Real Train Information System :: Satellite Imaging for Rail Navigation (SIMRAN)
Do you know now we can track the train train running status via Satellite too. It was one of the greatest invention by the IIT Kanpur and Indian Railways. By the help of Real Train Information System (RTIS) to  public for accurate train tracking thus heralding a new era of application of advanced communication and information technologies in various Railway related activities. The new system is based on Satellite Imaging for Rail Navigation (SIMRAN).
The Live status will available via Website, 139 helpline number and through SMS. The SIMRAN will provide following kind of information to the users
  1. Train locations.
  2. Train running position
  3. Train location with respect to next stopping station in terms of  kilometers.
Website Details
The URL of the SIMRAN website is  and the same will look like as follows

Satellite Live Train Running Status Finder Website
SMS Train Running Status
For getting the result via SMS please type the Train Number  to Mobile number 09415139139.

This train service now available on following Six pairs of trains only. But railways upgrading the system and planning to release the same by December 2012 itself.

  • Train No. 12301 Howrah - N Delhi Rajdhani
  • Train No. 12302 N Delhi - Howrah Rajdhani
  • Train No. 12305 Howrah - N Delhi Rajdhani
  • Train No. 12306 N Delhi - Howrah Rajdhani
  • Train No. 12313 Sealdah - N Delhi Rajdhani
  • Train No.12314 N Delhi - Sealdah Rajdhani
  • Train No. 12951 Mumbai Central - N Delhi Rajdhani
  • Train No. 12952 N Delhi - Mumbai Central Rajdhani
  • Train No. 12953 Mumbai Central - Nizamuddin A K Rajdhani
  • Train No. 12954 Nizamuddin - Mumbai Central A K Rajdhani
  • Train No. 12003 Lucknow - N Delhi Shatabdi
  • Train No. 12004 N Delhi - Lucknow Shatabdi
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  1. Can i get live positioning of train no. 12372?




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