Northern Railways announced that to clear extra rush of passengers six (6) pairs of Jansadharan Special trains having unreserved accommodations. The Jansadharan Special trains details are as follows
  1. Train No. 04004/04003 Anand Vihar Terminal – Kolkata Jansadharan Weekly special to run up to 28.6.2014 from Anand Vihar on every Friday and from Kolkata on every Saturday.
  2. Train No.04026/04025 Anand Vihar Terminal – Gorakhpur Jansadharan weekly special to run up to 25.6.2014 from Anand Vihar on every Tuesday and from Gorakhpur on every Wednesday.
  3. Train No.05517/05518 Saharsa – Ambala Cantt. bi-weekly special train to run upto 29.6.2014 from Saharasa on Saturday and Wednesday and from Ambala Cantt. on Sunday and Thursday.
  4. Train No.05529/05530 Jaynagar – Anand Vihar Terminal Jansadaharan bi-weekly special train to run up to 29.6.2014 from Jaynagar on Tuesday and Saturday and from Anand Vihar Terminal on Wednesday and Sunday.
  5. Train No.09421/09422 Ahmedabad – Darbhanga Jansadharan superfast weekly special train to run up to 02.7.2014 from Ahmedabad on Monday and from Darbhanga on Wednesday.
  6. Train No.04006/04005 New Delhi - Ranchi Weekly Jan Sadhran Superfast special train to run up to 27.06.2014 from New Delhi on every Thursday  and from Ranchi on every Friday.

            These are fully unreserved trains and passengers finding it difficult to avail reservation in other regular trains may utilize the services of these Jansadharan special trains.

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