Indian Railways Accident Details Of Mumbai Website :: Shodh
Indian Railways done a great job for finding the Railways Accident missing persons details quickly from a dedicated website. This site is named as Shodh and they are providing a search engine that dedicated to search Accident victims and Missing or Found Persons. 
To open Shodh website click on the following link SHODH SEARCH ENGINE or
Shodh Website : Home Page
The Shodh website details are uploaded by the Authorized police personal at the control room. They are uploading details such as Photo Graphs, details of accident spots, age and appearance of victims on the new website. When a viewer confirms by seeing the details of the victims then confirm that from the claim section and there by provide there contact details.
Railways also planning to introduce GPS devices for updating the details on the spot for the convenient.In addition to all this website also providing the summary of the accidents details for each area.
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