How to check the Train Details or Train Route?
Most of the peoples are searching for a site that will give fast and accurate train information such as route, fare, resent updates related to that etc. For getting these details you only need to open the following link This site providing a good graphical interface to display the contents. As shown in the following figure you just need to enter the Train No. for which you require the details
India Rail Info Train Checking
Enter The Train No.
Once you enter the train no. press the Train Details button to see the details of the respective train. After doing the same you will get the screen like below shows all the details especially the train stoppages and exact route as follows. 
Trains Details Checking Finan page
Final Result
You can notice that in this screen you can find out the Trains Coach position and whether the Pantry car is available for this train etc like information too..
Also you can see the train fare and accommodation. I have already write earlier regarding how to check the train route information live.