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IRCTC SBI Loyalty Free Ticket Shubh Yatra Scheme Card
IRCTC Loyalty Free Ticket Shubh Yatra Scheme

IRCTC Shubh Yatra Loyalty Program – Free Tickets

IRCTC offers Shub Yatra Loyalty scheme card for regular passengers. This is not a new initiative its being active more than 10 years. However now its rewarmed to new scheme with IRCTC SBI Platinum Card. For getting benefits to all passengers we are updating those important details to all.

As the heading says, its possible to get Free Indian Railway tickets by the help of this scheme when you are a frequent travel passenger.

Benefit Of Shubh Yatra ( IRCTC Loyalty Scheme )

Get back up to 10%* of your AC ticket fare as Railway Points. 

You can use these Railway Points to get free tickets at, once you have accumulated 500 Railway Points in your account.

More benefit of IRCTC Loaylty Scheme are following.

* Upto 10% value back as Reward Points for railway ticket purchases
*350 bonus Reward Points on activation
*1.8% transaction charges waiver, on railway ticket bookings on
*1% fuel surcharge waiver at all petrol pumps

Befits SBI Indian Railways Credit Card

  • Programme benefits are available only on railway tickets booked at
  • Scheme is valid for normal users only.
  • SBI Card Travel Reward Points can be earned on 1st Class AC, 2nd Class AC, 3 rd Class AC Executive Chair Car and AC Chair Car travel only.
  • Reward Points are not earned on 3E and SL Class tickets.
  • SBI Card Travel Reward Points are only awarded for individual loyalty member’s fare tickets and are not awarded on voucher transactions.
  • You necessarily must be one of the passengers on the ticket to earn SBI Card Travel Reward Points.
  • SBI Card Travel Reward Points shall accrue to your account only 5 days after the date of your journey provided your ticket has not been cancelled.
  • First Year Membership Fee – Rs.500; Annual Renewal Fee – Rs.300 (taxes & transaction charges extra, as applicable).

How to earn Indian Railway Loyalty Points

The following Points Chart explains your Railway Points entitlement based on date of travel.

Express Rewards
Super Fast Express Rewards
4 Railway Points for every Rs. 100 spent10 Railway Points for every Rs. 100 spent
(Valid on tickets with Date of Travel between April 1 – July 14 and September 16 – January 14)(Valid on tickets with Date of Travel between January 15 – March 31 and July 15 – September 15)

Railway Points will always be rounded off to the lower integer.

Each Railway Point is equivalent to Re 1/- of your ticket fare when redeeming these Railway Points for future ticket purchases.

Railway Points will be valid for a period of 3 years from the date of member’s registration.

However, irrespective of the 3-year validity period, Railway Points lapse if membership is not renewed.

How to redeem Indian Railway Loyalty Points

Access with your own login (username and password).

Do AC class (1st Class AC, 2nd Class AC, 3rd Class AC, Executive Chair Car, Anubhuti Chair Car and AC Chair Car) booking and choose the Redeem Loyalty points option to pay for your travel ticket.

You may redeem Railway Points in multiples of Re 1.

Redemption can be made only against the total ticket fare (inclusive of IRCTC convenience fee). You cannot redeem SBI Card Travel Reward Points for individual fares.

Cancellation of a Redeemed Ticket:

  • If you cancel a redeemed ticket before the date of journey, you forfeit 50% of the Railway Points, over and above the existing cancellation charges as per the Indian Railway Commercial Rule.
  • Remaining Reward Points will be credited back to your account.
  • On cancellation of redeemed tickets, only Railway Points would be credited back and not cash. You can cancel a redeemed ticket only at physical counters (PRS). Only e-tickets can be cancelled online at

Validity of Points:

SBI Card points (SBI Travel Reward Points, SBI Reward Points and Purchase Points) will
lapse on expiry of three years from the date of expiry of the membership.

For example: if account year for membership no 123456789 lies from 05.09.06 to 04.09.07 and accrued points during 05.09.06 to 04.09.07 were 1050, the expiry date for the points accrued during 05.09.06 to 04.09.07 would be 04.09.09 i.e. three years from the date of expiry.
If the cardholder has redeemed 1000 points before 04.09.09 then the system shall expire
the balance of 50 points from the membership account on 04.09.09. However, irrespective
of the three year validity period, SBI Cards Points (SBI Travel Reward Points, SBI Reward
Points and Purchase Points) will lapse if cardholder does not renew his/her membership.

How to Register IRCTC Loyalty Program?


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