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Central Railway’s Matheran Hill Railway is a narrow-gauge heritage railway in Maharashtra, India. A delight to the tourists and the route to the summer destination for Mumbaikar’s covers a distance of 21 kms cutting a swathe through forest in Western Ghats from Neral to Matheran. The narrow gauge railway line halts at three stations in between i.e. Jummapatti, Waterpipe, Aman Lodge and terminate at Matheran. All these four stations are now provided with solar power plant of capacity 500-1000 Wp and wind Mill of capacity 6.1 KWp at Matheran including energy efficient LED lights and Fans.

Matheran Hill Railway : An Introduction

The Matheran Hill Railway covers a distance of 20 kilometers (12 mi) between Neral and Matheran in the Western Ghats. The construction of the Matheran Hill Railway was led by Abdul Peerbhoy and was financed by his father, Sir Adamjee Peerbhoy of the Adamjee Group. The route was designed in 1900, with construction beginning in 1904 and completed in 1907. The original tracks were built using 30 pound per yard rails but were later updated with heavier 42 pound per yard rails. Until the 1980s, the railway was closed during monsoon season due to increased risk of landslides, but it is now kept open throughout the year. The line is administered by Central Railways.

A unique feature of the line is its horseshoe embankments. Notable features of the route include Neral Station, the first on the route; the Herdal Hill section; the steep grade of Bhekra Khud; the One Kiss Tunnel (the only tunnel on the route, it earned its nickname because the tunnel is just long enough to exchange a kiss with one’s partner); a water pipe station, which is no longer in operation; Mountain Berry, which features two sharp zigzags; Panorama Point; and finally, the end of the route at Matheran Bazaar. The broad-gauge railroad between Mumbai and Pune runs near the Matheran Hill Railway, and the two tracks cross each other at two locations. The ruling gradient for the railroad is 1:20 (5%) and tight curves require train speeds to be limited to 20 kilometres per hour (12 mph).

How to Reach:-

Via Train

  • Railway Line – 21 km – long
  • Journey Time – 2 hours, 30 minutes

Via Road

  • Road 8 km – long
  • Journey Time – 20 minutes
Matheran Hill Railway by IRCTC
Matheran Hill Railway by IRCTC

Details related to fare, train timing in Neral – Matheran toy train services are following.

Timing of Neral – Matheran Toy Train Services

Updated Timings of Neral – Matheran Toy Train Services are here:-

Revised Timings of Neral-Matheran Services from 27.12.2019

Central Railway announced that Aman Lodge – Matheran Shuttle services to resume from 27.12.2019. Details are following.

Revised Timings

Train No.Aman LodgeMatheranTrain No.Matheran Aman Lodge
52147Daily08.40 hrs08.58 hrs5214808.15 hrs08.33 hrsDaily
52159Daily09.55 hrs10.13 hrs5215009.30 hrs09.48 hrsDaily
52151Daily10.45 hrs11.03 hrs5215210.20 hrs10.38 hrsDaily
52153Daily11.55 hrs12.13 hrs5215411.25 hrs11.43 hrsDaily
52155Daily12.45 hrs13.03 hrs5215612.20 hrs12.38 hrsDaily
52157Daily14.00 hrs14.18 hrs5215813.35 hrs13.53 hrsDaily
52159Daily15.05 hrs15.23 hrs5216014.40 hrs14.58 hrsDaily
52161Daily15.55 hrs16.13 hrs5216215.30 hrs15.48 hrsDaily
52163Daily16.45 hrs17.03 hrs5216416.20 hrs16.38 hrsDaily
52165Daily17.35 hrs17.53 hrs5216617.10 hrs17.28 hrsDaily


One First Class, Three Second Class and 02 Brake Van

Revised Timings of Neral-Matheran Services from 5.12.2018

Central Railway announced that Railway will revise the timings of Neral-Matheran and Aman Lodge-Matheran services from 5.12.2018. Details are as under:


  • Train no.52101 will leave Neral at 07.20 hrs daily o­n and from 5.12.2018 and arrive Matheran at 10.00 hrs.
  • Train no.52103 will leave Neral at 08.50 hrs daily o­n and from 5.12.2018 and arrive Matheran at 11.30 hrs.
  • Train no.52105 will leave Neral at 14.20 hrs daily o­n and from 5.12.2018 and arrive Matheran at 17.00 hrs.
  • Train No.52102 will leave Matheran at 09.20 hrs daily o­n and from 6.12.2018 and arrive Neral at 12.00 hrs.
  • Train No.52104 will leave Matheran at 14.45 hrs daily o­n and from 5.12.2018 and arrive Neral at 17.30 hrs.
  • Train No.52106 will leave Matheran at 16.20 hrs daily o­n and from 5.12.2018 and arrive Neral at 19.00 hrs.

O­ne first class, 5 second class and 2 brake van

Aman Lodge-Matheran w.e.f. 5.12.2018

Train No.Aman Lodge MatheranTrain No.MatheranAman Lodge 
52149W.e.f 6.12.201807.05 hrs07.23 hrs5215006.40 hrs06.58 hrsW.e.f 6.12.2018
52151- do -07.55 hrs08.13 hrs5215207.30 hrs07.48 hrs- do -
52153- do -08.45 hrs09.03 hrs5215408.20 hrs08.38 hrs- do -
52155W.e.f 5.12.201810.45 hrs11.03 hrs5215610.20 hrs10.38 hrsW.e.f 5.12.2018
52157- do -12.00 hrs12.18 hrs5215811.25 hrs11.43 hrs- do -
52159- do -14.05 hrs14.23 hrs5216013.40 hrs13.58 hrs- do -
52161- do -15.40 hrs15.58 hrs5216215.15 hrs15.33 hrs- do -
52163- do -17.45 hrs18.03 hrs5216417.20 hrs17.38 hrs- do -
Central Railway revised the timings of  Neral - Matheran toy train services from 05.12.2018.
Revised timings of Neral – Matheran toy train services

Monsoon Timing : Matheran Train Service

Central Railway announced that Railway has decided to discontinue the passenger services between Neral and Aman Lodge from 11.6.2018 during monsoon, as done every year. However the shuttle services between Matheran and Aman Lodge will continue to run as per current schedule in force.
The timings of shuttle services between Aman Lodge and Matheran are as under:-

Train No.FrequencyAman LodgeMatheranTrain No.FrequencyMatheranAman Lodge
52147Saturday, Sunday, Monday8.48.5852148Saturday, Sunday, Monday8.158.33
52161Friday, Saturday, Sunday16.2516.4352162Friday, Saturday, Sunday1616.18
52163Friday, Saturday, Sunday17.1517.3352164Friday, Saturday, Sunday16.517.08
52165Friday, Saturday, Sunday18.0518.2352166Friday, Saturday, Sunday17.417.58

The trains running between Neral and Matheran will remain cancelled between Neral and Aman Lodge (i.e. will run o­nly between Aman Lodge and Matheran) during the monsoon period.

Fare Details of Neral – Matheran Toy Train

Central Railway attached an AC coach to the Neral – Matheran train from Saturday i.e on 08.12.2018. The coach will run on one Up and one Down service.

The fare will be Rs.415/- per person, which will be inclusive of the basic fare, reservation charges and GST. There will be 16 seats and the coach will be attached to the existing rake. Initially, the AC coach will be installed in one train and based on feedback, more coaches will be retrofitted.

Central Railway also decided to run an additional pair of services between Neral – Matheran on December 8 and 9 to cater to the extra rush. This service will leave Neral at 10.30 and and arrive at Matheran at 01.10 pm. It will then leave Matheran at 01.15 pm and arrive in Neral at 03.55 pm.

Neral Matheran Light Train Card Ticket Fare List

Second Class Ticket Fare

  • Between Aman Lodge and Matheran : Adult 45/- , Child 30/-
  • Between Neral and Matheran : Adult 75/- , Child 45/-

First Class Ticket Fare

  • Between Aman Lodge and Matheran : Adult 300/- , Child 180/-
  • Between Neral and Matheran : Adult 300/- , Child 180/-

Deluxe Saloon

  • Between Aman Lodge and Matheran : Only for 1325/-
  • Between Neral and Matheran : Only for 1325/-

Tickets for available seats will be issued from station counter within 45 minutes before departure of the train. Each passenger can carry only 5 kg luggage in second class and 7.5 kg luggage in first class with him. Maximum 4 tickets are issued to 1 person from station counter. Book Tickets Online In case if you have missed the train or couldn’t get the reservation, you can still hire the taxi from Neral and reach Matheran by road in less than 30 minutes.

Matheran Hill Railway Route
Matheran Hill Railway Route

Summery of Neral – Matheran Toy Train Services

Summary of Neral – Matheran Toy Train Services are following.

  • 06.40 am – First daily train depart from Neral
  • 09.55 am – First daily train depart from Aman Lodge

No.of Services

  • 17th on Monday
  • 03 From Neral to Matheran
  • 14 Aman Lodge to Matheran

14 Tuesdays to Thursday

  • 02 from Neral to Matheran
  • 12 Aman Lodge to Matheran

21 on Friday

  • 03 from Neral to Matheran
  • 18 Aman Lodge to Matheran

22 on Saturday and Sunday

  • 02 From Neral to Matheran
  • 20 Aman Lodge to Matheran

Amount spent on upgrading the line – 18 Cr
Horsepower upgraded trains will run on – 650

  • Monday – Total services 17 (8 Dn + 9 Up) : Neral-Matheran 3 (1 Dn + 2 Up), Aman Lodge-Matheran 14 (7 Dn + 7 Up)
  • Tuesday to Thursday Total Services 14 (7 Dn + 7 Up) : Neral-Matheran 2 (1 Dn + 1 Up), Aman Lodge-Matheran 12 (6 Dn + 6 Up)
  • Friday Total services 21 (11 Dn + 10 Up) : Neral Matheran 3 (2 Dn + 1 Up), Aman Lodge-Matheran 18 (9 Dn + 9 Up)
  • Saturday and Sunday Total services 22 (11 Dn + 11 Up) : Neral Matheran 2 (1 Dn + 1 Up), Aman Lodge-Matheran 20 (10 Dn + 10 Up)

102 Matheran Services by Central Railway

Central Railway has revived its services to Matheran like never before to run 102 services every week, with and average of 17 to 22 daily, starting Friday, a famous Newspaper reported.

Due to the demand of tourists and residents of Matheran, and given the rising popularity, railway has decided to run more services on the Neral – Matheran line.

The six coach trains will run a total of 17 services on Mondays, 14 between Tuesdays and Thursdays, 21 on Fridays and 22 on Saturdays and Sundays. An elaborate time table has been worked out for the same.

Railway has invested about Rs.18 crore for upgrading the line. New locomotives are also being manufactured at the Parel workshop to improve services. They have also put up gabion walls and upgraded the old locomotives with digitised controls, air brakes and double the horse power.

The trains, previously running on 306 HP, will now run on 650 HP. The line, which opened in 1907, is already in the tentative UNESCO world heritage list.

The renewed services come after Central Railway announced in November 2017 that for the first time in its 110 year history, they were re-laying the entire stretch of railway tracks between Neral and Matheran, upgrading locomotives and redrafting safety parameters to revive and start full services by March.

Newspaper report on 25.12.2019

Central Railway announced a special train block on Neral – Matheran section from 20.05.2019 onwards, details are here:- Traffic Blocks : Neral – Matheran Section : From 20.05.2019


  1. Is it possible to book toy train ticket online from NERAL to Matheran on 22nd June,2019?
    What are the train timings in the month of June? Is there any changes recently made to the timings?

  2. If u do have Ur own mode of transport, u can go directly till Aman lodge,from there u can go on horseback, shuttle toy train between Aman lodge n Matheran,or even on foot.


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