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Indian Railway is launching new and new initiatives to increase passenger amenities. Here we are giving all in one page


Updated : 10.01.2017

Eyeing about Rs 2,000 crore annually from non-tariff sources, Railways is all set to reach out to big names from the advertising world for spaces in trains, level crossings and areas along tracks besides offering major platforms for installing over 2000 ATMs. 

Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu will launch the non-fare revenue policy, a first in Railways, offering various schemes for revenue-yielding activities including train branding, rail radio schemes and the mega offer of setting up about 2400 ATMs at platforms of major stations across the country early next week."Currently Railways earns less than 5 per cent of its total revenue through non-tariff sources. Our aim is to raise it substantially through concrete offers," said a senior Railway Ministry official involved with the firming up the non fare revenue policy.
ATMs at Major Railway Stations by Indian Railway
ATMs at Major Railway Stations

ATMs will be on end platforms or prominent spaces in the circulating area of the station, he said, adding stations will be offered via transparent e-auction process for a long-term 10-year contract.

The policy envisages that in addition to the existing identified sites, Railways shall allow advertising at areas hitherto unused such as area along tracks, road over bridges and level-crossing gates.

The policy will offer out-of-home advertising policy and allow monetisation of railway assets by means of advertising, the official said.Besides, big LED screens will come up at station buildings, platforms, foot over bridges (leading to station area) for advertising under Rail Display Network as part of the new policy.Rail Display Network will initially cover 25 stations including Old Delhi, Varanasi, Jaipur and later on extended to other major stations.


Updated : 07.01.2017

Southern Railway introduced a new passenger centric concept called Train Captain to serve passengers in moving trains. So now passengers can register their complaints and inconvenience while traveling, to a single person from the staring point to the end of the journey called train captain. 

Traveling on overnight express trains from Chennai to Southern Tamil Nadu district and Kerala can often be inconvenient as passengers without reservation occupy reserved coaches. Compounding the situation, Travelling Ticket Examiners(TTEs) remain absent on many occasions.
Train Captain in moving Trains
Train Captain

To set this right, the commercial department will soon introduce a system under which a ,captain, ( a senior TTE) will traverse the entire length of the train for the full journey. It will be introduced on six important trains in the zones on January 15. The captain will also be in charge of the team of TTEs.

Sources in the commercial department said this solution was necessitated after a recent incident on a Kerala - bound Suvidha train where a woman passenger's seat was encroached upon by a group of men who did not have reserved tickets. They were also found to be consuming alcohol and creating nuisance. Repeated calls by the woman passenger, who boarded the train at Katpadi, to the helpline numbers did not yield a solution as the hostile co passengers were sitting nearby even after the security personnel intervened. There was no TTE. The passengers was furious as she had to pay  a higher price for tickets on the Suvidha train where the facilities weren't up to the mark. 

Now, passengers will be able to contact the captain in case of such incidents, a senior official in the department said, a famous News Paper reported. 


Updated : 16.12.2016

Point of Sale Machines Installed at all MMTS Stations
South Central Railway announced that in order to issue reserved tickets through credit/debit cards, Point of Sale (PoS) machines have been installed at all MMTS stations in the Twin Cities including Secunderabad, Hyderabad, Begumpet and Kacheguda stations.

Further these machines will also be installed at all important stations of South Central Railway in the next couple of days. All types of credit/debit cards including RuPay cards will be accepted for purchase of reserved tickets at these booking counters.

SCR has taken the initiatives of installing 109 Point of Sale Machines at its booking counters across the zone for people to buy tickets using all types of credit/debit and Rupay Cards, without an additional charge of the transactions.

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In the Twin cities, the facility has been activated at 30 locations including several Railway stations, apart from passenger reservation booking counters. Also, these PoS machines were installed at 31 locations in Vijayawada Division, 17 in Guntakal, 10 in Nanded, 3 in Guntur, 13 in Secunderabad excluding the MMTS stations and 5 in Hyderabad divisions, a famous Newspaper reported. 


Updated : 28.02.2017
Indian Railways introduced the first Antyodaya Express between Ernakulam and Howrah viz. 22877/22878 Ernakulam - Howrah Antyodaya Express (Weekly). The train service was inaugurated on 27.02.2017 by Minister of Railways through video conferencing from Rail Bhawan, New Delhi. As announced in Railway Budget 2016-17, Antyodaya Express are long-distance, fully unreserved, super fast train service, for the common man to be operated on dense routes.
New Antyodaya Express Details
Antyodaya Express Details

The coaches of  Antyodaya Express are fully unreserved LHB second class coaches with the following additional amenities:

  • Cushioned luggage racks which can serve as seats
  • Additional hand holds in doorway area
  • J-Hook near longitudinal luggage racks
  • Multiple Unit cables at both ends of the coach
  • Vestibuled ends for internal movement of the passengers
  • Potable Drinking water dispenser
  • Mobile charging points
  • Fire Extinguisher with anti-theft lock
  • FRP (Fibre Reinforced Plastic) Modular Toilets
  • Pleasing interior colour scheme
  • Toilet Occupation indication display board
  • LED Lights
  • SS Slip-free flooring at Doorway and Gangway
  • Anti-Graffiti coating for exterior painting

Ministry of Railways has identified following Antyodaya Express which will be launched in Phases:

  • 15567/15568 Darbhanga-Jalandhar City Antyodaya Express (Weekly)
  • 22885/22886 Lokmanya Tilak(T)-Tatanagar Antyodaya Express (Bi-weekly)
  • 22841/22842 Santragachi-Chennai Central Antyodaya Express (Weekly)
  • 22895/22896 Bilaspur-Firozpur Antyodaya Express (Weekly)
  • 22921/22922 Bandra(T)-Gorakhpur Antyodaya Express (Weekly)
  • 22877/22878 Howrah-Ernakulam Antyodaya Express (Weekly)
  • 15563/15564 Jaynagar-Udhna Antyodaya Express (Weekly)
For getting the details regarding New Trains 2017 , please go though following link : - New Train Details 2017

Updated : 01.11.2016
Antyodaya Express, an Indian Railways train for the unreserved class, that was announced by Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu during his Rail Budget speech this year, is all set to be ready by September-end, a famous Newspaper reported. 

Five Antyodaya rakes are likely to be introduced in the current year. ICF (Integral Coach Factory) has finalized the design of the train, and it will soon start manufacturing the train’s coaches. Antyodaya Express coaches will be a modification of LHB (Linke Hofmann Busch) type, ie. they will boast of a stainless body. Antyodaya Express was one of the five new trains proposed by Suresh Prabhu in his Rail Budget. For the unreserved passengers, he had talked of two types of new trains and coaches, Antyodaya Express and Deen Dayalu coaches.

ICF has already rolled out a Deen Dayalu coach and it will soon start plying on high-density routes. Antyodaya will have the same facilities as a Deen Dayalu coach. The only difference between Deen Dayalu and Antyodaya is that the coaches in the latter will be joined together. “So while Deen Dayalu is manufactured on a single coach basis that can be fitted in any train, Antyodaya is a whole train only for unreserved passengers,” the newspaper reported.

Just like Deen Dayalu coaches, which are non-AC, Antyodaya will also have more comfortable seats compared to others in the general class category. All new facilities that have been introduced in the Deen Dayalu coaches, such as aqua-guard for drinking water, toilet occupation indication display boards, bio-toilets, fire extinguishers with anti-theft arrangement, cushioned luggage racks with coat hooks, LED lights, more mobile charging points and enhanced capacity dustbins, will also be seen in Antyodaya Express. Additionally in case of Antyodaya Express, for the first time Indian Railways will try out operations with locomotives at both ends. This the Railways says will ensure faster acceleration and deceleration and help in expeditious turnaround at terminals.
Updated : 05.8.2016


The government of India has issued a global tender to invite expressions of interest by 6 September from those interested in introducing the Maglev or magnetic levitation technology in India, a famous Newspaper reported. This will be a major steps taken by Modi Government after the Bullet Trains. 

Magnetic levitation, as the name suggests, means employing the principle of magnetic repulsion to make trains float on a designated path to create a friction less and efficient mode of transportation.
The government proposes to undertake the Maglev project on a public private partnership (PPP) mode. A senior official of the Ministry of Railways says four routes have been identified for the Maglev trains.

Four Routes
  • Bengaluru - Chennai 
  • Hyderabad - Chennai
  • New Delhi - Chandigarh 
  • Nagpur - Mumbai 
The global tender deals with issues relating to the designing, building, commissioning, operating, running and maintaining the Maglev technology.
The Indian Government shall provide land for the 200 to 500 kilometer long project while the company that will eventually bag the contract will be expected to design the Maglev train and build an elevated track for running the train; all this only after it successfully gives a demonstration of the Maglev systems over a distance of 10 to 15 km. When commissioned, the Maglev trains can be expected to run at a speed of 400 to 500 km per hour. 

Other Countries using this technology

  • Only a small number of countries have used the Maglev systems, namely Germany, China, Japan, South Korea and the US
  • In China, the Maglev trains run between Shanghai city and its airport, covering a distance of about 38 km.
  • Only three countries -- China, Japan and South Korea -- are currently running the Maglev trains on a commercial basis.
Although more countries have the requisite technology, they did not find it economically feasible, partly on account of high consumption of power required to run the Maglev trains.

  • Government proposes to undertake the Maglev project on a PPP mode.
  • Government shall provide land for the 200-500 kilometer-long project.
  • Maglev trains can run at a speed of 400 to 500 km per hour.
Updated : 25.7.2016


On 1000 trains Rail Radio services to be launched 

Indian Railway Passengers can soon tune in to popular FM radio stations while travelling on trains, with the Indian Railway firming up plans to roll out a Rail Radio service for 'onboard infotainment' which would also come in handy in emergency situations and disasters. The state-run public transporter plans to introduce the facility on about 1000 Mail and Express trains, including premier services. Passengers will not only be treated to popular songs and music over the public address (PA) system in coaches, but also be updated on train related information on hourly basis. The system will be used to issue alerts in case of an emergency, according to the plan, a famous Newspaper reported.
Rail Radio Services
Rail Radio Services

Besides jokes, astrology and other trivia, the history of Indian Railway and its major activities will also be part of the Rail Radio service. We are in the process of finalizing arrangements with a few leading FM radio stations to provide entertainment as well as information to passengers on board about 1000 Mail and Express trains including Rajdhani, Shatabdi and Duronto, said a senior Railway Ministry official. 

Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu had in his 2016 - 2017 budget speech proposed to invite FM radio stations for providing train borne entertainment through public address systems on trains. Currently only Rajdhani, Duronto and Shatabdi trains are equipped with PA system. "Once Rail Radio service is operationalised, all these premier trains will be linked with the system," he said. As per the plan, studios will be set up at Railway Board and all zonal headquarters to operationalise Rail Radio service.

Rail Radio service will be helpful during emergency situations like accidents or a natural calamity, the official said. "It will be easier to reach out to passengers during emergency through PA system from the headquarters," said the official, adding "there will be a slot for educating and creating awareness among passengers on disaster management." With a view to enhancing passenger comfort, a move has been initiated by the Railways to introduce new amenities including ergonomic seating, improved asthetics, water level indicators and easily accessible dustbins in coaches.

The public sector giant also plans to make available the bilingual onboard magazine Rail Bandhu in all Mail and Express trains. Currently the magazine is available only in Rajdhani, Shatabdi and Duronto trains. There is also a plan to publish Rail Bandhu in regional languages, the official said. 

In Short

  • Railways plans to introduce the facility on about 1000 Mail and Express trains, including premier services.
  • As per the plan, studios will be set up at Railway Board and all zonal headquarters to operationalise Rail Radio service.
  • Passengers will also be updated on train-related information on hourly basis.

Updated : 18.7.2016


High Speed Rail Project : Kuala Lumpur - Singapore

Malaysia’s transport minister Liow Tiong Lai said the tender for the High-Speed Rail (HSR) project which will link Kuala Lumpur and Singapore will be called within a year, reported Malaysian media on Saturday (Jul 16).
According to the Star Online, the minister told reporters at an event yesterday that he was looking forward to the signing of the memorandum on Tuesday. “Once the signing is done, the authorities will prepare the tender documents. The tender will be called within a year’s time.
“Many international companies have shown interest in the project and we welcome that. This is a very important and prestigious project because it is the first in Asean,” the Star quoted him as saying. Liow added that the project would bring economic development to Malaysia and Singapore.
Plans for the HSR were first announced in 2013 by Prime Ministers from both countries at a leaders’ retreat, with the Singapore terminus located at Jurong East and the Kuala Lumpur one at the upcoming Bandar Malaysia project. The proposed 350km-long line will take 90 minutes to traverse.  There will be two tracks with stops at stations in Malaysia such as Seremban, Ayer Keroh, Muar, Batu Pahat and Iskandar Puteri.

Updated : 12.7.2016


All major Railway Stations across India will soon have battery-operated cars (BoC) to facilitate movement of passengers, mainly disabled, ailing and elderly, on platforms. Passengers, however will have  to pay for the services as the railways will appoint private firms to run these services on a regularly. 

Travelers can also hire wheelchairs, porters or 'Sahayaks, or helpers and book pick up and drop facility through a mobile application to be launched soon.

Each station will have a dedicated mobile number to facilitate booking of BoCs. The facility will also be made available through IRCTC's e-ticketing website and 139 helpline, a famous News Paper reported.

Updated 30.06.2016


Western Railway plans to provide Talk Back system in ladies coaches for alerting Guards of train during the emergency situations. This communication system is similar to the ones used in the Metro rail. The passenger talk back facilities at the doorway of each ladies compartment will allow two way communications.  It will be placed in an accessible height. At the press of a button a communication channel can be opened with the train's guard. Work on the system will begin in a few months on the estimates are approved. Officials added.
Talk - Back System in Ladies Compartments
Talk - Back System in Trains
Central Railway had an emergency alarm system which at the press of a panic button alerted the guard and motorman about a threat in the compartment. However there were several instances of people pressing the button for no reason, affecting train punctuality as its crews have rushed to attend to the coach just to find that somebody had played a prank. Central Railway had second thoughts about the system as it didn't get a positive feedback from the train crew and the Railway Protection Force. But Talk-Back system is more reassuring for a commuter in distress and is unlikely to be misused.


  • The talk-back system will be placed at the doors of the ladies compartments.
  • It will allow passengers in distress to communicate with the guard.
  • The guard can assess the threat and take a call on halting the train, taking it to the next station, and alerting security personnel.

Eyeing about Rs 2,000 crore annually from non-tariff sources, Railways is all set to reach out to big names from the advertising world for spaces in trains, level crossings and areas along tracks besides offering major platforms for installing over 2000 ATMs.

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