South Western Railway has decided to run Passenger Special Train between Mysuru - Chamarajanagar stations in order to control the extra rush of passengers during the Festival time. Following are the details Puja Special trains 2015.

Train Details 
Train Nos.06207/06208 Mysuru - Chamarajanagar Passenger Special on 23rd October, 2015 (One day only - Vijaya Dashami Day)

  • Train No.06207 Mysuru - Chamarajanagar Passenger Special will depart at Mysuru station at 20.40 hrs on 23rd October 2015 and arrive at Chamarajanagar at 22.25 hrs  on the same night. 

Arrive/depart at Chamarajapuram at 20-45/20-46 hrs; Ashokapuram at 20-51/20-52 hrs; Kadakola at 21-05/21-06 hrs; Tandavapura Haltat 21-11/21-12 hrs; Sujathapuram Halt at 21-18/21-19 hrs; Nanjangud Town at 21-24/21-26 hrs; Chinnadagudihundi Halt at 21-34/21-35 hrs; Narasambudh Halt at 21-40/21-41 hrs; Kavalande Halt at 21-49/21-50 hrs; Konanur Halt at 21-58/21-59 hrs; Badanaguppe Halt at 22-04/22-05 hrs; and arrive/depart at Mariyala Halt at 22-12/22-13 hrs.

  • Train No.06208 Chamarajanagar - Mysuru Passenger Special will depart at Chamarajanagar station at 22.35 hrs on 23rd October 2015 and arrive at Mysuru at 00.15 hrs on 24th October 2015.

Arrive/depart at Mariyala Halt at 22-43/22-44 hrs; Badanagauppe Halt at 22-49/22-50 hrs; Konanur Halt at 22-55/22-56 hrs; Kavalande Halt at 23-03/23-04 hrs; Narasambudhi Halt at 23-11/23-12 hrs; Chinnadagudihundi Halt at 23-17/23-18 hrs; Nanjangud Town at 23-25/23-27 hrs; Sujathapuram Halt at 23-32/23-33 hrs; Tandavapura Halt at 23-40/23-41 hrs; Kadakola at 23-46/23-47 hrs; Ashokapuram at 00-01/00-02 hrs; and arrive/depart at Chamarajapuram at 00-06/00-07 hrs.

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