IRCTC Service Unavailable Error

Method to avoid IRCTC Service Unavailable Error 

I know most of them seen this error while booking the ticket especially between 8 AM to 9AM. Here by I am mentioning pre-activities or preparation before planning to book any IRCTC ticket booking for getting the confirmed tickets. Method to avoid IRCTC Service Unavailable error.
  1. Compatible browser selection and optimizing

IRCTC Supporting Browsers
  • Internet Explorer v6.0 and above
  • Mozilla Firefox v3.5.5.
  • Google Chrome v3.0
  • Opera 10.10
  • Safari 3.0.2
  • Netscape Navigator v9.0.0.3

Please do following things before ticket booking on these browsers which applicable

  • Enable java script in Microsoft Internet Explorer.
  • Delete cookies in Internet Explorer.
  • Enable java script in Mozilla Firefox 1.5.x
  • Delete cookies in Mozilla.
  • Enable java script in Netscape 8.x
  • Delete cookies in Netscape Navigator.
  • Enable java script in Opera 9.x
  • Delete cookies in Opera.
  • Delete cookies in Google Chrome.

2. Ready before 7.55 A.M to book a tatkal ticket

Always remember lakhs of people are on the queue to book the ticket. So be patiant until you succeed. Indian railways keep on upgrading the server to book the ticket multiple passengers.

3. Always note the details to book the ticket

Most of the time Service Unavailable Error occured because of the inactivity of the user. So request you to note the travel details like From and Destination of travel, Date of Travel, Train No, ID Proof details ect.

4.Avoid booking between 8 A.M to 9 A.M

Try to plan the travel date before 3 months and book the ticket. When there is a season ticket try to book the ticket on the starting date of release the ticket.

5. Keep in touch with Customer Care

When there is any continuous error occurred contact customer care for the support.
Following are the details of Customer care
Email ID:
Phone Number (24X7 Hrs.) : 011-39340000


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