Indian Railways Train Accident Details

Indian Railway is trying its best to avoid mishaps due to collision and derailment, but also lots of accidents happens in every year. Here are details regarding train derailment and Helpline numbers announced by Railway during the time of derailment.


South Central Railway announced that in view of derailment of Goods train at Malkhaid Road of Lingampalli – Wadi section of Secunderabad Division the following trains are cancelled/partially cancelled/diverted today i.e., 31st August, 2018 as detailed below:-

Train Cancelled today i.e., 31st August, 2018

  • Train No. 57131 Bollarum – Hyderabad passenger is cancelled today 31st August, 2018

Train Partially Cancelled

  • Train No. 57129 Bijapur – Bollarum Passenger which left Bijapur o­n 30th August, 2018 is partially cancelled between Lingampalli – Bollarum

Train Diverted

  • Train No. 57660 Falaknuma – Gulbarga passenger which left Falaknuma today i.e., 31st August, 2018 is diverted to run via Tandur, Vikarabad, Bidar, Khanapur Deccan, Humnabad.


South Eastern Railway announced that Train services of South Eastern Railway have been partially affected today (2.8.18) when engine and o­ne SLR of empty rake of 12871 Howrah-Titlagarh Ispat Express while admitting at Howrah station (Platform No 23) got derailed at 6:00 hrs today morning blocking platform no 21, 22 and 23. As a result the following trains have been rescheduled/short terminated/cancelled :-

Trains Rescheduled

  • Train No.12821 Howrah-Puri Dhauli Express has been rescheduled to leave Howrah at 9:30 hrs instead of 6:00 hrs today (2.8.18)
  • Train No.12871 Howrah-Titlagarh Ispat Express has been rescheduled to leave Howrah at 10:00 hrs instead of 6:55 hrs today (2.8.18)

Trains Short Terminated

The following down trains have been short terminated at Santragachi :

  • Train No.12101 LTT-Howrah Jnaneswari Express
  • Train No.12809 Mumbai-Howrah Mail
  • Train No.18410 Puri-Howrah Sri Jagannath Express
  • Train No.18006 Jagdalpur-Howrah Express
    Apart from this, 2 local trains have also been short terminated.

Trains Cancelled

  • Train No.Three Up and DownHowrah-Panskura Local trains have been cancelled


Central Railway announced that 3 coaches of 12809 Mumbai-Howrah Mail via Nagpur i.e. coach S-12, S-13 and Pantry Car derailed near Igatpuri (between TGR 1 and Igatpuri before entering platform 2), o­n Mumbai Division at 2.05 hrs o­n 10.6.2018. There are no injuries to any passenger.

Derailment of Trains
Derailment of Trains

Helpline Numbers

  • Kalyan 0251-2311499
  • Dadar 022-24114836
  • Igatpuri 02553-244020

Due to this, Dn Main line and Middle line were blocked, However, Up main line was safe for traffic.

Trains Diverted via Pune-Daund-Manmad

  • 11057 CSMT-Amritsar Express JCO 9.6.2018
  • 15645 LTT-Guwahati Express JCO 9.6.2018
  • 12167 LTT-Varanasi Express JCO 10.6.2018

Trains Diverted via Vasai Road-Surat-Jalgaon

  • 11093 CSMT-Varanasi Mahanagari Express JCO 10.6.2018
  • 12141 LTT-Patliputra Express JCO 9.6.2018
  • 15066 Panvel-Gorakhpur Express JCO 9.6.2018
  • 12811 LTT-Hatia Express JCO 10.6.2018

Trains Cancelled o­n 10.6.2018

  • 22101 CSMT-Manmad Rajya Rani Express
  • 22102 Manmad-CSMT Rajya Rani Express
  • 12109 CSMT-Manmad Panchvati Express
  • 12110 Manmad-CSMT Panchvati Express
  • 12117 LTT-Manmad Godavari Express
  • 12118 Manmad-LTT Godavari Express
  • 99902 Pune-Talegaon EMU
  • 99903 Talegaon-Pune EMU
  • 99810 Pune-Lonavala EMU
  • 99809 Lonavala-Pune EMU
  • 51318 Pune-Karjat Passenger
  • 51317 Karjat-Pune Passenger

Trains Short Terminated o­n 10.6.2018

  • 51154 Bhusaval-CSMT Passenger will run upto Nasik Road and will run as 51153 from Nasik Road to Bhusaval.

Central Railway Mumbai Division o­n getting the news about derailment of 3 coaches, rushed the staff immediately for restoration work which was done o­n war footing.

  • 03.50 hrs front portion of the train i.e. engine and 8 coaches left the site for Igatpuri.
  • 05.35 hrs front portion of the train left Igatpuri
  • 05.45 hrs S-13 coach rerailed
  • 06.10 hrs Dn line restored for traffic.
  • 06.35 hrs S-12 coach rerailed
  • 07.05 hrs rear portion of the train (10 coaches) left site for Igatpuri
  • 07.15 hrs rear portion of the train arrived Igatpuri

All the trains diverted (trains leaving from 05.20 hrs o­nwards o­n 10.6.2018) will be running o­n its normal path as the line is restored.

Arrangements are also made to attach three sleeper class coaches at Manmad and 3 general second class coaches at Bhusaval.The affected train (front portion and rear portion) was attached at Nasik Road and the train left Nasik Road at 09.15 hrs for its o­nward journey.

Shri Vishal Agarwal, Additional General Manager, along with Divisional Railway Manager, Mumbai Division, Central Railway and other officials supervised the restoration operation.The passengers of the affected coaches were adjusted in other coaches.

Indian Railways Accident Details Of Mumbai Website :: Shodh

Indian Railway is launching some website for giving information about the accidents of Trains. Following are the details of that.

Indian Railways done a great job for finding the Railways Accident missing persons details quickly from a dedicated website. This site is named as Shodh and they are providing a search engine that dedicated to search Accident victims and Missing or Found Persons.
To open Shodh website click on the following link SHODH SEARCH ENGINE or
The Shodh website details are uploaded by the Authorized police personal at the control room. They are uploading details such as Photo Graphs, details of accident spots, age and appearance of victims on the new website. When a viewer confirms by seeing the details of the victims then confirm that from the claim section and there by provide there contact details.
Railways also planning to introduce GPS devices for updating the details on the spot for the convenient.In addition to all this website also providing the summary of the accidents details for each area.


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