Indian railways announced that AC fare charges will increase from October 1st 2012 due to service tax addition. The fare increase announced as per following AC compartment train tickets


(1) AC First Class, (2) Executive Class, (3) AC-2 Tier Class, (4) AC-3 Tier class, (5) AC Chair Car class, (6) AC Economy Class and (7) First Class.
Since an abatement of 70%  has been permitted o­n passenger services by Ministry of Finance,  the Service Tax will be charged o­n 30% of total fare including reservation charge, development charge, Superfast surcharge which would be calculated as following way:-


  1. Service Tax of 12% will be charged o­n 30% of fare (equivalent to 3.6% o­n the total fare)
  2. Education Cess of 2% o­n Service Tax will be added (equivalent to 0.072% o­n total fare)
  3. Higher Education Cess of 1% o­n Service Tax will also be added (equivalent to 0.036% on total fare)
  4. Total Service Tax implication will be (1) + (2) + (3) =3.708% o­n the total fare.


 On Concessional value tickets / Privilege Ticket Order tickets etc. service charge will be levied o­n 30% of the total fare actually being paid by the passengers.
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