Southern Railway decided to run Special Trains 2013 between KOCHUVELI and BANGALORE CITY. The Trains have 02 Trips each. Following are the details.
  • Train No.06314 KOCHUVELI - BANGALORE CITY SPECIAL will depart at KOCHUVELIat 20.15 hrs.on Thursdays, i.e. on 17th and 31st October, 2013 (Total : 02 Specials only) and arrive at BANGALORE CITYat 13.50 hrs. on Fridays.
En route, the Special will arrive/depart at Kollam at 21-10/21-15 hrs; Kayankulam at 21-48/21-50 hrs; Mavelikara at 21-58/22-00 hrs; Chengannur at 22-13/22-15 hrs; Tiruvalla at 22-23/22-25 hrs; Kottayam at 22-50/22-55 hrs; Ernakulam Town at 00-20/00-25 hrs.(Friday); Aluva at 00-46/00-48 hrs; Thrisur at 01-57/02-02 hrs; depart at Shoranur ‘B’ Cabin at 03-00 hrs; Palakkad at 03-35/03-40 hrs; depart at Podanur at 04-55 hrs; arrive/depart at Coimbatore at 05-00/05-05 hrs; Tiruppur at 05-58/06-00 hrs; Erode at 06-50/07-10 hrs; Salem at 08-10/08-15 hrs; depart at Omalur at 08-45 hrs; Dharmapuri Jn. at 10-35/10-37 hrs; Hosur at 12-08/12-10 hrs; and arrive/depart at Bangalore Cantt. at 13-08/13-10 hrs.
  • Train No.06313 BANGALORE CITY - KOCHUVELI SPECIAL will depart at BANGALORE CITY at 15.20 hrs. on Fridays, i.e. on 18th Oct.2013 and 01st November 2013 (Total:02 Specials only ) and arrive at KOCHUVELI at 10.30 hrs on Saturdays.
En route, the Special will arrive/depart at BANGALORE Cantt. at 15-28/15-30 hrs;Hosur at 16-28/16-30 hrs; Dharmapuri Jn. at 18-03/18-05 hrs; depart at Omalur at 20-10 hrs; arrive/depart at Salem at 20-35/20-40 hrs; Erode at 22-30/23-00 hrs; Tiruppur at 23-43/23-45 hrs; Coimbatore at 00-40/00-45 hrs; depart at Podanur at 01-05 hrs; arrive/depart at Palakkad at 02-05/02-10 hrs; depart at Shoranur ‘B’ Cabin at 03-00 hrs; Thrisur at 03-30/03-35 hrs; Aluva at 04-33/04-35 hrs; Ernakulam Town at 04-55/05-10 hrs; Kottayam at 06-40/06-45 hrs; Tiruvalla at 07-08/07-10 hrs; Chengannur at 07-18/07-20 hrs; Mavelikara at 07-33/07-35 hrs; Kayankulam at 08-18/08-20 hrs; and arrive/depart at Kollam at 09-00/09-05 hrs.
One AC 2-tier coach,Two AC 3-tier coaches,Four Second Class Sleeper coaches, Six General Second Class Chair Cars, Four General Second Class coaches and Two Second Class luggage-cum-brake vans totaling 19 coaches.

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