i-Ticket and e-Ticket Booking Details

i-Ticket and e-Ticket
i-Ticket and e-Ticket Details

i-Ticket and e-Ticket Booking Details

Indian Railway is offering the facility of booking the ticket through online in order to save time and energy of passengers and for using less paper cash, and through this aims for a digital society. Here we are giving the types of online train tickets available, major difference between those tickets,  how to book  the tickets ,how we can cancel those tickets, and special rules related to those ticketing systems. i-Ticket and e-Ticket booking details are following.

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Indian Railway announced through the Railway Website that I-Ticket services through IRCTC website have been discontinued w.e.f. 01.03.2018.

No more I-Ticket by IRCTC
No more I-Ticket by IRCTC


Updated : 04.10.2017

Digital Payment Discount of 0.5 % on Season Tickets extended upto 31.03.2018

Central Railway announced that Indian Railways have offered to its esteemed customers of suburban sections a discount of 0.5% on purchase of Season Tickets ( Monthly, Quarterly, Half Yearly and Yearly) over suburban section for the payment made through digital means i.e through debit cards, credit cards etc. Now, this discount offer is extended upto 31.03.2018

No service charge on train e-ticket till March 2018 : IRCTC

Indian Railway initiative towards cashless transaction, Waiver of Service Charge on booking of all Railway Tickets Online for some periods.

Rail passengers will continue to enjoy service charge exemption on tickets booked online till March 2018, a famous Newspaper reported. The government had waived service charges after demonetisation in November last year to encourage digital modes of booking. The facility had been extended to June 30 and then September 30. Service charges on booking train tickets online through IRCTC ranges from Rs 20 to 40 per ticket. Senior railway officials say that almost 33% of the IRCTC revenue comes from the service charge collected on online bookings. 

An amount of around Rs 184 crore has not been realised from passengers on account of service charge and service tax thereon on reserved tickets booked online from November 23, 2016 to February 28, 2017, according to railways data.

Updated : 15.07.2017

IRCTC announced that Indian Railway Train tickets booked through the IRCTC website will become cheaper from 23rd November to 30 September, 2017 (first it was upto March 31st, 2017) as the government has waived service tax to encourage cashless transactions in the wake of the demonetization exercise. Ministry of Railways have decided to extend the provision of 0.5% discount given on total applicable fare of Season tickets (Monthly, Quarterly, Half yearly, Yearly) over suburban section, when the payments are made through digital means i.e. through debit card, credit card, etc. for a further period up to 30th September, 2017.
Rs 20 is levied as service tax on Sleeper and Rs 40 on AC classes for booking tickets through IRCTC. Service tax has been waived to incentivise cashless transactions through online booking, the official added.
The decision has been taken to encourage electronic method payment among the buyers. With the evident cash crunch in the market due to demonetization step taken by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Indian Railways attempts to lure customers to book tickets online rather than withdrawing cash and lining up in queues at Railway counters.
IRCTC charges Rs 20 as service charge on booking tickets for second and sleeper class tickets, while Rs 40 is charged on booking E-tickets and I-tickets on for AC-First, AC-Second and AC-Third class tickets.
Encouraging cashless transaction IRCTC has also opened an e-Wallet Scheme for e-ticketing to reduce transaction failure and to make the payment process fast.
After demonetization move by the Modi government, the amount of cash in circulation has been drastically reduced. Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes, which formed 86 per cent of the currency in market, lost their legal tender.
Lines outside ATMs and bank counters have not reduced, despite two weeks have passed since demonetisation was announced. The recalibration of ATMs is expected to be completed by end of the month. The new notes of Rs 500 and Rs 2000 would only get ejected after the recalibration process gets completed.
It will be a difficult decision for IRCTC to make because almost 33% of its revenue comes from the service charge collected on online bookings. About Rs 540 crore of revenue of IRCTC , over Rs 1,500 crore in the last financial year came from ticket bookings, which also contribute to the dividend it pays to the railways.
Almost 12 lakh train tickets are purchased on the IRCTC website every day, i.e 55% of all the railway bookings in the country. If a higher proportion of bookings shifts to IRCTC, it would help the national transporter cut costs by reducing the number of ticket booking counters. IRCTC asked to expand catering and set up premium lounges, “Railways doing away with service charge would be a big step towards fulfilling PM’s agenda,” the official said.


Indian railways online ticket booking process mainly divided in to 2 types.

  • E – Ticket
  • I – Ticket
i-Ticket and e-Ticket
i-Ticket and e-Ticket Details

Every body confusing about these options and keep on thinking which option to choose for IRCTC Online ticket booking. Here you will get each of these to you on simple definition.

Difference Between E -Ticket and I -Ticket

Both the E Ticket and I Ticket booking via IRCTC only but there is some common difference.

E – Ticket :-

E – Tickets are default booking option on the IRCTC website. E – Ticket also known as Electronic Ticket. This you can purchase online and travel. Remember there is no need to take printout of the E – Ticket. You just need to show the SMS received on your mobile to TTE ( Travel Ticket Examiner ).

I – Ticket : –   

I – Ticket also known as Internet Ticket. This also booking via IRCTC website by selecting the I – Ticket option while searching trains after the IRCTC Login happens. Main difference on  I – Ticket option is that it do not require ID proof except Tatkal facility.  Also I -ticket is delivering directly to your home. But I – Ticket must book 3 Days prior to the travel. This can cancel any ticket reservation counter after the departure of the train too. But remember no Cash Refund allowed. It will refund on the same online payment account.

Ticket Delivered on E-Mail and SMS onlyTicket Delivered on Shipment Address Given
If lost the E – Ticket then directly re-print possibleIf forgot the PNR number too will attract ticket re-issuing charges
Ticket Cancellation not allowed after the Train DepartureTicket Cancellation can be done after the Train Departure
Ticket Cancellation done via IRCTC Website OnlyTicket Cancellation done on the nearest Computer reservation Center too


Both i-Ticket and E-Ticket are the Internet Online Booking tickets via www.irctc.co.in but these 2 tickets having some difference that difference is explained as follows


IRCTC Website Train Ticket Booking
IRCTC Website Train Ticket Booking

In the case of i-Ticket service charge of Rs.40 per ticket in lower class and Rs. 60 per ticket in upper class (maximum 6 passengers per ticket) is leviable in addition to the train fare.

But this type of service will delivered the ticket without any extra cost. And maximum 10 tickets booked in an individual account.

Will get the e-mail to the mail id you are provided in the IRCTC  says the total fare taken for the ticket and the beth position of your ticket. 

If the ticket is not booked then that information you will get from the menu “Booked Ticket History” in the www.irctc.co.in site home page.


Indian Railways started E – ticket facility since 24.02.2006 to provide fast and secure online ticketing for the passengers. 

But in this case the passengers not provided any physical tickets. You can take the print out from the internet anytime after your ticket booked successfully.

In the journey time you have to carry any of the following identity details that is the main difference in the case of E-ticket. 

    1. Voter Identity Card
    1. Passport
    1. PAN Card
    1. Driving Licence
  1. Photo identity card issued b the Central / State government

If you are forgot to take any of these you will be treated as traveling without ticket. And if you are not carrying the ticket with you then you have to charge Rs. 50.

In the case of E-Ticket service charge of only Rs.10 to 25 per ticket in lower class and Rs. 20 to 40 per ticket in upper class (maximum 6 passengers per ticket) is leviable in addition to the train fare.

As part of the my concern better you go for E-tickets.


Step-by-Step Guide to Book Indian Railways Online Ticket

The below instructions will help you to book the train ticket via Online. Below explain step-by-step guide to book the IRCTC ticket . You just need to follow instructions to get the ticket online free of Service charges. 

You will get the IRCTC ticket after completing following 2 steps only. Where step 1 is only required perform only once and other required to perform each and every time.

  • IRCTC User Registration
  • IRCTC Book a Train Ticket

We will explain each of these points in detailed on next session IRCTC User Registration Process.

  • User Registration /  Sign-UP:  To book the Indian Railways ticket booking need to login to IRCTC website. This required IRCTC User ID. 
  • Book a Train Ticket: Once you have created the IRCTC User ID and password, can able to log on to the IRCTC website to book the website by entering User ID and Password.

IRCTC Train Ticket booking process having following sub sections involved

  • Log-on to IRCTC Website
  • Search for Availability
  • Confirm Ticket
  • Make Payment
  • Verify Ticket

IRCTC Login : Once you have created the IRCTC User ID and password, can able to log on to the IRCTC website to book the website by entering User ID and Password.

Search for Availability: This is the third step on the IRCTC ticket booking. During this step users searching  for their exact trains required.

Confirm Ticket: Confirm IRCTC train ticket process includes verifying your train after availability check is over. Select a train and choose class for travel.

Make payment: IRCTC Allowed several ways to make payment.  This includes Credit Card, Debit Card, Internet baking, Wallets and New Generation e-Wallet options. Verify Ticket: After booking your train ticket verify the same for further difficulties.

For getting more details about IRCTC Online Ticket Booking, please go through the following links:- 

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