Ministry of Indian Railway again revised the Train Fare 2014, a famous News Paper reported.The revised fare will come into effect from 28th June,2014. According to the Revised fare First class daily tickets and First and Second Class Season tickets will now be increased by 14.2%. Second Class daily tickets fares will remain unchanged up to 80 Km. Season Ticket fare unchanged to the existing 15 single journey as against the proposed RS.20 single journeys.  The Annual Season tickets and half-yearly Season tickets are cheaper compared to monthly and quarterly Season tickets. But if the Annual Season tickets and half-yearly Season tickets pass lost Railway is not issuing the duplicate pass. Following is the details of the revised fare from various destination of Mumbai.
  • Western Line - A one way First Class Tickets from Churchgate to Dadar, that cost Rs.65, will now cost Rs.70. A Second Class Monthly Pass from Churchgate to Dadar will cost Rs.130 instead of Rs.115, and the First Class Season Ticket on the stretch will cost Rs.485 instead of Rs.430. Those travelling Second Class will fare even better. A Second Class Season ticket from Andheri to Churchgate will cost Rs.215 instead of the previous Rs.190 and Rs.650 for a fist Class Season Ticket instead of the Previous Rs.580.
  • Central Line - A First Class monthly pass from Thane to CST will cost Rs.745 instead of the previous Rs.655. Similarly, a monthly Second Class Season Ticket from Kalyan to CST will now cost Rs.315 compared to earlier Rs.280.
  • Harbour Line - A First Class Monthly pass from Vashi to CST will cost Rs.790 instead of the earlier Rs.710. A monthly Fist Class Season Ticket from Panvel to CST will cost Rs.1150 against the the previous Rs.1035.
Following is a chart showing the difference of Train Fares 2014 from Mumbai CST and Churchgate.

Train Fare 2014 Revised
Chart showing the difference of Train Fares 2014 from Mumbai CST 

Train Fare Revised 2014
Chart showing the difference of Train Fares 2014 from Mumbai Churchgate


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