Mumbai : Be Safe Awareness Drive by RPF

As part of safe journey awareness campaign Central railway and Western Railway are inviting feed back from Railway passengers for stopping accidental deaths in Mumbai suburban system. Passengers can mark their feed back in the Feedback form that is available in online, or be able to send suggestion via email.
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Suggestion for stopping accidental deaths
Feedback form : Mumbai Suburban System

Click th link :- Sending Suggestions for stopping accidental deaths in Mumbai suburban system
e-mail id :-

Be Safe Awareness Activities 

Railway’s RPF
(Railway protection Force) is conducting seminars across the city
Schools, Colleges and Railway stations to advise women commuters with a safety strategy
against mischievous activities. They already covered 14 stations.  The campaign aim is to propagate certain basic
ideas to keep yourself safe and keep your fellow travelers out of harm.  So with these basic measures women can ensure
their safety while in the station or at the time of train journey. 
Be Safe : RPF Awareness Drive by Western Railway
Be Safe : Western Railway
Let’s check
the advice of Railway Protection Force.
  • Don’t board
    the middle ladies coach at night

Don’t travel
in the ladies compartment situated in the middle of a train during off – peak
hours. Prefer ladies compartment right behind the motorman’s cabin, at the
rake’s start or the guard’s cabin, at the rear.
  • Be on your
    guard on these tricky routes

Following are vulnerable sports on the western line, as they are overly exposed to drug addicts and other fringe elements.

Churchagate –
Grant Road
Mahim – Bandra
Bhayander –
Mira Road
Naigaon –
Vasai Road

  • WhatsApp

If you or your
fellow passenger are in trouble while travelling via train now you can send
message through WhatsApp Helpline number. The number is 9004499718. You can send
pictures of the situation also to this number.  So no need to waste your
time. We can inform the railway officials through above number if we see a
child unaccompanied of somebody travelling with a child in a suspicious
  • Stay calm,
    when you smell trouble

Don’t betray
fear when you smell trouble, try to team up with fellow passengers and
overpower the attacker.
  • Lodge a

Don’t lazy to
lodge a complaint in the police station within 30 days of the incident. Because
 CCTV cameras will store the details only
for 30 days.
  • Turn on the

Activate the
GPS features of the smart phone while travelling, for easy identification of your
location by RPF officials.
  • Inform authorities
    about drunkard and druggies

Keep an eye
out for drunkards and druggies. Inform the authorities are vita.
  • Take a mental
    picture of the devil

Get the devil
out of the details, so you can easily explain the detail of the wrongdoer to
the authorities. During the peak hours only CCTV details are not enough for identifying
the attacker.
  • Know where you
    are on the tracks, accurately

Know which
station the train has crossed and which is the next station, Know in which
coach you are travelling so be alert while travelling.

Other Activities of Be Safe Campaign

along with Central Railway also conducted other type of campaign to promote
the habit of safe journey. Examples are Human Chain to stop people from
crossing Railway tracks at Kurla station, Campaign at Dadar Matunga to check
track crossing, GRP and citizens offered roses to people crossing tracks at
Thane station , Women campaign to stop people from crossing the tracks at
Thakurli station etc.

Flash Back

In 2014 itself
Western Railway launched a part of Be Safe campaign in collaboration with
corporate under corporate Social Responsibilities to spread awareness  about safe travel in train passengers. For
this various stations had been selected. The Campaign started from Churchagate
Station on 29/01/2014. After Churchagate the campaign were held in other
stations such as Dadar, Jogeshwari, Kandivali, Borivali etc.

Main Aims

The campaign
main aim was to educated commuters to avoid unsafe travel practices like
catching a running train, crossing tracks in hurry even though next  train in few minutes or foot over bridge to
cross track. Under its
initiatives to educate commuters about safe travel, Western Railway has
launched an extensive campaign of publicity through print media, radio spots
through FM channels etc. Public Announcement System at station was also being
extensively used to relay radio spots to warning people about dangers of unsafe