Central railways announced special traffic block for the Mumbai Local Train between Thane – Turbhe – Vashi. Following are the details
Special Traffic block for one hour 30 minutes will be operated for engineering maintenance work on UP and DN lines during the day time, on Thane-Turbhe-Vashi Trance harbour Line section from 12.00 noon to 1.30 pm for 6 days from 3.2.2014 to 8.2.2014.
Block on DN line will be operated after Nerul local leaving Thane at 11.28 am and UP line after the arrival of Thane local at 11.58 am.
The following services will be cancelled on all the 6 days
Towards Thane:-


  • Vashi locals leaving Thane at 11.42 am, 12.00 noon, 12.13 pm, 12.35 pm, 1.00 pm and 1.27 pm
  • Panvel locals leaving Thane at 12.07 pm, 12.50 pm and 1.13 pm
  • Nerul local leaving Thane at 12.22 pm


From Thane:-
  • Thane locals leaving Vashi at 11.25 am, 11.39 am, 12.00 noon, 12.22 pm, 12.50 pm and 1.20 pm
  • Thane locals leaving Nerul at 11.39 am, 12.08 pm and 1.02 pm
  • Thane local leaving Panvel at 12.13 pm
  • Transharbour line passengers are permitted to travel via Harbour line/Maine line during the block period.