Southern railways announced that, will run Short Distance Passenger Special Trains between Coimbatore and Mettupalayam from 1.6.2010 to 30.6.2010. The trains will run on all days except Sundays.
  • Special 1 will leave Coimbatore. at 09.30 hrs. and arrive Mettupalayam at 10.20 hrs.
  • Special 1A will leave Mettupalayam at 10.40 hrs. and arrive Coimbatore at 11.30 hrs.
  • Special 2 will leave Coimbatore. at 12.00 hrs. and arrive Mettupalayam at 12.50 hrs.
  • Special 2A will leave Mettupalayam at 13.10 hrs. and arrive Coimbatore at 14.00 hrs.
  • Special 3 will leave Coimbatore. at 15.00 hrs. and arrive Mettupalayam at 15.50 hrs.
  • Special 3A will leave Mettupalayam at 16.20 hrs. and arrive Coimbatore at 17.10 hrs.

    The composition of the trains will be 8 General Second Class and 2 luggage-cum-brake van coaches. The trains will stop at Coimbatore North, Periyanakan Palayam and Karamadai.

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  1. this is a very good service .. hats off to southern railway for understanding the peoples mind ... people plz encourage this service ..

  2. I am very much thankful to know about this train. I am a person from Coimbatore, Karamadai only. i am having one request to railways to send trains from mettupalayam and from coimbatore at the peak hours like 7.30AM and 7.00PM from coimbatore and also 9.30AM from mettupalayam and 8.00PM from coimbatore which will yiedl very high revenue to railways and avoid so much traffic in coimbatore mettupalayam road. So many people using bike and cars will also use this facility and fuel savings also help the nation. If anybody see the sight of people stading in the board on bus at the morning time and evening really support in this regard. It is plea from a citizen. Railways can notice the sight by sending somebody to busstop at that time. It is really teriffic sight. Even ladies really getting troubles standing on boards. It is an humanitary request to railways from a citizen. Kindly help in this regard


  3. This is very useful service for the passengers travelling from Mettupalayam to coimbatore. As this is a special service, should be confirm to make comfortable to the publics. As a representative to public the concerns as follows.

    1. This special service should confirm.
    2. As of now the service is available only 6 days a week, but this should make available sunday too atleast a couple of singles in the morning and evening.
    3. Will be helpful, if add additional services one around 7AM and another around 7PM.

    K. Palaniswamy, Mahadevapuram, Mettupalayam

  4. we are expect to veerapondi junction please arrange that and more usefull to us.
    veerapondi peoples

  5. Railways can think about increasing the frequency and also plan for the evening timings like 6.30 or 7.00pm and 8.00pm from CBE to MTP will help lot public ppl.




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