IRCTC Latest Food Menu Rates


In the New Train Time Table  Indian Railway published Items, Menu, Quantity and Rates of breakfast , meals etc supplied by railway in Mail/Express trains, Duronto/Rajdhani/Shatabdi Express trains etc,. Following are the details. 

Standard Breakfast (in casserole) Vegetarian 

All the Standard Vegetarian Food rates for the Static Menu (At Stations) as Rs. 25 and for the Mobile location (On Trains) Food Rate is Rs. 30 only. This is applicable for all the following Menu items separate.

  • Bread Butter and Cutlet  : This Contains Veg. Cutlets-2 nos 100 gms. , 2 bread slices with 10 gms butter chiplet of total weight 70 gms. , Tomoto Ketchup sachet. Salt/Pepper 15 gms
  • Idli and Vada : This contains Idli(4 nos.) 200 gms. , Urad Vada (4 nos.) 120 gms. ,Chutney packaged separately) 50 gms.
  • Upma and Vada :  This contains Upma 100 gms. ,Urad Vada (4 nos.) 120 gms., Chutney (packaged separately) 50 gms.
  • Pongal and Vada : This contains Pongal 200 gms. , Urad Vada (4 nos.) 120 gms. , Chutney (packaged separately) 50 gms.

Standard Breakfast (in casserole) Non - Vegetarian 

Standard Non - Vegetarian Food rates for the Static Menu (At Stations)  as Rs. 30 and for the Mobile location (On Trains) Food Rate is Rs. 35 only
  • Bread , butter and omelette : This contains 2 bread slices with 10 gms. butter in chiplet of total weight 70 gms. , Tomoto Ketchup sachet/Salt/peeper 15 gms.

Standard Casserole Meals Vegetarian

All the Standard Vegetarian meals Food rates for the Static Menu (At Stations) as Rs. 45 and for the Mobile location (On Trains) Food Rate is Rs. 50 only
Standard Meal Contains 
  • Rice Pulao or Jira Rice or plan Rice of fine quality 150 gms.
  • Paratha (2 nos.) or Chapati (4 nos.) or Poories (5 nos.) 100 gms.
  • Dal or Sambhar ( Thick consistency) 150 gms.
  • Mixed Vegetable (seasonal) 100 gms.
  • Curd -100 gms. or sweet 40 gms.
  • Pickle in sachet 15 gms.
  • Packaged drinking water in sealed glass 250 ml.

Standard Casserole Meals Non - Vegetarian

All the Standard Vegetarian meals Food rates for the Static Menu ( At Stations) as Rs. 50 and for the Mobile Locations (On Trains) Food Rate is Rs. 55 only
Standard Non - Veg Meal Contains 
  • Rice Pulao or Jira Rice or plain Rice of fine quality 150 gms. 
  • Paratha (2 nos.) or Cahapati (4 nos.) or Poories (5 nos.) 100 gms.
  • Dal or Sambhar (Thick consistency) 150 gms.
  • Two eggs curry 200 gms.
  • Curd -100 gms. or sweet 40 gms.
  • Pickle in sachet 15 gms.
  • Packaged drinking water in sealed glass 250 ml.

Standard Thali Meals (only in Refreshment Room)

1) Meals in Thalis (Veg.)  : Contains following items with rate of Rs. 35 Only.
  • Plain rice of fine quality
  • Parathan (2 nos.) or Chapati (4 nos.) or Puris (5 nos.)
  • Dal or Sambhar.
  • Mix Vegetable (seasonal)
  • Vegetable curry (seasonal)
  • Curd – 100 gms. Or Sweet
  • Pickle in sachet -15 gms
2) Meals in Thalis (Non - Veg.)  : Contains following items with rate of Rs. 40 Only.
  • Plain rice of fine quality 150 gms.
  • Paranthan (2 nos.) or Chapati (4 nos.) or Puris (5 nos.) 100 gms.
  • Dal or Sambhar (Thick Consistency) 150 gms
  • Two egg curry 200 gms.
  • Curd 100 gms.
  • Sweet 40 gms.
  • Pickle in sachet 15 gms.

IRCTC Beverage Items Menu

Following Items are proving on Standard Beverage option with IRCTC Catering service

Tea / Coffee Rates
  • Standard tea (150 ml) - Rs. 5 Only
  • Tea with tea bag (150 ml) - Rs. 7 Only
  • Coffee with instant coffee powder (150 ml) - Rs. 7 Only
  • Tea in pot (285 ml) - Rs. 10 Only
  • Coffee in pot (285 ml) - Rs. 15 Only

Packaged Drinking Water (Chilled)

Rail Neer and other BIS approved shortlisted Packaged drinking water rates as follows
  • 1 Litter Water Rs. 15 Only
  • 500 ml Water Rs. 10 Only

Janata Meal or Economy Meal or Janata Khana 

 In quality disposable card boxes
At Stations Rs.15.00 and In Trains Rs.20.00
  • Poories - 7 nos (175 gms)
  • Dry Potato Curyy - 150 gms
  • Pickle Sachet - 15 gms  
*Tariff of all items inclusive of service tax @ 8.66%
  • Bilingual menu sticker is pasted in each coach wherein passenger may ascertain the menu and tariff for food served in trains.
  • In addition on to the above standard food and beverage items, different a-la-cart items with regional variation are also served for which price and menu are fixed by zonal railways.
  • Passenger may insist on the service providers for issue of cash memos.
  • Passengers may lodge their complaints/suggestion to catering services monitoring cell (CSMC) function at zonal railways level and in Railway Board at a national toll free number 1800-111-321.

Rates of Major Food Items in Mail/Express Trains

  • Tea/Coffee with Tea Bag (150 ml) - Rs.7/-
  • Packaged Drinking Water Bottle (1 liter) - Rs.15/-
  • Standard Veg.Casserole Meal - Rs.50/-
  • Standard Non-Veg. Casserole Meal - Rs.55/-

Catering Rates on Konkan Railway Trains

Konkan Railway published the Catering Menu and Rates on Konkan Railway operated Trains in Train vending services on the website. Konkan Kanya, Mandovi, Rajyarani and Matsya Gandha are on the website. Following are the details of Menu and Rate in Train Meals. 

Menu and Approved Tariff for KR Operated In Train Vending Services
Sr No. Name of the Items Specifications Tariff (Rupees) Inclusive of Service Tax
1 Soup Tomato soup 150 ml + with/without Satl/Pepper 25
2 Flavored Milk Kaju Badam Masala Milk 150 ml 25
3 Butter Milk/ Sol Kadhi 150 ml 10
4 Packaged Drinking Water 1 Litre (Non Chilled/Chilled) 15
5 Cold Drinks of Standard Companies MRP
6 Packed Lassi Packets of Standard companies MRP
7 Ice Cream of Standard Companies MRP
1 Janata Khana Poories 7 nos.175 gms, Aalu Dry Curry -150 gms, Pickles - 15 gms 20
2 Standard Veg. Meals Rice(250 gms), Chapati (2 Nos), Dal (100 ml), Vegetable (100 ml), Curd (100 ml), Pickle 65
3 Standard Non - Veg Meals Rice (350 gms), Egg Curry (1/2 egg), Chicken Curry (150 gms), Pickle 80
4 Veg Biryani / Pulav 250 gms of Basmati Rice+100 gms Veg+100 gms Raita 75
5 Veg Fried Rice 350 gms of Veg Fried Rice (Long Grain), Sauce 65
6 Jeera Rice 200 gms of Basmati Rice 30
7 Tamarind Rice 300 gms of Tamarind Rice + Branded Pickle Sa chet 30
8 Lemon Rice 300 gms of Lemon Rice + Branded Pickle Sachet 30
9 Curd Rice 300 gms + Branded Pickle Sachet 25
10 Rasam Rice 350 gms cooked Rice + Rasam/ Sambhar 250 ml+ Pickle 55
11 Dal Rice 200 gms Dal + 200 gms Boiled Rice + 15 gms Branded Pickle Sachet 30
12 2 Parata / 4 Chapati with Mix Veg Curry 2 Parata/50 gms each or 04 Chapati/ 30 gms each + 150 Veg Dry/ Curry 40
13 Chapati/ Parata with Dal and Pickle 150 gms (4 Nos Chapati or 2 nos of Parata) + 150 gms Dal and Branded Pickle Sachet 35
14 Egg Birynai 350 gms - Basmati Rice incl 2 Eggs + 100 gms Raita 80
15 Chicken Biryani 250 gms of Basmati Rice+100 gms Chicken +100 gms Raita 110
16 Chicken Fried Rice 250 gms - Basmati Rice and 100 gms Chicken and Sauce 85
17 Egg Fried Rice 350 gms of Basmati Rice including one egg 75
18 Fish Curry with Rice 200 gms of Fisth Curry + 200 gms Rice with 2 pieces of flas without head and tail weighing 100 gms 80
19 Chicken Curry with Rice Rice (250 gms ) + 100 gms Chicken + 125 gms Gravy 90
20 Chilly Chicken (Boneless) 100 gms of Chilly Chicken (Bone less) 105
21 Omlet 2 Egg omlet + One branded Tomato Sachet 30
22 Scrambled Egg 2 Eggs + 2 Slice bread 35
23 Boiled Egg 1 Egg 15
24 Egg Curry 2 Nos of Egg + 100 gms Gravy 40
25 Chicken Curry 100 gms of Chicken + 125 gms Gravy 65
26 Fish Curry 2 Piece of fish of Popular variety without head and tail (weighing 100 gms) + 100 gms gravy 70
27 Chicken Loly Pop 4 Pieces with shreaded salad 50 gms + shezwan saunce 95
28 Egg Noodle 300 gms of Egg Noodles + Sauce 80
29 Chapati 30 gms , 1 Chapati 4
30 Parata 50 gms, 1 Parata 7
31 Curd (Pot) 150 ml in Pot 25
32 Curd 100 ml 15
1 Gulaab Jamun 30 gms of Gulaab Jamun 35
2 Jilebi 50 gms of Jilebi 10
3 Fresh Fruits with Custard 150 gms 35
4 Seasonal Fruits 150 gms 20
5 Sweet (Branded) Branded MRP
1 Idly with chutney / Sambar 2 Nos of 40 gms each + 40 gms Chutney / Sambar 17
2 Medu Wada 2 Nos of 30 gms each + 40 gms chutney 22
3 Mix Dal Wada 2 Nos of 40 gms each + 40 gms Chutney 25
4 Shira Upma 70 gms of Shira + 70 gms of Upma + Chutney 20
5 Masala Dosa 70 gms Dosa + 80 gms Potato Masala + 40 gms Chutney / Sambar 20
6 Plain Dosa 70 gms of Dosa + Chutney 18
7 Bread Butter/Toast Butter (Sanwitch Bread) 2 Slice of Bread + 10 gms Butter 20
8 Wada Pav 2 Nos of 50 gms wada each + 2 Pav + Chutney 22
9 Bread Pakoda 80 gms of Pakoda + Sauce or Chutney 22
10 Onion Pakoda 80 gms of Onion Pakoda + Tomato Sauce or Chutney 22
11 Goli Pakoda 6 Nos 60 gms + Chutney 20
12 Sago Wada Sago + Potato wada 2 nos of 40 gms each + Chutney 22
13 Samosa 2 nos of 50 gms each Samosa + Tomato Sauce or Chutney 25
14 Kachori 40 gms of Kachori 15
15 Vegetable Sandwiitch 125 gms 2 Slices Bread with Veg + Sauce 22
16 Veg Cutlet 2 Nos of 50 gms each + Tomato Sauce 22
17 Brown Bread Sandwitch 125 gms 2 Slices of Brown Bread with Cucumber and Tomato 30
18 Cheese Sandwitch 2 Slices of Cheese Sandwitch of 60 gms + 50 gms Boiled Vegetables 30
19 Veg Burger (125 gms 1 Piece) 35 gms Bun + 75 gms Cooked Cutlet + Onion, Tomato and Salad leaf + Sauce 40
1 Masala Tea Masala Tea (150 ml) in disposable cups of 170 ml capacity 8
2 Tea with Tea Bag Milk with Tea bag 150 ml in disposable cups of 170 ml capacity 8
3 Coffee Coffee with instant coffee powder (150 ml in disposable cups of 170 ml) 10
4 Packaged Drinking Water 1 Litre (Non Chilled/Chilled) 15
5 Milk in cup with sugar 150 ml 10
6 Cold Drinks of Standard Companies MRP
7 Packed Lassi Packets of Standard companies MRP
9 Ice Cream of Standard Companies MRP
1 Snacks , Seetmeats, Bakery, Confectionary Produces in packed condition of standard and reputed companies , having clear details of date of manufacture / expiry date, MRP, contents etc. MRP

Menu for Duronto/Rajdhani/Shatabdi Express trains

Menu for I A/EC

Items No. Weight (gms)
100% Fruit Juice / Coconut water/Lassi/ Chhach in tetrapack / Aerated cold Drinks in tin/Bottle (Branded) 1 200 ml

Items Nos. Weight (gms)
Digestive biscuit branded (Nutri choice) 2
Tea /Coffee kit 1
Sugar/Sugar free Sachets 1 7
Coffee or 1 1.5-2
Tea bag 1 2
Milk creamer sachets 1 5
Refreshing Tissue 1


Items Nos. Weight (gms)
Cornflakes / Oats with milk and sugar 1 25
Slices white/Brown bread 2 50
Marmalade/Jam sachets 1 15
Butter chiplet 1 8 to 10
"Assorted fruit (Banana /apple/orange) " 1 100-150
Tomato ketchup sachets 1 15
Salt and pepper sachets each 1
Tea /Coffee kit 1

*Tea/Coffee kit as in Morning Tea

Veg or Non-Veg dishes are also available with the above mentioned items for breakfast, but the Veg -menu item is different for Northern, Eastern, Western and Southern regions, Non-Veg items are same for all.

Item Northern Eastern Western Southern
Veg. Dish (2) Stuffed Paratha and Branded curd (100g each) and Pickle (15g) / (2) Kulcha Chana and Branded curd (100g each) and Pickle (15g) / (2) Besan Chila with chutney and Branded curd (100g each) and pickle (15g) / (2) Veg. cutlet (50g each) with finger chips and boiled veg. (25g), etc. (2) Stuffed Paratha and Branded curd (100g each) and Pickle (15g) / (2) Besan Chila with chutney and Branded curd (100g each) and pickle (15g) / (2) Veg. cutlet (50g each)/ Paneer –a-lakieve (30g) with finger chips and boiled veg. (25g) Dhokla (100g) with Chutney and Mirch (30g)/ Poha (100g) with chutney (30g) / (2) Veg. cutlet (50g each) with finger chips and boiled veg. (25g) (2) Idly/ Rice Pongal /Rava Upma (100g) and Onion Uthapam (100g) and Medu Vada (30g) with Sambhar (100g) and coconut chutney (40 g)/ (2) Veg. cutlet (50g each) with finger chips and boiled veg. (25g)
Non Veg Dish Capsicum /Onion/ Plain / Tomato Omelette of 2 eggs with finger chips and boiled veg. (25gms). same same same


Items Nos Weight(gms)
Soup 1
Basmati Rice 1 100 g
Paratha/ Roti 1 100 g
Dal 150 g
Veg Dish or Non-Veg Dish
Branded Curd 1 100 g
Pickle Snachets 1 15 g
Salt and Pepper Sachets (each) 1
Desert Course Branded 1


Items Nos Weight(gms)
Eclairs 2
Roasted nuts (Branded) 1 20
Veg. Sandwich 1 60
Snacks (Branded) 1 60
Branded Sweets 1 30
Tomato Ketchup 1 15
Tea/Coffee Kit 1
*Tea/Coffee kit as in Morning Tea

Menu for 2 A/3 A/CC


Items Nos Weight(gms)
Branded Nimbu Paani in Tetra pack 1 200 ml.
Refreshing Tissue 1


Items Nos Weight(gms)
Biscuit (Marie) 2
Tea Coffee Kit 1
Sugar/Sugar Free Sachets 1 7
Coffee or 1 1.5-2
Tea Bag 1 2
Milk Creamer Sachets 1 5


Items Nos Weight(gms)
Slices White/Brown Bread 2 50 g
Jam Sachets 1 15g
Veg. Dish with Tomato Ketchup Sachets OR with tomato ketch up sachets 1
Drink (Branded) 1 200 ml
Salt and Pepper 1
Tea/Coffee Kit 1


Items Nos Weight(gms)
Soup 1 150 ml
Basmati Rice 1 100 g
Paratha/Roti 1 100 g
Dal 1 150 g
Veg.Dish 1
Non-Veg Dish
Branded Curd 1 100 g
Pickle Sachets 1 15 g
Salt and Pepper 1
Desert Course Branded 1


Items Nos Weight(gms)
Salted/Masala Peanuts/Roasted Gram/Chana(Branded) 1 25-30 g
Veg.Sandwich 1 60 g
Snacks (Branded) 1 50 g
Branded Sweets 1 30 g
Tomato Ketchup 1 15g
Tea/Coffee Kit 1

Menu For Duronto Trains

Sleeper Class


Items Nos Weight(gms)
Tea Coffee Kit in good quality paper cup 1
Sugar/Sugar Sachets 1 7
Coffee or 1 1.5-2
Tea Bag 1 2
Milk Creamer Sachets 1 5


Items Nos Weight(gms)
Veg dish OR Non-veg Dish with Tomato Ketchup 1 15 gms
Salt and Pepper Sachets 1
Tea Coffee kit in good quality paper cup 1
Sugar/Sugar sachets 1 7
Coffee or 1 1.5-2
Tea Bag 1 2
Milk Creamer Sachets 1 5


Items Nos Weight(gms)
Rice 1 100
Roti 1 100
Dal 1 100
Veg.Dish OR Non-Veg.Dish 1 100
Branded curd 1 100
Salt and Pepper 1


Items Nos Weight(gms)
Snacks with tomato ketchup 1 50 gms
Tea Coffee kit in good quality paper cup 1
Sugar/Sugar Sachets 1 7
Coffee or 1 1.5-2.00
Tea Bag 1 2
Milk Creamer Sachets 1 5
  • Absorbent paper napkin of good quality not synthetic as approved by Railways.
  • Service in tray with Mat.
  • Cup of Standard Food Grade material.
  • Cutlery and crockery of standard food grade material. 

Standard Menu for Static and Mobile Units on Indian Railways

Catering charges of Indian Railways : Tea, Coffee, Breakfast and Meals at Stations and in Trains
Sr No. Item At Stations (In Rupees) In Trains(In Rupees)
1 Standard tea (150 ml) in disposable cups of 170 ml capacity 5 5
2 Tea (with tea bag) (150 ml) in disposable cups of 170 ml capacity 7 7
3 Coffee using instant coffee powder (150 ml) in disposable cups of 170 ml capacity 7 7
4 Tea in pots (285 ml) + 2 tea bags + 2 sugar pouches 10 10
5 Coffee in pots (285 ml) + 2 instant Coffee sachets + 2 sugar pouches 15 15
6 Rail Neer/ Packaged drinking water (chilled) *
6(i) 1 litre bottle/1000 ml 15 15
6(ii) 500 ml. bottle 10 10
7 Janta Meal or Economy meal or Janta Khana 15 20
8 Standard Breakfast
8(i) Vegetarian Breakfast (a) Bread Butter and cutlet or (b) Idli and Vada or (c) Upma and Vada or (d) Pongal and Vada 25 30
8(ii) Non- Vegetarian Breakfast Bread, Butter and omelet 30 35
9 Standard Casserole meals
9(i) Vegetarian 45 50
9(ii) Non-Vegetarian 50 55
10 Standard Thali Meals (only in Ref. Rooms) 0
10(i) Meals in Thalis (veg.) 35 0
10(ii) Meals in Thalis (Non veg.) 40 0


How to Register or File IRCTC Catering Complaint?

There are mainly 3 ways we can file Catering complaints to Indian Railways
  1. Toll Free Number
  2. Complains Register via Official IRCTC Website
  3. Complaint Books

Toll Free Number

Indian Railways announced new Customer care toll-free numbers, passengers can make a call to 1800-111-321 or passengers can sent SMS to 9717630982 to lodge complaints about food quality ,over charging or any other issues related to Railways food service. 

I know most them searching for a number like that. Hope railways provide good service to all of them. This service operating from 7 AM to 10 PM on weekdays. Railways also announced that will act immediately about the complains and if justified contract of Caterer will be terminated too.

Complains Register via Official IRCTC Website

You Can also register your complaints via official IRCTC website also. This service provided on website. 

Complaint Books

Complaints can also be registered in complaint books available with the party car manager, the train superintendent and the guard. 

New Catering Policy 2017 by IRCTC

Updated : 27.02.2017
Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu launched New Catering Policy 2017 on 27.02.2107 along with New partnership in Parcel Business with Department of Post. 

Mobile Units and Base Kitchens 

IRCTC shall manage catering service on all mobile units including catering services on all new trains/ trains started on short notice. Pantry car contracts awarded by zonal railways shall also be reassigned to IRCTC.....For further details please go through the following link : - New Catering Policy 2017 by IRCTC

Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Cooperation ( IRCTC) provides Standard Break Fast ,Meals and snacks with low cost on latest Menu. Latest IRCTC Catering Menu and rates in trains and at platforms for the passengers are available here.

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  1. hi,

    i was travelling last week on Kokan Railway route, have seen the canteen person was selling Tea at Rs 6 and Coffee at Rs 8. could you please let me know, how i can register the complaint against the Canteen boy.


  2. Dear Digamber, Please visit the following link for registering Catering Complaints

  3. sir...i am travelling on train no.14056. here sir rate taken by irctc staff of meal as given bellow....rail neer-20 rs.,breakfast-35 rs ,vej meal-100 rs and nonvej meal-130 rs.
    sir i request u to take action on that staffs who take extra rupees.

    1. Please Call Toll Free No 1800-111-321 for immediate clarification and complaint. You can also use Railway twitter account post the complaint. It will take forward immediately.

    2. Train no 12390. Ms to gaya . in which water rate is 20 rupees 1 lits.

  4. Sir am traveling in telengana express canteen person selling their meals 90 rs how it can possible. Pls clerify this rate is right or wrong.

  5. Well, I have been charged Rs 120/- for a veg meal in the train no 15483 mahananda exp. Plz clarify whether the rate is justified or I am being overcharged

    1. Let me know what all items available with your Veg meal received. Is that matching with given menu items?

  6. I am travelling from bangalore to hubli by train no. 22685 by AC I class. PNR 483876030. I ordered for veg meal for my dinner and pantry car person charged Rs. 120/. Is it the right charge for Jeera rice, dal,mix veg,aloosabzi and paratha

  7. I am travelling in 16688 navyug express. The food person asked me 100 rupees for lunch. And when I confronted him with the rates on net he apologized to me and charged me fairly but about the others. Kindly see to it. What should I do in this case currently kindly guide me. Should I aware everyone with this fact

  8. Once I travelled to Secunderabad from Delhi via duronto express and was fully satisfied.. unlimited food and what not.... but twice I have travelled to Delhi from Mumbai and what disappointments.... water is what they are charging... in duronto all the food and beverage costs are covered and they simply refuse to give you

  9. I m traveling in sawaraj express 12472 nd the person is selling tea in 10rs when we ask him then he replyed our manager have told us to sell on this rate even he is selling water bottel in 20rs. What about menu why government creat this menu if the Manager have to decide the menu rate.

  10. Dear Sir,
    I travelled from KOL to LKO on 7/7/16 in Jammu Tavi Exp. and I travelled from LKO to HWH on 9/7/16 in Upasna Exp. Both the Times we were four people travelling in 2AC. Both times problems faced by us -

    1. The food attendant refused to show menu and prices and told that they don't have a menu.
    2. The price for Veg meal was Rs. 120/- .
    Items provided in the meal was -
    1 dal
    1 mixed veg
    1 paneer sabzi
    1 rice
    3 nos. Chapati
    1 small packet achaar
    1 250ml glass of water

    On asking why it was so expensive the pantry car manager replied -
    We charge the meal as per ala carte menu (which too he refused to show) and also informed me that the contractor has paid a bribe of Rs. Six Crore to get the contract thus they are bound to charge the passengers extra to cover their investment.

    I agree Railways have started a complaint redressal phone number and we can register complains online but - the number is never connected through I tried at least 5 times in both the cases and also during journey it is really difficult to get a proper internet connection to lodge a complaint.

    Sir, please see to it that matter is adressed and the involved caterers / contractors are fined accordingly.

  11. Catering personnel in Garib Rath train charge exorbitant prices for food and beverages served on board and timings are very inconvenient.

  12. Dear irctc,
    While I appreciate ur efforts in making things as clear as possible I still feel u guys are doing enough.
    The customers are not at all aware of the rates they are being fleeced by your guys regularly there was one sticker that was displayed in the compartment which supposedly should display the rates and complaint no. But it was scratched out I was given the egg biryani without water and was charged 60rs I think u guys should make sincere efforts to stop fleecing customers or stop this nonsense of showing that u care

  13. I am travelling in 12389 Gaya-Mas exp on 26/9/ found that pantry people is selling ready-made tea in RS 10/-instead of 5/- more over veg meal (without chapati,curd,water etc.) Rs 70/-instead of RS 50/-.I approach to TT for complaint resister (in between warangle to Vijayawada) but he has neither come back not resister sent.I was travelling in B1 coach pnr no 6156460793.

  14. I have been travelling from train no 12151 from mumbai to bilaspur. My pnr no is 8151616605 During the journey I have been charged the services with following rates which are not matching to the rates mentioned at your website. So either kindly investigate that why the caterer is charging higher than the prescribed rates or update the rates on the website yo avoid confusion in passenger mind.
    1. Tea. 7 Rs each
    2. POHA 40 Rs each
    3. Lunch 120 Rs each
    Lunch consist of
    1 Alu sabzi
    2. Paneer sabzi
    3. Dal
    4. 2 chapatti
    5. Rice
    6. One small packet of pickle 1 rs marked
    7. One papad small size
    8. One glass water 200 ml

    Mukul Varshney

  15. Sir, I am traveling from NDLS to NGP through AP Express, I Order veg meal it contains two chapati, rice,curd (in plastic), dal fry,panir sabji, pickle pocket. Price for this meal demands rupees 110/- and breakfast upma RS 40/ suggestions please circulate price list on each boogie so that passenger can pay/raise our voice against this exploitation and request to improve this facility immediately.

  16. Sir I am traveling in Purusattam ex. 1veg meal rs 120 and meal is so bad

  17. Railway should display the rate chart along with berth chart if the government really wants to be fair.

  18. Sir at Patiala railway station Mangat Rai cont charging RS 10 for tea do needful.

  19. Pls print menu on backside of tickets

  20. Dear IRCTC,
    I am travelling in train no.-06009. Here in train vendors are charging Rs.20/- per water bottle even though MRP printed on bottle is Rs.15/- only. For tea they are charging Rs.10/- also even though rate is Rs.7/- as per rate chart 2017.

    Calling toll free number 1800111321. But noboby is replying.

    Is this the practical Achhe din??

  21. Rail aur railway station per pantery car ka menu card aur rate list lagni chahiye. Ta ke sahi rate mil sake aur koi bhi jyada pese na le sake.

  22. Why should a menu should not keep on train compartmentd

  23. I am regularly travel in southern railways, the pantry persons charges double the cost as irctc

  24. Dear Sir, Travelling by Shri Shakti express from NDLS to Katra. PNR 2328016090. Charged for veg food at 120 rs. Only additional is paneer and water was not served. Qly of food is pathetic too. Interestingly they never mentioned this is different except when charging. ..its termed A la cart veg meals. Please please stop these scams ...would inform Dr Prabhu prrsonally when will meet him next time. This is not acceptable. Thousands of people being robbed off everyday and this PC contractors are cheating passengers in the name of railways. This caterer is named Om Sai ram enterprises. Kept a bill as proof.

  25. Sabhi trains main yahi loot hai. Complaint ka kuchh asar hota hai kya??

  26. There should be menu card a fixed in every bogey. I don't know why can't this simple customer centric step is not been taken after numerous request for same

  27. I always travel from Howrah to NJP for my official work, most of the times in every train the IRCTC people charge me Rs.110 for veg meal and Rs.130 for non veg meal, they always refuse to show me the menu card and even for normal tea they charged me Rs.10 per cup.The quality of the food is very bad and very cheap. So pls print the menu on the back side of the ticket of stick some menu cards in the compartments.

  28. ‪ I am travelling through train no-22807. PNR-6463221794. For egg curry meals they have charged me Rs 130 which I think is much higher. I insisted for bill they gave me too. Is this ok, please clarify. Food contains
    1) Rice- approx 300gm
    2)Dal- approx 100gm
    3)Egg curry- approx 150gm with 2 egg
    4)mixed veg-100gm
    5) curd-1 small cup
    6)pickle-1 sachet
    8) sonepapadi - 1 small piece

  29. In rail and at railway station par menu card hona chahiye

  30. Travelling in 16561 on 20 April 2017.two small vada rate 30 rupees!!!Seems catering folks over charging

  31. How seriously actions are taken on these comments ???? Is any one is listing these points ?? People are facing ..
    Even I have faced the catering issue in train no : 12509 Gawhati express from Bangalore .
    The rate catering guy is saying is more than 130 for veg and non veg 150 meals.

    Even I asked what about government IRCTC menu rate card ? He replied according to that rate you will get very less .As if like he is giving from his own food to me !!

    Waiting for reply from IRCTC.. Would be better if any serious action is taken on the issue .
    It's the loot on customer by IRCTC.

  32. In kacheguda raliway station....
    Bisleri water bottle selling... with 20/-
    But as per IRCTC given information the water bottle is 15/-
    Than why they are takingg... Extra 5/-.

  33. As per IRCTC given information
    Water bottle is 15/-. But in kacheguda railway station they are taking extra 5/- ... Please notify to them....

  34. I m in 12307,bread cutlet in 49rs, egg beriyani 100 Rs, lunch 160rs,what is this

  35. I take around 25+ train rides every year. Most of these trains are long run with durations from 12-40 hrs. I had never found a train which sells food at this price. In least case I find some staffs selling tea at 7 or water bottle at 15 INR. Lunch n Dinner are never sold below 80 INR. Tell me a train which sells dinner or lunch at or below 80 INR, I will be happy to visit that train once. Most of the railway staffs are aware of these high prices and its a shame that this system is still continuing. Shame on the staffs who do not take this issue further. I think they are waiting for stronger oppose like a mob calling for railway band or something.

  36. why should train staff not give meals on accurate rate. They always give meals on higher price (approx rs40 more per thali). I m traveling in himsagar express train no 16318. Plz sort out these problems.

  37. Hi...I m traveling to Mumbai by Mumbai mail train no.11028,my PNR is 4852870216.For lunch,the railway guys are charging Rs.120/- per head without drinking water.As per IRCTC menu the charges are extra.Please look into the matter and do the needful.I am still in train and have order for dinner but the price is rs.120/-

  38. My name is Barun Roy Chowdhury, right now I'm traveling with Kolkata Haldibari Super fast express. Where as irctc announced one litre package water cost only 15 rupees. But irctc people selling 20 rupees per litre per bottle of water. When govt will take action against them. If any body come to protest the people starting misbehaving with him. My earnest request to Indian railway administration please do something for us.. Like general passenger.



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