Fog Train Status : 2017

Indian Railway is cancelling many train services due to fog, specially in the Northern Region of the country. This year dense fog has thrown life out of gear in north India especially Delhi, Chandigarh, Lucknow, Kanpur,, hitting rail, air and road traffic. Several flights have been delayed or cancelled and train services have been hit as well. The fog also caused a technical snag in the Northern Grid, causing it to trip. 
Here we are giving an updates of train status both delayed and running. Following are the details.
Fog Delayed Trains Status
Fog Delayed Trains

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Updated at 12.25 pm  on 25th, January 2017

JANUARY 25, 2017 : Status of Trains affected due to Fog

Status of Trains affected due to Fog : 25/01/2017


Train No Train name Start date Source Destination Last Station Status Next Public Station Expected Arrival
15202 RXL-NKE-PPTA INTERCITY Wednesday, 25 January, 2017 RAXAUL JN RXL PATLIPUTRA PPTA MUZAFFARPUR JN MFP Departed at 12:06 GORAUL GRL 25 Jan 12:42 (3 Hr. 11 min Late)
18697 PRNC-PNBE KOSHI EXP Wednesday, 25 January, 2017 PURNIA COURT PRNC PATNA JN PNBE BAKHTIYARPUR JNBKP Departed at 11:50 KHUSROPUR KOO 25 Jan 12:00 (2 Hr. 43 min Late)
19166 SABARMATI EXP Wednesday, 25 January, 2017 DARBHANGA JN DBG AHMEDABAD JN ADI BAKULHA BKLA Departed at 12:14 SURAIMANPUR SIP 25 Jan 12:32 (2 Hr. 06 min Late)
55539 KIR-HJP PASS Wednesday, 25 January, 2017 KATIHAR JN KIR HAJIPUR JN HJP TILRATH TIL Departed at 11:35 BIHAT HALT BEHT 25 Jan 11:48 (2 Hr. 50 min Late)

Details of Trains affected due to foggy weather, here we are giving the updates of Running status of trains, cancelled trains due to fog, partially cancelled trains due to fog, and rescheduled and diverted trains due to fog.

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