June 2012

South Central Railways announced a new Express train between Tirupati and Mannargudi as per the recent rail budget. This train will start running from 3 - 07 - 2012. Following are the details

  • Train no. 17407 / 17408 Mannargudi-Tirupati Tri-weekly Express:- Train No. 17408 Mannargudi-Tirupati Tri-weekly Express will depart Mannargudi at 05 30 hrs o­n Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays and arrive Tirupati at 16 35 hrs o­n thesame day. Train no. 17407 Tirupati-Mannargudi tri-weekly express will depart Tirupati at 10 40 hrs o­n Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays and arrive Mannargudi at 22 35 hrs o­n the same day. Enroute, these trains will stop at Pakala, Chittoor, Katpadi, Vellore Cant., Arni Raod, Tiruvannamalai, Tirukkovilur, Villupuram, Cuddalore Port, Chidambaram, Sirkazhi, Mayiladudurai, Perlam, Thiruvaur and Nidamangalam.

South central railways announced that they will change the train timings of the following trains with effect from July 2012.

  • Train No. 17429 Hyderabad-Tirupati Rayalaseema Express will depart Hyderabad at 15 35 hrs instead of 17 25 hrs. Enroute, this train will depart Begumpet at 15 46 hrs, Sanathnagar at 15 55 hrs, Lingampalli at 16 15 hrs, Shankarpalli at 16 31 hrs, Vikarabad at 17 10 hrs, Tandur at 17 55 hrs, Nawandgi at 18 10 hrs, Kurugunta at 18 21 hrs, Seram at 18 30 hrs, Makkhaid Raold at 18 45 hrs, Chittapur at 19 00 hrs,Nalwar ast 19 40 hrs, Yadgir at 20 00 hrs, Narayanapeta Road at 20 20 hrs, Krishna at 20 37 hrs,Raichur at 21 10 hrs, Manthralayam Road at 21 35 hrs, Adoni at 22 17 hrs, Guntakal at 23 20 hrs, Gooty at 23 50 hrs, Tadipatri at 00 35 hrs, Kondapuram at 01 00 hrs, Muddanuru at 01 30 hrs, Yerraguntla at 01 50 hrs, Kamalapuram at 02 10 hrs, Cuddapah at 02 45 hrs, Nandalur at 03 25 hrs, Rajampet at 03 50 hrs, Pullampet at 04 00 hrs, Obulawaripalli at 04 10 hrs, Koduru at 04 30 hrs, Renigunta at 06 10 hrs and arrive Tirupati at 06 40 hrs instead of 08 10 hrs. o­n the next day.
  • Train No. 12732 Secunderabad-Tirupati Express will depart Secundedrabad at20 05 hrs instead of 19 00 hrs.Enroute, this train will depart Vikarabad at 20 20 hrs, Raichur at 00 40 hrs, Guntakal at 02 25 hrs, Gooty at03 00 hrs,Anantapur at 04 15 hrs, Dharmavaram at 05 10 hrs, Kadiri at 06 18 hrs, Mulakalacheruvu at 06 52 hrs, Mananapalli at 07 36 hrs, Kaligiri at 08 05 hrs, Pileru at 08 25 hrs, Pakala at 09 42 hrs and arrive Tirupati at 10 35 hrs instead of 09 30 hrs o­n the next day.
  • Train No. 57305 Kacheguda – Guntur Passengerwill depart Kacheguda at 15 30 hrs instead of 16 10 hrs.
  • Train No. 57435 Kacheguda-Kurnool Town Passenger will depart Kacheguda at 17 35 hrs instead of 18 00 hrs.
  • Train No. 17415 Tirupati-Kolhapur Haripriya Express will depart Tirupati at 21 00 hrs instead of 20 30 hrs. Enroute, this train will depart Renigunta at 21 22 hrs, Koduru at 22 00 hrs, Obulavaripalle at 22 12 hrs, Pullampet at 22 21 hrs, Rajampet at 22 35 hrs, Nandlur at 22 52 hrs, Cuddapah at 23 40 hrs, Kamalapuram at 00 01 hrs, Yerraguntla at 00 18 hrs, Muddanuru at 00 30 hrs, Kondapuram at 01 00 hrs, Tadipatri at 01 30 hrs, Gooty at 02 40 hrs Guntakal at 03 10 hrs, Bellary at 04 25 hrs and arrive Kolhapur at the existing timings of 16 35 hrs o­n the next day.
  • Train No.12485 H.S.Nanded-Sri Ganganagar Express will depart HS Nanded at 11 00 hrs instead of 23 30 hrs. Enroute, this train will depart Purna at 11 50 hrs, Hingoli at 12 59 hrs, Washim at 13 49 hrs, Akola at 16 05 hrs and arriveSri Ganganagar at 22 40 hrs instead of 10 55 hrs. o­n the second day.

Northern railways announced that, have also going to change the Railway time table from July 2012. Following are the salient features of the same 

  • 13 Mail / Express and Passenger trains 3 and comprises a total of 16 trains. In addition to this  8 and 9 express trains have been increased in frequency and 4 Passenger trains travel has been expanded.
  • Following Railways stations like New Delhi, Sarojini Nagar, ROHINI, Kirti Nagar, Hazrat Nizamuddin, New Azad Pur, Noida and Delhi Shahdara important passenger reservation centers from 6.45 pm to 9.30 pm on the day commerce and RPF officials and inspectors have been deployed in order to get tickets as soon as actual people. 
  • New e - ticketing system developed by IRCTC for Railway Information Systems Center  ( Chris )  has been working in coordination. Almost double the capacity of the system after the commencement of on-line tickets will be issued.

Western railways announced that a total of 100 trains speed increase announced, regards to the July 2012 train time table revision. Following are the details

  • Train No. 19570 Varanasi - OKHA Speed Increased by 115
  • Train No. 16733 Rameshwaram - OKHA Speed Increased by 90
  • Train No. 11087 PUNE Veraval Speed Increased by  85
  • Train No.  18401 PURI OKHA Speed Increased by  80
  • Train No. 12908 Nizamuddin Bandra Terminus and  Train No. 14707 Bikaner Bandra Terminus Speed Increased by 75
  • Train No. 17018 Secunderabad Rajkot,  Train No. 16614 Coimbatore Rajkot , Train No. 19261 Kochuvelli Porbandar  Speed Increased by  65
  • Train No. 17204 Kakinada Town Bhavnagar  Speed Increased by 50
  • Train No. 19568 OKHA Tuticorin Speed Increased by  45
  • Train No. 22902 Udaipur Bandra Terminus,  Train No. 12905 Porbandar Howrah,  Train No. 19314 Rajendra Nagar Indore,  Train No. 19322 Rajendra Nagar Indore, Train No. 16325 Indore Trivendrum central  Speed Increased by  35
  • Train No. 12926 Amritsar Bandra Terminus, Train No.19006 OKHA Mumbai Central, Train No. 19312 Indore PUNE,  Train No. 12938 Howrah GAndhidham,  Train No. 11091 BHUJ PUNE  Speed Increased by 30

Western Railways announced a re-numbering train numbers for the following trains regards to the July 2012 new train time table. Following are the details
  • Train No. 19305/19306 Indore-Howrah -Indore, Shipra express will be renumbered as train no. 22911/22912. The Shipra express changes in Passenger Reservation system is to be effective from 04/10/2012.
  • Train No. 12744/12743 Surat - Puri weekly express  will be renumbered as train no. 22828/22827. This trains changes will be effective from 01/10/2012.
  • Train No. 12583/12584 Valsad - Puri weekly express  will be renumbered as train no. 22909/22910 with effect from 27/09/2012.
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Indian Railways Train Timetable Changed
Indian Railways train time table revision announced from July 1, 2012. This revision include all the Indian Railways Zones. This includes speeding up trains, renumbering of the trains etc. Following are the details of time table changes for each zones
Check here for the latest updates and links of new Train Time Table.

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Central Railway and Western Railways announced,Mumbai Local Train passengers will face Mega Block on Sunday 01 - 07 - 2012.


Thane - Kalyan  (11:00 am to 3:30 pm)

Dn fast services leaving CST from 10.03 am to 01.40 pm will be diverted o­n Dn slow line between Thane and Kalyan stations.  This train will stop all the stations between Thane and Kalyan Stations.


Harbour line passengers for Bandra and Andheri are advised to use Main line and Western Railway from 10.00 am to 6.00 pm on 01.07.2012.

Panvel / Belapur / Vashi (10:52 am to 3:55 pm)

Dn Harbour line services for  Panvel / Belapur / Vashi leaving CST from 10.52 am to 3.55 pm will run via Main line on Dn slow line up to Bycula halting all stations on Dn fast line between Byculla and Kurla not halting at Chinchpokli and Currey Road stations.

Bandra - Andheri (10:48 am to 4:04 pm)

Dn Harbour line services leaving for Bandra/Andheri leaving CST from 10.48 am to 4.04 pm and Up harbour line services for CST leaving Bandra/Andheri from 10.40 am to 3.40 pm will remain suspended.

Mahim Junction - Mumbai Central  (10:35 am to 3:35 pm)

Jumbo block will be taken for 5 hours from 10.35 am to 3.35 pm on Sunday,  01 - 7 - 2012  on Up and Dn Local Lines fast line between Mahim Junction and Mumbai Central.
Up through line trains will run on Up slow lines between Santacruz and Mumbai Central stations and Dn through line trains will run on Down slow lines between Mumbai Central and Santacruz stations. All Mail/Express trains will run o­n fifth line between Mahim and Mumbai Central. Due to block, some Up and Down local trains will remain cancelled.

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Vasai - Panvel Latest Train Timing

Most of our viewers are frequently asking for the latest Vasai - Panvel Mumbai Local Train Time Table. So we are posting here by the latest timings for your reference.

Panvel To Vasai having total of 3 services daily.

Please find the following Vasai to Panvel Latest Time Table List as per Feb 2012.[ads-post]
Last Updated : 24 - 06 -2012

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Panvel - Vasai Latest Train Timing

Most of our viewers are frequently asking for the latest Panvel - Vasai Mumbai Local Train Time Table. So we are posting here by the latest timings for your reference.

Panvel To Vasai having total of 2 services daily.

Please find the following Panvel to Vasai Latest Time Table List as per Feb 2012.

Last Updated : 24 - 06 -2012

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Konkan Railways announced revised new train time for the Monsoon Season this year also. This new train time table will take affect from the 10 - JUNE - 2012 to 31 -OCT - 2012. Following are the details

Partially Cancelled Train List

  • Train No. 16337/16338 Okha-Ernakulam Bi-weekly express will be partially cancelled between Hapa - Okha - Hapa.
Departure Time Changes
  • Train No. 10104 Madgaon - CSTM Mondovi Express will depart 08.30 hrs instead of 09.30 hrs. 
  • Train No. 12617 Ernakulam-Nizamuddin Mangala Exp  will depart 10.45 hrs instead of  13.05 hrs
  • Train No. 12052 Madgaon-CSTM Janshatabdi Exp  will depart 12.10 hrs  instead of 14.30 hrs
  • Train No. 12620 Mangalore-LTT Matsyagandha Exp  will depart 12.50 hrs  instead of 14.40 hrs
  • Train No. 10112 Madgaon-CSTM Konkankanya Exp  will depart 16.45 hrs  instead of  18.00 hrs  
  • Train No. 50106 Sawantwadi-Diva Passenger  will depart 08.35 hrs  instead of  08.25 hrs
  • Train No. 12449 Madgaon-Nizamuddin Goa Sampark Kranti Exp. will depart 12.25 hrs  instead of  11.20 hrs
  • Train No. 12134 Mangalore-CSTM Express  will depart 16.45 hrs  instead of 14.00 hrs

Alternative Ticket Booking Website

I have seen lots of users can't able to access the IRCTC Online Booking website due to some network or hey load issue. Normally they are getting error like " This Web Page is not available ". When you have facing this kind of issue try to log on the following website that authorized by the IRCTC to book the IRCTC Online E- Ticket or I - Ticket. Following are the list of websites that able to use as a alternative to the IRCTC Official Online Booking website.


Now ICICI Bank allowed you to book the IRCTC Ticket online faster way. ICICI also provides good user interface facility to book the IRCTC Ticket also. 
To Book the train ticket online visit IRCTC ticket booking via ICICI Bank
ICICI Bank allowed IRCTC Ticket Booking online
ICICI Bank allowed IRCTC Ticket Booking

Clear Trip
Clear Trip Alternative booking Website for IRCTC
Clear Trip
Clear Trip is most commonly used alternative website for IRCTC Online ticket booking. This also allowed us to book the Air Ticket booking too. This is most user friendly as per our user review. I think most of them still using the same   but for the new ones I have posting this. But keep in mind this site won't able to book the ticket during the restricted time period on the Morning. So for getting tatkal travel ticket better to user IRCTC Website itself.

For booking the ticket through the Clear Trip please click on the following link Clear Trip Online Reservation

Make My Trip
Make My Trip Alternative booking Website for IRCTCThis website also can able to book the IRCTC Rail ticket for the I-Ticket and E-Ticket. This also apply the morning time restrictions. 
For booking the ticket through the Make My Trip please click on the following link Make MyTrip Online Reservation

Keep in mind these sites are taking some extra money for booking the Indian Rail Online Ticket booking of I-Ticket and E-Ticket. 

Did you find any other alternative website like these then please replay back your comments, so that everybody will know. 

Train Reservation Through Post Offices

Now Four post offices in Mumbai Chembur, Dadar, Mandvi and Girgaum—will have the railway reservation facility from Monday. These will be inaugurated by Union minister of state for communications Gurudas Kamat.
Union minister of state for communications and IT, Gurudas Kamat launched the railway reservation system for providing tickets at four post offices in Mumbai on Monday.
"The project would not only reduce the queues at railway stations but also reduce load at railway centres," Kamat said.
Kamat has selected 5,000 post offices in the country for this scheme, of which 103 will be in Mumbai.

South Central railways announced that new Super Fast express train between Shalimar and Chennai on the last Railway Budget. Railway announced the new train will start from Shalimar o­n 23 - 06 - 2012 and from Chennai on 25 - 06 - 2012. Following are the details

  • Train. No 22825 / 22826 Shalimar - Chennai weekly Super fast Express :- Train. No 22825 Shalimar - Chennai weekly Super fast Express will depart Shalimar at 12 20 hrs on Tuesdays and arrive Chennai at 17 00 hrs on the next day. Train No 22826 Chennai - Shalimar weekly Super fast Express will depart Chennai at 16 15 hrs on Thursdays and reach Shalimar at 21 30 hrs next day. These trains will stop at Santragachi, Kharagpur, Jeleswar, Balasore, Bhadrak, Jajpur Keonjhar Road, Cuttack, Bhubaneswar, Kurda Road, Brahmapur, Palasa, Vizianagaram, Visakhapatnam, Samalkot, Rajahmundry, Eluru, Vijayawada, o­ngole, Nellore, Gudur, Sullurpeta and Naidupeta stations. These trains will have SLR-two Second class Luggage Cum Brake Van, four General Second Class, nine Sleeper class, two AC III Tier, o­ne AC II Tier, Coaches totaling to 18 Coaches.

Central railways announced that a special traffic block between Kalyan and Ambernath from 10.20 AM to 1.50 PM on Sunday 24-06-2012. Following are the details


Dn Mumbai Local services for Ambarnath / Badlapur leaving CST from 9.01 am to 12.31 pm and Up Mumbai Local services leaving Ambarnath / Badlapur from 10.16 am to 1.31 pm will remain suspended.


Train No.11014 Coimbatore-Lokmanya Tilak Terminus Express will be regulated at Badlapur and will arrive Lokmanya Tilak Terminus at 3.15 pm instead of 2.30 pm.


Following trains will be diverted via Karjat - Panvel - Diva with halt at Diva Station for the benefit of Kalyan passengers on 24 - 6 - 2012.
  • Trains No. 11024 Shri Chhatrpati Shahu Maharaj Terminus - Mumbai Sahyadri Express
  • Train No. 17032 Hyderabad-Mumbai Express
  • Train No. 11042 Chennai-Mumbai Express
  1. Train No. 12750 Lokmanya Tilak Terminus-Vishakapatnam Express will leave at 1.00 pm  instead of 12.25 pm
  2. Train No.16339 Mumbai-Nagercoil Express will leave at 12.40 pm instead of 12.05 pm
  3. Train No.17031 Mumbai-Hyderabad Express will leave at 1.00 pm (instead of 12.45 pm) 
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Central Railway and Western Railways announced,Mumbai Local Train passengers will face Mega Block on Sunday 24 - 06 - 2012.


Matunga - Mulund  (10:35 am to 3:35 pm)

Dn fast services leaving CST from 10.20 am to 3.17 pm will be diverted o­n Dn slow line between Matunga and Mulund stations.  This train will stop all the stations between Sion and Mulund Stations.


Vashi -  Belapur - Panvel (11:00 am to 4:00 pm)

Dn Harbour line services for Vashi / Belapur / Panvel leaving CST from 10.12 am to 3.25 pm and all Up Harbour line services for CST leaving  Vashi / Belapur / Panvel from 10.20 am to 3.29 pm will remain suspended.

Central railways also announced that Special trains will be run on n CST - Mankhurd and Thane - Panvel sections during the block period. 

Harbour line passengers are allowed to travel via Transharbour and main line o­n their season tickets from 10.00 am to 6.00 pm on 24 - 6 - 2012.

Mumbai Central - Santacruz (11:00 am to 4:00 pm)

Jumbo block will be taken for 5 hours from 11.00 am to 4.00 pm on Sunday,  24 - 6 - 2012  on Dn Local Lines slow line between Mumbai Central and Santacruz stations.
During this time period, Dn local line trains will run on Dn through line fast line between Mumbai Central and Santacruz stations. These diverted trains will not halt at Mahalaxmi, Elphinstone Road and Matunga Road for want of platform. Passengers are allowed to travel in opposite direction for their destinations between Bandra and Mumbai Central stations. All 12-car slow services will take double halt at Lower Parel, Mahim Jn. and Khar Road stations.

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Online Flight Ticket Booking Available On IRCTC
Do you know now we can book the Flight ticket through most trusted website IRCTC. For booking the flight ticket go to the following link Online Flight Ticket Booking or go to the http://air.irctc.co.in/. On the IRCTC Online booking website designed in such a way that most user friendly and easy book the ticket as well as getting a decent amount discount too. I hope we can trust the same for the accurate AIR fare booking. Following is screen shot for the first screen.
IRCTC Flight Booking Website
From IRCTC we can book following set of Airlines Tickets
  • Jet Airways
  • Jet Lite
  • King Fisher
  • Air India
  • Indigo
  • Go

Do you know now we will get the complete route map of the Mumbai Local train including the details of lines under construction, for Harbour Line, Western Line and Central Line. A sample picture of the same is shown below. You will get the detailed picture on the following link Mumbai Local Train Route Map
Mumbai Local Train MAP
This picture shows the new train line under construction MRTS, Church Gate - Dhanu, Mumbai - Kasara and Nerul - Uran.

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Western railways announced that have plan to increase more ATVM machines as well as CVM machines for the convince of the passengers. Hope this will reduce number of queues at the Western railways ticket booking offices. 

Western Rail plan to procure 490 new ATVM machines. Last 2 months Western Railways increased its ATVM strength from 115 to 117 too. Also announced will increase 24 more ATVMs too. ATVMs can used for book single journey ticket, return journey ticket, multiple passengers ticket, platform tickets. Renewal of season tickets can also be done at ATVMs. 

Western railways also announced that have planned to install 306 more CVM machines on the Mumbai local train stations. At present there are 292 CVM available on the Mumbai Local stations. These are Microprocessor based digital CVMs. One of the trusted media today announced that Indian Railways plan to introduced Barcode based CVM coupon in mumbai to avoid the fraud tickets.

Do you think these steps will reduce number of queue and fraud? 


Rajdhani Express
Northern railways announced that will change the train number of Bangalore - Nizamuddin (Delhi) to 22693 / 22694 instead of the earlier train number 12493/12494. The changes will occur when the train depart from Bangalore on 02.10.2012 and from 04.10.2012 when departing from Hazrat Nizamuddin (Delhi).

Railways also announced that there will not be any changes on the services of the train like time, route, stopages etc.

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New Help Line Number 1311 :: Western Railways

Western railways recently announced that have changed the Security Help line number for there Mumbai Local passengers as 1311 instead of 1276. 
Western railways Mumbai local passengers can call this number from there Mobile phone as well as Land Lines. We advise all of them to keep note this number and call whenever necessary.

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Western Railways announced new Summer Special trains between Surat and the Shri Ganga Nagar due heavy rush of passengers. Following are the details

  • Train No. 04723 / 04724 Surat - Shri Ganga Nagar:- Train No.04724 Surat - Shri Ganga Nagar summer special will depart from Surat o­n 20th and 27th June, 2012 o­n 22.10 hrs to reach Shri Ganga Nagar at 03.15hrs o­n secondday. In return direction, train No. 04723 Shri Ganga Nagar- Surat summer special will depart from Shri Ganga Nagaron 19th and 26th June, 12 at 17.15 hrs and will arriveSuratat 20.50 hrs the nxt day. Enroute the train will halt at Bharuch, Vadodra, Anand, Nadiad,Ahmedabad, Sabarmati, Mahesana, Unjha, Siddhpur, Palanpur, Disa, Bhildi, Dhanera, Raniwara, Marwar Bhinmal, Modran, Jalor, Mokalsar, Samdhari Jn, Luni, Jodhpur, Merta Road, Nagaur, Nokha, Deshnok, Bikaner, LalgharJn, Lunkaransar, Suratgarh Jn, Rai Singh Nagar, Gajsinghpur, Soron, Kesri Singhpur in both directions. The train will have AC 3 Tier ,sleeper class and General second class coaches are available on this train.
Ticket Booking for the same will start on 19 - 06 -2012 

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Namma Metro Rail :: Smart Card Automatic Top Up
Do you know now Namma Metro Rail of Bangalore allows the feature of Auto Top Up of the Samrt Cards issued. The auto top up feature introduced by the help of SBI. Currently this feature introduced on the Varshik ( Stored Value Ticket) and now its possible to recharge the Smart Card  automatically when there is Certain amount limit crossed.
How to register the Smart Card Auto Top Up?

To enroll your card as auto top up go to the nearest  SBI ATM (SBI account holder) and have to register for Auto top-up through ATM.   The receipt generated at ATM will be presented to the Bank home branch where the Standing instructions form will be filled   in duplicate. 

How to activate the Smart Card Auto Top Up?

To activate the auto top up feature passenger should handed over the authenticated copy of standing instructions to Customer   Care office at Stations for activation of Auto-top up. Before activation the minimum stored value on ticket should be Rs50. Minimum Threshold value shall be Rs100. Top-up value can be between Rs50 to Rs1000 in multiples of Rs50.

Most of our viewers asked for the details about Season Ticket booking / purchase from the Indian Railways

What is Season Ticket?
A season ticket is a ticket that grants privileges over a defined period of time.

How to book a Season Ticket?
To book a season ticket you need to go to the nearest Indian Railways Station ticket counter or book via IRCTC Official Ticket Booking Website (This feasibility currently available only for Mumbai Local Train Season Ticket Booking).[ads-post]
Season Ticket

Documents Required To Book A Season Ticket?
Any valid ID proof that IRCTC listed like Voters ID, Driving Licence etc. 
To get more information about the documents Indian Railways accepting, Please visit IRCTC Ticket Booking Documents


Central Railway and Western Railways announced,Mumbai Local Train passengers will face Mega Block on Sunday 17 - 06 - 2012.


Matunga - Mulund  (10:35 am to 3:35 pm)

Dn fast services leaving CST from 10.20 am to 3.17 pm will be diverted o­n Dn slow line between Matunga and Mulund stations.  This train will all the stations between Matunga and Mulund Stations.


Harbour line passengers for Bandra and Andheri are advised to use Main line and Western Railway from 10.00 am to 6.00 pm on 17.06.2012.

Bandra / Andheri - CST  (10:20 am to 4:04 pm)

Dn Harbour line services leaving for Bandra/Andheri leaving CST from 10.20 am to 4.04 pm and all Up harbour line services for CST leaving Bandra/Andheri from 10.40 am to 3.45 pm will remain suspended.

Vashi -  Belapur - Panvel (10:43 am to 3:48 pm)

Up Harbour line services from Vashi/Belapur/Panvel leaving Kurla from 10.43 am to 3.48 pm will run via main line o­n Up fast line upto Byculla and o­n Up slow line between Byculla and CST not halting at Chinchpokli and Currey Road stations.


Borivali - Andheri (10:35 am to 3:35 pm)

Jumbo block occur on 5th line between Borivali and Andheri. Up and Down Mail/Express trains will run through fast lines between Borivali and Andheri stations. Suburban locals will run as per schedule.

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