Baby Food in Trains : Konkan Railway
Baby Food in Trains
Last Updated : 10 - 06 - 2016 at 04.35 pm


As announced in the Railway Budget 2016 - 2017, Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu announced the launch of Optional Catering Scheme in two trains. Initially the scheme started on a pilot basis in two trains for a period of 45 days already began from 9th June,2016. 

Last Updated : 13 - 03 - 2016 at 04.35 pm


As announced in the Railway Budget 2016, Baby Food started to available in Konkan Railway. The facility was implemented on 11th March,2016 on wards.

Last Updated : 11 - 03 - 2016 at 11.32 pm


As announced in the Railway Budget 2016, Indian Railway launched Clean My Coach via SMS scheme, it help the passengers to get the coaches clean,  the details are attached here:- "Clean My Coach" Website ID and Mobile Number 

Last Updated: 05 - 03 - 2016 at 02: 58 pm


As announced in the Railway Budget 2016, Railway decided to install Water - Recycling plant at Bandra Terminus Station in Western Railway

The first Water - Recycling plant will come by 2018 a famous News paper reported. The expected cost for installing plant is Rs.5.6 Crore, and is expected to recycle 10 lakh liters of water per day. 

Western Railway uses 32 lakh liters of water daily, in this 16 lakh liters is for drinking and the rest of the water is using for cleaning and washing of trains and yards. 

Last Updated: 04 - 03 - 2016 at 04: 14 pm

As announced in Railway Budget 2016, SMS scheme came into effect in Western Railway, details are following, 
Indian Railways Western railways zone announced a new Passenger friendly service called Yatri Empowerment through SMS ( YES) scheme for on board passengers. YES service is currently available on important trains of BCT division of Western rail. By the help of this service passengers are getting long time demand facilities on SMS. YES scheme Yatri Empowerment through SMS on Indian Rail

Last Updated: 01 - 03 - 2016 at 02: 54 PM


Today i.e 01.03.2016, Railway Minster Suresh Prabhu will inaugurate the first common user originating Rail Auto - Hub at Walajabad near Chennai at 15.30 hrs through video conferencing from Rail Bhavan , New Delhi. Details are attached. FIRST RAIL AUTO HUB INAUGURATING TODAY : RAIL BUDGET 2016

Last Updated: 01 - 03 - 2016 at 12: 20 PM


Southern Railway decided to install mobile charging units on its Chennai Suburban rail network.These charging units will help the passengers to recharge their mobiles. Installation of charging points will be completed by the end of March 2016. The charging facility will be available on both sides of the platforms. 

The mobile charging unit will install in 76 Railway stations across Chennai division. Out of this, 16 are major railway stations and remaining 60 are intermediate railway stations, and are located in Chennai, Kancheepuram, Tiruvallur, parts of Villupuram and Vellore districts.

The mobile charging units will be installed on main lines also, for helping the mail and express passengers. 

Last Updated: 25 - 02 - 2016 at 11: 10 PM

Budget Presentation Date : 25 - 02 - 2016 Thursday

Rail Budget Present Minister Name : Suresh Prabhu
Budget Presentation Time : 12 NOON on wards

  • No Hike in Passenger fares.
  • By 2020 eliminate all Unmanned Level Crossings.
  • Swacch Bharat: 17000 bio toilets in 475 stations before the end of this financial year
  • Increase in quota for Senior Citizen and Women Travelers this year.
  • Wifi at 100 stations this year and another 400 Stations next year.
  • Increase Capacity of IRCTC e-ticketing system from 2000 tickets per minute to 7200 per minute. Supporting 1.2 Lakh concurrent users now as opposed to 40000 earlier
  • In a phased manner all major stations to  be brought under CCTV surveillance.
  • Deen Dayal coaches for long distance trains for Unreserved passengers.
  • In a phased manner IRCTC to manage Catering service. Local cuisine of Choice will be made available to passengers.
  • Request through SMS for cleaning of toilets
  • Action initiated on 139 budget announcement made last year.
  • Children's menu, baby boards, baby foods to be made available for travelling mothers.
  • GPS Based digital display in coaches to show Upcoming stations.
  • 139 Helpline Number will also open for Cancellation Facility.
  • Introduction of bar coded tickets on pilot basis to tackle menace of tickets travel.

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Today Railway Minster Suresh Prabhu is going to present his second Railway budget . After the budget 2015, railway achieved many promised targets. Let's get a look of that.
  • Provided Wi-fi at all AL and A category stations. Digital India Initiative is going on for B category stations. Hand Held Terminals provided to TTES in Shatabdi trains for verification of passengers and downloading charts. 
  • Multi - Lingual( now Hindi Version) E-Ticketing portal launched. 
  • Modified Hot- Buttons, coin vending machines and single destination teller windows implemented. 
  • Increased  the number of mechanized laundries. 
  • Built-in Dustbins implemented. 
  • Introduced an SMS alert service in Rajdhani and Duronto trains to inform passengers in advance of updated arrival / Departure time of trains. 
  • Started to issue unreserved tickets on Smart phones. 
  • World's first Vacuum Bio-toilet launched. 
  • New Department called Environment and Housekeeping Directorate created for keeping station and train clean. 
  • Number of ATVM (Automatic ticket vending machine) increased. 
  • Number of toilets increased in stations.
  • Increased the number of Water vending machine in the stations.

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Updated: 23 - 02 - 2016

This Indian Railways giving you one more opportunities to share your views regarding Railway Budget 16 - 17 via new official web channel.  Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu will present the railway budget on 25th FEB 2016 itself. So Consider this the last chance to submit you opinion.

Railway asking you following remarkable question to each and every common man.

What scheme in your opinion touches the lives of common man the most and How?

How to share my opinion?

You can share your thoughts by visiting the website discussonbudget.inbministry.in of Indian Railways.

Rail Budget 2016 Opinion Share option public
Rail Budget 2016 Opinion Share option

After visiting this website you can click on to the "Share your Thoughts here" button. Once you have clicked that option system will ask you following inputs

  • Your Name
  • Mobile Number
  • E Mail ID
  • Twitter and Facebook ID (Optional)
  • Now Share your thoughts with Maximum 200 Words

After entering all these information you have to press "Submit" button to share your opinion to Railways. Indian Railways also promised that the best entries will share on their official Social media Channels too.

Also you can share your thoughts with #RailBudget2016 and #Budget2016 on Twitter.

One more option also provided by railway, you can share your Videos and Photos through #ExpectationsRailBudget2016 tag also.

So do not waist this chance. Share your suggestion immediately. 

Updated on 20/02/2016


In the upcoming Railway Budget 2016 - 2017 the Government is likely to increase its investment in the modernization of Railway by 20 to 30 percent, besides rationalizing freight tariffs in the wake of falling revenue from goods transportation, as diverted to road transportation.

The government may also increase the planned outlay for the next fiscal year, but the rise is expected to be lower than the 52 percent increase for the current fiscal year. Railways' expenditure on construction of new lines, doubling and gauge conversion has gone up significantly in recent years. 

The upcoming budget may lay more emphasis on generating more revenue from freight traffic, given the slowing growth in the segment. The railways may cut freight tariffs for commodities, including coal, iron ore, cement, steel, fertilizers, food grains and container traffic.

Updated on 18/02/2016


There are so many challenges before Minister Suresh Prabhu for presenting a people friendly Railway Budget of 2016 - 2017, these challenges prevent him from presenting a populist budget. 
As a major public service unit, Indian Railway is offering concession to many categorize of passengers including senior citizens, specially challenged commuters, VIPs etc. these concession bear a heavy amount, and it affect badly the financial condition of the Railway,  along with these the implementation of 7th Pay Commission in this year also cause a major financial burden for the railway.
According to the recommendation of the Commission, salaries and pensions of government (including Railway) employees and retirees,would be hiked up by 30 percent on the minimum basic pay. 

Updated on 15/02/2016


In this year Railway Budget will focus on attracting more investment for the implementation of projects. And most probably no train fare hike and will launch new trains in the budget 2016-2017.

"Comfort of passengers is today's requirements but augmentation of facilities is the future need. Our effort is to take forward these initiatives hand in hand," Sri Suresh Prabhu said about the upcoming Railway Budget .

Updated on 10/02/2016


Train passengers expected better services and better amenities in this Railway Budget 2016-2017, according to a survey , a famous News paper reported. 
Railway Budget 2016 - 2017 : Passengers priorities
Railway Budget 2016 - 2017

In the survey around 35% of the participants listed amenities and services, 30% of the participants demanded safety, 19% demanded cleanliness and 16% for timeliness as their top priority. In the budget 2015-2016, passengers gave top priority to hygiene and cleanliness.

In the survey, Amenities and services included lot of things, they divided amenities and services into two, and those are things needed at stations and things needed in trains.

At the stations passengers demanded 
  • clean drinking water, 
  • Elevators and escalators for families and elders and special needs of travelers, 
  • functional toilets, 
  • Hassle- free coolie and porter services. 

But In the Trains passengers demanded 
  • Improved quality of hygiene levels of food stock, 
  • Effective maintenance of train toilet utilities and neat and clean toilets, 
  • Increased number of dustbins and their effective management, 
  • Insect and pest free trains, 
  • Increased number of phone charging points, 
  • Friendly staffs etc. 

Along with this Passenger Information Services also needed changes including
  • Customized train departure/ arrival/cancellation notification via SMS, 
  • Effectiveness of phone helplines and their information quality, 
  • Effective display of train arrival / departure and coach numbers on platforms, 
  • Display of all assistance/ helpline numbers on coaches and platforms etc. 

Updated on 06/02/2016


Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu will present the railway budget in the last week of February (25th FEB 2016). His Budget should be passenger oriented, including the food supply in the trains and stations, better and hygienic toilet etc. rather than introduction of New trains. 
First time in the history of Rail Budget, Railway invited Suggestion from the public for the upcoming Railway budget 2016. The last date of marking suggestion was on 15, January 2016. Hope Railway will give importance to the invited public suggestion in the upcoming Railway Budget.


First time in History of Indian Railway, Ministry of Railway has decided to invite ideas and suggestions from public to improve its operations and amenities to a satisfactory level. 

Suggestion box : Rail Budget 2016 - 2017
Rail Budget 2016 - 17 : Suggestion box
The Rail budget will be presented in the month of February 2016 by Railway Minister. The current Railway Minister is Sri. Suresh Prabhu, last year also he presented the Rail Budget 2015 - 2016. 

The suggestions can be given through online. The public can share their ideas about crime prevention, safe running of trains, disaster management, computerization, electrification, station development, road over-bridge, other innovative ideas related trains.

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Public can share their innovative ideas thorough Website of Ministry of Railway, the website is get ready for this. The last date of submission of ideas and suggestions will be January 15, 2016.

Suggestions can be given under 15 heads with many sub heads. 

  • Suggestions on Crime Prevention,
  • Suggestions on Safe Running of Trains and Disaster Management
  • Computerization, 
  • Electrical, 
  • Electrification of Lines, 
  • Finance, 
  • Foot over Bridges, 
  • Freight including Traffic Requirements sidings, Rake handling facility, 
  • Infrastructure including Freight Corridors, High speed corridors, port and mine connectivity, PPP initiatives, 
  • Innovative ideas
  • Land including Commercial utilization of Land, Station development, 
  • Railway Lines including New lines, Gauge conversion, Doubling, 
  • Road over and Under Bridges, 
  • Tourism related ideas
  • trains including New trains, Extension of trains, Augmentation of trains, Frequency of trains, Tourist trains, Pantry cars and Catering. 

Those who wants to share their ideas, they can upload through the following Link (Suggestion submittion date expired):- SUGGESTION REGARDING RAILWAY BUDGET 2016 - 2017 

Railway Budget 2016 is a passenger friendly budget, railway is aiming for the modernization of the railway, for this railway will install mobile charging facility at all stations, wifi connections, Baby food in trains, Bar coded tickets, vacuum bio- toilet,built in dustbins, Deen Dayal coaches, GPS based digital display, 24 hours helpline number, etc, the details of all these are including here.

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