2 Months Seat Availability On Single Screen
Do you know now we can search the seat availability status of any train on online for entire 2 Months in Single screen with clear cut details.
All you have to do follow the following steps
Fastest Seat Availability Status
2 Months Seat Availability – Indian railways
  • Log on to the indiarailinfo.com website and then enter the details of From Station (Source Station) and To Station (Destination Station). Train Number is optional, if are enter this details will get details for single train. 
  • Once the a bow details entered you will get a link like 2 – Month Availability Calendar. Just click on to that link to get the Live Status of Train Seat availability up to 2 Month. Once you will click on that link a screen similar to following screen.
  • All the Green Color columns are shows trains seats are available for the day. If you are placing the cursor in front of that column can able to get the current seat status. So easy right!!.
On this screen we filter several ways like Train Type, Trains Quota etc too.


  1. Dear All,

    When i open irctc for booking ticket before 8 am, it shows a message booking not possible before 8 am, but availability of seat are few.

    How it is possible there's any other way of booking the ticket before 2 months.

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