Indian Railways announced new Customer care toll-free helpline (1800-111-321) number to lodge complaints about food quality or any other issues related to Railways food service. I know most them searching for a number like that. Hope railways provide good service to all of them. This service operating from 7 AM to 10 PM on weekdays. Railways also announced that will act immediately about the complains and if justified contract of Caterer will be terminated too.
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  1. I was traveling from ASANSOL to CHENNAI in 15930 Guwhati-Chennai Express on 21 Dec 2013 .During my journey .I faced lot of trouble .My sit was allocated in S5 71 with PNR No:-6424253156
    1.As per the latest rail catering bill ( standard meal was suppose to be around 50,but the rail private staff was giving at 100/- RS.
    2.The wash room was in worst condition with No WATER ,from my journey from Asansol to vijaywada.I spoke to TT and tried to lodge one complain ,So i asked for Complain book ,but they refuse to give me .I tried to call customer care 01800112511,but no one got time to pick my call after 10 -20 calls .

    My concerns are clear ,If Indian Railway are not give basic necessity to the passenger then please do not hike the prices in the name of facility .I have worries on the FOOD QUALITY also but that may be optimistic as different person have diffrent taste but still if you can improve then thanks to you people after that you all our GOD (Government )

  2. I was most happy that I was travelling in Navjeevan Express from Ahmedabad to Chennai on 22.01.14, for which I had to purchase in Tatkal even after the train was empty, No problem otherwise I would have missed the sequences. Atleast the TT came at lunch time, I was most happy to see him as I thought it’s free for all or not available atleast one person was their to take care of the whole train above all I was happy the food quality was supplied was so superb of seven star category, even five star hotel do not supply such kind of food they are no match for Indian Railways, the service and the person serving are of upper grade what a selection! I staunchly believe that every government officials, Minister, Sr official should be given this food for their entire family free of cost so all of them will have a good sound health. Food supplied in train should be made National food and the people preparing and approving should be Honoured BHARAT RATNA AWARD kudos to Railway for the quality of food supplied to all passeger in train, how much they care for passenger health. The demand of the food was so much that the cost of food i.e. Rs.50/- has to be supplied in black exceeding demand to supply, poor catering staff they were unable to handle the rush the poor Manager Mr.Jaffer use of highly sofisticated respectable language to answer their query what a respect!. “Hats off to him”.

    I think the whole world should learn from Indian Railway how to supply the quality A grade foods to all passenger travelling in trains. As only they know what is customer service and understand the need of customer, their health better than anyone else.

    WE UNDERSTAND OUR Customer better than any one in the world. HAIL INDIAN RAILWAY CATERING SERVICE. That is why I like to travel only in Indian Railway

    PNR NO.850-7955478 –


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