palanpur at 19-20/19-22 hrs; Abu Road at 20-17/20-27 hrs; Falna at 21-47/21-49 hrs; Rani at 22-01/22-03 hrs; Marwar Jn. at 23-05/23-10 hrs; Palimarwar at 23-34/23-39 hrs; Luni Jn. at 00-18/00-21(Tuesday); Jodhpur at 01-00/01-30 hrs; and arrive/depart at Merta Road at 03-25/03-48 hrs., on Tuesdays.
  • Train No. 06588 BIKANER – YESVANTPUR WEEKLY EXPRESS SPECIAL will depart at BIKANER JN. at 22.00 hrs on Tuesdays, with effect from 22nd July, 2014 to 26th August, 2014(Total : 06 Specials only) and arrive at YESVANTPUR at 03.15 hrs on Fridays.


Merta Road at 01-02/01-07 hrs.(Wednesday); Jodhpur at 02-45/03-00 hrs; Luni Jn. at 03-28/03-31; Palimarwar at 04-02/04-07 hrs; Marwar Jn. at 05-08/05-10 hrs; Rani at 05-50/05-52 hrs; ; Falna at 06-07/06-10 hrs; Abu Road at 07-55/08-05 hrs; Palanpur at 09-50/09-52 hrs; Mehasana at 11-21/11-23 hrs; AHMEDABAD at 13-10/14-00 hrs; Nadiad at 15-24/15-26 hrs; Anand at 15-45/15-47 hrs; VADODARA at 16-30/16-35 hrs; Ankleshwar at 17-40/17-42 hrs; Surat at 18-30/18-35 hrs; Vapi at 19-48/19-50 hrs; Boiser at 20-39/20-41 hrs; Vasai Road at 21-45/21-50 hrs; Kalyan at 22-42/22-45 hrs; Lonavala at 00-29/00-30 hrs(Thursday); PUNE at 02-25/02-35 hrs; Solapur at 08-35/08-45 hrs; depart at Hotgi at 09-30 hrs; Bijapur at 11-25/11-30 hrs; Bagalkot at 13-30/13-32 hrs; Gadag at 15-50/16-00 hrs; HUBLI at 18-05/18-20 hrs; Davangere at 21-27/21-30 hrs; Arsikere at 00-02/00-07 hrs; and arrive/depart at Tumkur at 01-38/01-40 hrs. on Fridays
Two AC 2-tier coaches, Two AC 3-tier coaches, Eight Second Class Sleeper coaches, Four General Second Class coachesand Two Second Class Luggage-cum-brake Vans totaling 18 coaches.