Western railways announced that from July 1st , 2013 most of the trains departure time will change as per new rail Time Table published. Following are the details

  1. Train No.12909 Garib Rath Express, Bandra (T), New Dep. Time 16.5
  2. Train No.12247 Yuva Express, Bandra (T), New Dep. Time 16.5
  3. Train No.19059 Jamnagar Inter City Express, Surat, New Dep. Time 13.3
  4. Train No.14322 Bhuj - Bareilly Express ,Bhuj,,New Dep. Time 16.15
  5. Train No.11702 Indore-Jabalpur Inter City Exp,,Indore,New Dep. Time 4
  6. Train No.11704 Indore-Rewa Express,Indore,New Dep. Time 4
  7. Train No.12465 Indore-Jodhpur Raththambore Express, Indore,New Dep. Time 6
  8. Train No.19323 Indore-Habibganj Inter City Express,Indore,New Dep. Time 6.45
  9. Train No.19329 Indore-Udaipur Exp,Indore,New Dep. Time 7.3
  10. Train No.59388 Indore-Nagda Passenger,Indore,New Dep. Time 8
  11. Train No.22186 Indore-Bhopal,Indore,New Dep. Time 10
  12. Train No.59385 Indore-Chhindwara Panchvalley Passenger,Indore,New Dep. Time 13
  13. Train No.19802 Indore-Kota Inter City,Indore,New Dep. Time 14.45
  14. Train No.14317 Indore-Dehradun,Indore,New Dep. Time 15
  15. Train No.12415 Indore-Nizamuddin,Indore,New Dep. Time 16
  16. Train No.19325 Indore-Amritsar,Indore,New Dep. Time 15
  17. Train No.21125 Indore-Bhind ,Indore,New Dep. Time 20.05
  18. Train No.11125 Indore-Gwalior,Indore,New Dep. Time 20.05
  19. Train No.12973 Indore-Jaipur,Indore,New Dep. Time 22.25
  20. Train No.59122 Chhota Udepur-Vadodara,Vadodara,New Dep. Time 14.05
  21. Train No.79456 Chhota Udepur-Vadodara,Vadodara,New Dep. Time 18.4
  22. Train No.59234 Bhavnagar-Surendranagar,Bhavnagar,New Dep. Time 14.25
  23. Train No.59236 Mahuva-Dhola,,Mahuva, New Dep. Time 17.2
  24. Train No.11463 Somnath-Jabalpur, Somnath, New Dep. Time 9.3
  25. Train No.11465 Somnath-Jabalpur, Somnath, New Dep. Time 9.3
  26. Train No.52968 MG Mhow-Indore,Mhow,New Dep. Time 5
  27. Train No.52978 MG Mhow-Indore,Mhow,New Dep. Time 8.55
  28. Train No.52911 MG Ranuj-Ahmedabad Ranuj New Dep. Time 5.3
  29. Train No.52924 MG  Ahmedabad-Khed Brahma, Ahmedabad,New Dep. Time 8
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