Northern Railway also published the New Train Time Table 2015 today. The Northern time table is a result of number of suggestions received from various passenger associations, people representatives, rail users and civil bodies. The primary objective of publication of this Time Table is to improve punctuality in passenger services. The new Time Table will be effective from 1st October, 2015. Following are the major changes of shifting of Terminals , Change in Departure/Arrival timings , Train Number, route in the New Train Time Table 2015 of Northern Railway.
New Train Time Table 2015 by Northern Railway
Northern Railway Time Table 2015

  • Shifting of trains from New Delhi to Anand Vihar

Train No.22805 Bhubaneswar - New Delhi express from 12.12.2015
Train No.22806  New Delhi - Bhubaneswar express from 14.12.2015
Train No.12819 Bhubaneswar - New Delhi  express from 9.12.2015
Train No.12820 New Delhi - Bhubaneswar  express from 11.12.2015
Train No.12323 Howrah - New Delhi express from 11.12.2015
Train No.12324 New Delhi – Howrah express from 13.12.2015
Train No.12249 Howrah - New Delhi Yuva express from 12.12.2015
Train No.12250 New Delhi Howrah - Yuva express from 13.12.2015
  • Shifting of trains from Anand Vihar to New Delhi

Train Nos.12039/12040 Anand vihar- Kathgodam Shatabdi from 11.12.2015

  • Shifting of trains from Delhi to Delhi Sarai Rohilla

Train No.14007 Raxaul- Delhi express from 9.12.2015
Train No.14008 Delhi - Raxaul  express from 10.12.2015
Train No.14013 Sultanpur - Delhi express from 13.12 .2015
Train No.14014 Delhi Sultanpur -  express from 12.12.2015
Train No.14015 Raxaul - Delhi express from 9.12.2015
Train No.14016 Delhi – Raxaul express. From 11.12.2015
Train No.14017 Raxaul - Delhi express from 10.12.2015
Train No.14018 Delhi - Raxaul express from 9.12.2015
  • Shifting of trains from Nizamuddin to Delhi Sarai Rohilla

Train Nos.12415/12416 Indore - Nizamuddin - Indore  intercity  from 10.12.2015
  • Shifting of trains from New Delhi to Delhi Sarai Rohilla

Train No.12615 Chennai - New Delhi G.T. express from 10.12.2015
Train No.12616 New Delhi - Chennai G.T. express from 10.12.2015
  • Shifting of trains from Varanasi to Manduadih

Train Nos.14259/14260 Varanasi - Rameshwaram shifting to Manduadih w.e.f 01.11.15 as Train Nos.15119/15120

Change in the departure timings of the trains

Change in the departure timings of the trains Northern Railways New Time Table

Change in Departure Timings of Trains

Change in Train Number

  • Train No. 12287/12288 Kochivelli-Dehradun Exp. number will change from October 1st 2015. The new Train No. for Kochivelli-Dehradun Exp. will be 22659/22660.

Change of Route

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