Western railways announced that a total of 100 trains speed increase announced, regards to the July 2012 train time table revision. Following are the details

  • Train No. 19570 Varanasi - OKHA Speed Increased by 115
  • Train No. 16733 Rameshwaram - OKHA Speed Increased by 90
  • Train No. 11087 PUNE Veraval Speed Increased by  85
  • Train No.  18401 PURI OKHA Speed Increased by  80
  • Train No. 12908 Nizamuddin Bandra Terminus and  Train No. 14707 Bikaner Bandra Terminus Speed Increased by 75
  • Train No. 17018 Secunderabad Rajkot,  Train No. 16614 Coimbatore Rajkot , Train No. 19261 Kochuvelli Porbandar  Speed Increased by  65
  • Train No. 17204 Kakinada Town Bhavnagar  Speed Increased by 50
  • Train No. 19568 OKHA Tuticorin Speed Increased by  45
  • Train No. 22902 Udaipur Bandra Terminus,  Train No. 12905 Porbandar Howrah,  Train No. 19314 Rajendra Nagar Indore,  Train No. 19322 Rajendra Nagar Indore, Train No. 16325 Indore Trivendrum central  Speed Increased by  35
  • Train No. 12926 Amritsar Bandra Terminus, Train No.19006 OKHA Mumbai Central, Train No. 19312 Indore PUNE,  Train No. 12938 Howrah GAndhidham,  Train No. 11091 BHUJ PUNE  Speed Increased by 30
  • Train No. 12954 Nizamuddin Mumbai Central,  Train No. 12962 Indore Mumbai Central,  Train No. 19026 Mahuva Surat,  Train No. 19019 Bandra Terminus Dehradun, Train No. 16734 OKHA Rameshwaram,  Train No.12971 Bandra Terminus Bhavnagar,  Train No. 12834 Howrah Ahmedabad,  Train No. 19120 Somnath Ahmedabad,  Train No. 11049 Kolhapur Ahmedabad, Train No. 11095 Ahmedabad PUNE  Speed Increased by  25
  • Train No. 12902 Ahmedabad Mumbai Central, Train No. 19066 Jodhpur Bandra Terminus,  Train No. 15046 OKHA Gorakhpur,  Train No. 12950 Santragachi Porbandar, Train No. 12974 Jaipur Indore  Speed Increased by 20
  • Train No. 12268 Ahmedabad Mumbai Central , Train No. 12489 Bikaner Dadar,  Train No. 12904 Amritsar Mumbai Central,  Train No. 12972 Bhavnagar Bandra Terminus,  Train No. 19114 Vadodara Bhilad,  Train No. 12901 Mumbai Central Ahmedabad,  Train No. 19005 Mumbai Central OKHA,  Train No. 19330 Udaipur Indore,  Train No.12962 Indore Mumbai Central,  Train No. 12948 Patna Ahmedabad,  Train No. 19115 Bandra Terminus BHUJ,  Train No. 19143 Bandra Terminus Ahmedabad  Speed Increased by 15
  • Train No. 12927 Mumbai Central Vadodara , Train No. 19130 Ahmedabad Vadodara,  Train No. 12228 Indore Mumbai Central,  Train No.12240 Jaipur Mumbai Central, Train No. 12479 Jodhpur Bandra Terminus,  Train No. 12956 Jaipur Mumbai Central, Train No. 12960 BHUJ Dadar,  Train No.12980 Jaipur Bandra Terminus,  Train No. 12990 Ajmer Dadar,  Train No. 12996 Udaipur Bandra Terminus,  Train No. 19060 Jamnagar Surat,  Train No. 19132 BHUJ Bandra Terminus,  Train No. 19144 Ahmedabad Bandra Terminus,  Train No. 12959 Dadar BHUJ,  Train No. 19017 Bandra Terminus Jamnagar, 15045 Gorakhpur OKHA,  Train No.15636 Guwahati OKHA, Train No. 19025 Surat Mahuva,  Train No. 12961 Mumbai Central Indore,  Train No. 9311 Pune Indore,  Train No. 19801 KOTA Indore,  Train No. 12267 Mumbai Central Ahmedabad,  Train No. 12656 Madras Ahmedabad,  Train No. 19011 Mumbai Central Ahmedabad,  Train No. 11453 Ahmedabad Nagpur,  Train No. 12655 Ahmedabad Madras,   Train No.  16335 Gandhidham Nagarcoil Jn.  Speed Increased by 10
  • Train No. 22210 New Delhi Mumbai Central,  Train No. 12928 Vadodara Mumbai Central,  Train No. 19012 Ahmedabad Mumbai Central,  Train No. 19018 Jamnagar Bandra Terminus,  Train No. 19020 Dehradun Bandra Terminus,  Train No. 19038 Gorakhpur  Bandra Terminus,  Train No. 19040 Muzaffarpur Bandra Terminus,  Train No.19052 Sonpur alsad,  Train No.19054 Muzaffarpur Surat,  Train No. 19110 Ahmedabad Valsad,  Train No.12903 Mumbai Central Amritsar,  Train No. 12971 Bandra Terminus Bhavnagar,  Train No.19059 Surat HAPA,  Train No. 19565 OKHA Dehradun Train No. 12475 HAPA Jammu Tawi,  Train No. 19270 Muzaffapur Porbandar,  Train No. 19263 Porbandar Delhi Sarai Rohilla,  Train No. 19269 Porbandar Muzaffarpur,  Train No. 19306 Howrah Indore,  Train No. 14318 Dehradun Indore,  Train No. 21126 BHIND Indore,  Train No. 11126 Gwalior Indore,  Train No. 11472 Jabalpur Indore,  Train No. 12227 Mumbai Central Indore,  Train No. 12998 HAPA Tirunelveli  Speed Increased by 5

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