South Western Railway decided to continue the of run Special Trains including Premium Specials, Daily Express Special and Weekly Special to various destinations. Following are the details of the Special Trains.
South Western Railway :: Special Trains
Special Trains for August 2014

  • Train No. 02863 HOWRAH - YESVANTPUR WEEKLY PREMIUM SPECIAL will depart at HOWRAH Station at 11.00 hrs on Mondays, i.e. on 04th, 11th, 18th and 25th August, 2014 ( Total : 04 Trips) and will arrive at YESVANTPUR Station at 16.00 hrs on Tuesdays. 

En route, the Premium Weekly Special will arrive/depart at Bhubaneswar at 16-35/16-45 hrs;Duvvada at 23-43/23-45 hrs; VIJAYAWADA at 04-40/04-50 hrs; Renigunta at 10-25/10-40 hrs; Katpadi at 12-35/12-37 hrs; depart at Jolarpettai at 13-35 hrs. on Tuesdays.
  • Train No.02864 YESVANTPUR - HOWRAH WEEKLY PREMIUM SPECIAL will depart at YESVANTPUR Station at 11.15 hrs on Wednesdays, i.e. on 06th 13th, 20th and 27th August, 2014( Total : 04 trips ) and will arrive at HOWRAH Station at 16.00 hrs on Thursdays.

En route, the Premium Weekly Special will depart at Jolarpettai at 13-46 hrs; Katpadi at 14-38/14-40 hrs; Renigunta at 16-55/17-05 hrs; VIJAYAWADA at 22-35/22-45 hrs; Duvvada at 03-28/03-30 hrs; and arrive/depart at Bhubaneswar at 09-40/09-50 hrs., on Thursdays.
3 AC 2-tier coaches; 8 AC 3-tier coaches, 2 Luggage-cum-brake Vans with Generator and 1 Pantry/Dining Car(Vestibule) with AC coach totaling 14 coaches.

Train No.06501/06502 :: BANGALORE CITY - TUMKUR 
  • Train No.06501 BANGALORE CITY - TUMKUR DAILY EXPRESS SPECIAL departs at BANGALORE CITY at 05.40 hrs with effect from 01st to 15th August, 2014 and arrives at TUMKUR station at 06.50 hrs on the same day.(Total : 15 Services).

En route, the Daily Express Special arrives/departs at YESVANTPUR at 05-49/5-50 hrs; Chikbanawar at 05-59/06-00 hrs. and arrives/depart at Kyatsandra at 06-37/06-38 hrs.
  • Train No.06502 TUMKUR - BANGALORE CITY DAILY EXPRESS SPECIAL departs at TUMKUR station at 08.15 hrs with effect from 01st to 15th August, 2014 and arrives at BANGALORE CITY at 09.50 hrs on the same day. (Total : 15 Services). 

En route, the Daily Express Special arrives/departs at Kyatsandra at 08-23/08-24 hrs; Chikbanawar at 09-00/09-01 hrs., and arrives/departs at YESVANTPUR at 09-15/09-20 hrs.
3 Second Class Sleeper coaches, 4 General Second Class coaches 1 Second Class luggage-cum-brake Van and 1 General Second Class-cum-disabled coach totaling 9 coaches.

  • Train No.02695 YESVANTPUR - JAIPUR WEEKLY PREMIUM SPECIAL will depart at YESVANTPUR at 12.00 Noon on THURSDAYS, i.e. on 31st July, 2014,07th, 14th,21st and 28th August, 2014 (Total : 05 Specials ) and arrive at JAIPUR station at 06.35 hrs on Saturdays. 

En route, the Weekly Premium Special will arrive/depart at Tumkur at 13-00/13-02 hrs; Arsikere at 14-25/14-35 hrs;depart at Rayadurg at 18-00 hrs; arrive/depart at Bellary at 19-00/19-05 hrs; Guntakal at 19-55/20-15 hrs; Mantralayam Road at 21-30/21-45 hrs;Solapur at 03-00/03-10 hrs(Friday);depart at Daund at 06-38 hrs; PUNE at 07-50/07-55 hrs; Lonavala at 08-57/08-59 hrs;Vasai Road at 12-10/12-20 hrs; Surat at 15-30/15-35 hrs;Vadodara at 17-20/17-25 hrs; depart at Godhra at 18-30 hrs; arrive/depart at Ratlam at 21-00/21-10 hrs;Chitturgarh at 00-50/01-00 hrs(Saturday); depart at Chanderia at 01-25 hrs; arrive/ depart at AJMER at 04-10/04-20 hrs; depart at Madar at 04-35 hrs., on Saturdays.
  • Train No.02696 JAIPUR - YESVANTPUR WEEKLY PREMIUM SPECIAL will depart at JAIPUR at 22.15 hrs on SATURDAYS, i.e. on 02nd, 09th, 16th, 23rd and 30th August, 2014 (Total : 05 Specials)and arrive at YESVANTPUR at 17.30 hrs on Mondays. 

En route, the Premium Weekly Special willdepart at Madar at 00-05 hrs; arrive/depart at AJMER at 01-15/01-25 hrs;depart at Chanderia at 03-30 hrs;arrive/depart at Chittaurgarh at 03-40/03-50 hrs; Ratlam at 07-20/07-30 hrs;depart at Godhra at 10-35 hrs; arrive/depart at Vadodara at 11-35/11-45 hrs;Surat at 13-55/14-00 hrs; Vasai Road at 16-45/17-05 hrs;Lonavala at 20-00/20-02 hrs; PUNE at 21-00/21-05 hrs; depart at Daund at 22-20 hrs; arrive/depart at SOLAPUR at 02-05/02-15 hrs;Mantralayam Road at 06-45/06-55 hrs;Guntakal at 08-30/08-50 hrs; Bellary at 09-50/09-55 hrs;depart at Rayadurga at 11-00 hrs; arrive/depart at Arsikere at 14-35/14-40 hrs;and arrive/depart at Tumkur at 16-23/16-25 hrs.
The Weekly Premium Special will have total 12 Coaches, consisting of 2 AC 2-tier coaches,Four AC 3-tier coaches, Seven Second Class Sleeper coaches, One Pantry Car and Two Generator-cum-brake Vans-cum-Motor Cars.

  • Train No.06517 YESVANTPUR - MIRAJ BI-WEEKLY EXPRESS SPECIAL will depart from YESVANTPUR at 20.40 hrs on Mondays and Thursdays, i.e. on 28th August, 2014(Thursday) (01 Special only) and arrive at MIRAJ station at 10.15 hrs the next day. 

En route, the Bi-Weekly Express Special will arrive/depart at Tumkur at 21-50/21-52 hrs.; Arsikere at 23-05/23-10 hrs.; Davangere at 01-43/01-45 hrs.; HUBLI at 04-30/04-40 hrs.(Tuesdays and Fridays) ; DHARWAD at 05-03/05-05 hrs.; BELGAUM at 07-15/07-20 hrs.; Ghatprabha at 08-25/08-27 hrs. and arrive/depart at Kudachi at 09-10/09-11 hrs. 
  • Train No.06518 MIRAJ - YESVANTPUR BI-WEEKLY EXPRESS SPECIAL will depart from MIRAJ at 16.45 hrs on Tuesdays and Fridays, i.e. on 29th August, 2014 (Friday) (01 Special only) and arrive at YESVANTPUR station at 06.20 hrs the next day. 

En route, the Bi-Weekly Express Special will arrive/depart at Kudachi at 17-09/17-10 hrs; Ghatprabha at 17-52/17-53 hrs., BELGAUM at 18-47/18-50 hrs.; DHARWAD at 21-25/21-27 hrs.; HUBLI at 22-10/22-20 hrs.; Davangere at 00-28/00-30 hrs.(Wednesday and Saturday); Arsikere at 03-10/03-15 hrs.; and arrive/depart at Tumkur at 04-53/04-55 hrs. 
The Bi-Weekly Express Special Train will have total 21 coaches, consisting of 1 AC First Class-cum-AC 2-tier coach, One AC 2-tier coach, Four AC 3-tier coaches, Ten Second Class Sleeper coaches, Two General Second Class coaches and Two Second Class Luggage cum Brake Vans-cum-disabled coaches.

  • Train No.07319 HUBLI - SECUNDERABAD TRI-WEEKLY EXPRESS SPECIAL departs HUBLI at 20.50 hrs on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays i.e. on 31st July, 2014, 02nd , 05th, 07th, 09th, 12th and 14th August, 2014 (Total : 07 Specials) and reaches at SECUNDERABAD at 11.45 hrs the next day. 

En route, the Tri-Weekly Express Specialwillarrive/depart at Annigeri at 21-23/21-25 hrs;GADAG at 22-00/22-10 hrs; Hole Alur at 22-58/23-00 hrs; Badami at 23-18/23-20 hrs;Bagalkot at 23-55/23-57 hrs; Almatti at 00-42/00-44 hrs(Wed, Fri and Sun); Basavana Bagewadi Road at 01-05/01-07 hrs;BIJAPUR at 02-00/02-10 hrs; Indi Road at 02-58/03-00 hrs;Hotgi at 04-10/04-20 hrs;Gangapur Road at 06-33/06-35 hrs; Gulbarga at 07-10/07-15 hrs; Shahbad at 07-38/07-39 hrs;Wadi at 08-00/08-10 hrs;Chittapur at 08-34/08-35 hrs; Seram at 08-50/08-51 hrs;Tandur at 09-25/09-26 hrs;Vikarabad at 10-05/10-06 hrs; Lingampalli at 10-50/10-51 hrs;and arrive/depart at Begumpet Station at 11-15/11-16 hrs, on Wendesdays, Fridays and Sundays.
  • Train No.07320 SECUNDERABAD - HUBLI TRI-WEEKLY EXPRESS SPECIAL departs at SECUNDERABAD at 16.00 hrs on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays, i.e. on 01st ,03rd , 06th , 08th, 10th, 13th and 15th August, 2014,(Total : 07 Specials) and reaches at HUBLI at 07.50 hrs the next day. 

En route, the Tri-Weekly Express Specialwillarrive/depart at Begumpet at 16-11/16-12 hrs; Lingampalli at 16-30/16-31 hrs; Vikarabad at 17-20/17-21 hrs; Tandur at 17-50/17-52 hrs; Seram at 18-24/18-25 hrs; Chittapur at 18-44/18-45 hrs; Wadi at 19-30/19-40 hrs; Shahbad at 19-51/19-52 hrs; Gulbarga at 20-15/20-20 hrs; Gangapur Road at 20-58/21-00 hrs; Hotgi at 23-05/23-10 hrs; Indi Road at 00-05/00-07 hrs(Thursday, Saturday and Mondays) ; BIJAPUR at 01-15/01-20 hrs; Basavanbagewadi Road at 02-15/02-17 hrs; Almatti at 02-46/02-48 hrs; Bagalkot at 03-40/03-42 hrs; Badami at 04-15/04-17 hrs; Hole Alur at 04-47/04-49 hrs; GADAG at 16-10/16-20 hrs; and arrive/depart at Annigeri at 07-00/07-02 hrs., on Thursdays, Saturdays and Mondays. 
The Tri-Weekly Express Special will have total 16 coaches,comprising of 01 AC 2-tier coach, 01 AC 3-tier coach, 06 Second Class Sleeper coaches, 06 General Second Class coaches and 02 Second Class Luggage-cum-Brake Vans-cum-disabled coaches.

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