Western Railway announced 22 more Local Trains in Mumbai Suburban routes.The all new services are in the Main Line. So total services in Main Line are 825 instead of 803 and total services in the Western Railway are 1618.Earlier the services were 1596.
  • From Thane at 5.44am and reach Asangaon at 6.56am
  • From Asangaon at 7.10am and reach Kalyan at 7.48am
  • From Kalyan at 7.58am and reach Asangaon at 8.37am
  • From Asangaon at 8.54am and reach Kalyan at 9.23am.
  • From Thane at 9.04am and reach Karjat at 10.20am.
  • From Karjat at 10.41am and reach Thane at 12.07pm
  • From Thane at 12.11 pm and reach Karjat at 1.37pm
  • From CST at 11.45am and reach Kalyan at 12.48pm
  • From Kalayn at 12.55am and reach CST at 1.58pm
  • From CST at 2.10am and reach Kalyan at 3.15pm
  • From Kalyan at 3.20am and reach Dadar at 4.06pm
  • From Dadar at 4.09pm and reach Kalyan at 5.00pm
  • From Kalyan at 5.14pm and Dadar at 6.00pm
  • From Kalyan at 11.17am and reach Karjat at 12.12pm
  • From Karjat at 12.58pm and reach Thane at 2.12pm
  • From Thane at 2.16pm and reach Kasara 3.48pm
  • From Thane at 11.50am and reach Asangaon at 1.01pm
  • From Asangaon at 1.16am and reach Thane at 2.25pm
  • From Thane at 2.42pm and reach Kalyan at 3.12pm
  • From Kasara at 5.12pm and reach Thane at 6.52pm
  • From Thane at 6.52pm and reach Badlapur at at 7.41pm
  • From Badlapur at 7.59pm and reach Thane at 9.04pm

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