Various Concession Rules by Indian Railway

 Concession Rules 2016 by Indian Railway


Updated : 17.05.2017
Northern Railway announced that, it is notified for the information of general public that Railways have decided , that in case , no berth is opted for the children of age of 5 years and under 12 years of age at the time of reservation , minimum distance for charge shall not be applicable. In such cases, only half of the applicable adult fare shall be charged. In other cases, minimum distance for charge provision shall continue as earlier. The Indian Railways has already implemented this decision since  May 01 , 2017.


Updated : 09.05.2017
Western Railway announced that Ministry of Railways have decided to grant concession in Second class and AC Chair Car of Jan Shatabdi trains to the Patients who are already eligible to travel in second class and AC chair car of Mail/Express trains, w.e.f. 15/05/2017. A patient who is at present eligible to travel in second class of Mail/Express trains shall now be eligible in Second class of Jan Shatabdi trains and the same shall apply for AC Chair car class too. According to a Western Railway Press Release, if a patient who is not eligible for concession at present to travel in either Second class or AC Chair Car of Mail/Express trains, in that case, such patient shall not be eligible for concession in Jan Shatabdi trains also.


Updated : 12.10.2016
Southern Railways are issuing photo identity cards with unique number to enable physically challenged persons to book concessional reserved tickets across PRS counters, e-tickets / i-tickets through IRCTC website and also concessional unreserved tickets across UTS counters throughout the country.
Over Tiruchchirappalli Division, 3794 cards have been issued till the end of September, 2016 to eligible physically challenged persons.Further, 60 ID cards have been prepared and kept ready which are yet to be collected by the applicants.
Rail Travel Concession for disabled passengers revised
Rail Travel Concession 
The applicants of Tiruchchirappalli area are requested to contact the office of Senior Divisional Commercial Manager, Tiruchchirappalli and those from Thanjavur, Kumbakonam, Mayiladuthurai, Villupuram, Pondicherry are requested to contact their respective stations and collect the ID cards before 20.10.2016.


Updated : 03.10.2016
Railways Modifies Senior Citizens Concession Rules 

Ministry of Railways announced through the press release that Railway has decided to grant concession only to senior citizens of Indian Nationality, permanently residing in India. It has been clarified that Senior Citizen concession shall not be admissible to the senior citizen of foreign nationals and NRIs. The rule has been come into effect from 29th September 2016.

The revised rule for concession to Senior Citizen should be as under

Categories : Senior Citizen 

Existing Rule : Male Senior Citizen of the age of 60 years and above and 58 years and above in case for women senior citizen.

Revised Rule : A Senior Citizen of Indian Nationality, permanently residing in India of the age of 60 years and above for Men Senior citizen and 58 years and above in case of Women Senior Citizen shall only be eligible for concession in passenger fare.


Updated : 14.06.2016
Revised Rule for Disabled Passengers Concession by Railway
Konkan Railway announced that Railway decided to revise provisions for rail travel of patients of all category including Handicapped, paraplegic , orthopaedically etc. Till now, Orthopaedically Handicapped, Paraplegic Persons / Patients who were availing Rail Travel Concessions, if found travelling alone without an Escort, which was mandatory, were treated as travelling without ticket and were being charged with penalty as per the applicable rules issued from Ministry of Railways.

However, this condition has now been relaxed / revised w.e.f. 15.06.2016.  It has now been permitted to Orthopaedically Handicapped, Paraplegic Persons / Patients availing Rail Travel Concessions to travel even without Escort, if they can, and they will not be treated as travelling without ticket and no penalty will be levied to them. 

These revised provisions are applicable w.e.f. 15.06.2016 to esteemed Orthopaedically Handicapped, Paraplegic Persons / Patients with all other rail travel concession facility accordingly.

General Rules for concession

  • Concession is admissible on basic Mail /Express/Rajdhani/ Shatabdi/etc fares only and not on ‘Ordinary’ fares applicable to Passenger trains, super fast surcharge, reservation fee and safety surcharge and service tax etc. 
  • All types of concession can be availed only when tickets are purchased across the counter at Stations and Reservation/Booking offices. No one is granted concession on the train
  • Availing two different types of concession by the same person for the same journey is not permissible
  • The concession ticket cannot be changed to a higher class even if you are willing to pay the difference in fare.
  • In certain cases where concession is admissible in First Class but not in AC 2-tier, concession tickets for AC 2-tier can be purchased on payment of concession fare for first class plus the difference of actual fare of First class and AC 2-tier.
  • Concession is not admissible for a journey where the cost of travel is borne by Central/State Government/Local Bodies/Corporation or Govt. Undertakings,  Universities etc.
  • Some of the concession are admissible subject to the minimum distance of journey which have been specified in the relevant categories.
  • It may be note that the general and broad information about availability of concession has been provided in the following pages, and is only indicative. This is not a substitute for the concerned Tariff books on Railway Concessions which contain detailed information,procedure,conditions, prescribed formats and certificates needed for availing such concession.
Orthodaedically Handicapped/ Paraplegic persons travel for any purpose.  
Percentage of concession are following:-
  • 75% in Second, Sleeper, First Class, AC-3 tier, AC Chair Car.
  • 50% in First AC and AC-2 tier.
  • 25% in AC-3 tier and AC Chair Car of Rajdhani/Shatabdi trains.
  • 50% in First and Second class Monthly season ticket and Quarterly season ticket.
  • One escort is also eligible for same element of concession  


Updated : 22.04.2010
Southern Railways today announced that, on behalf of the Honourable Union Minister of Railways in the Budget Speech for 2010-11, with immediate effect, 100% concession in Sleeper Class/ AC 3-tier is admissible to Cancer patients for going for and returning from recognized hospitals for treatment and periodical check up. However, the element of concession to their escort in AC 3-tier & Sleeper Class will remain unchanged, i.e., 75%. The 100% concession to the cancer patient is admissible only in the basic fares of Mail/Express trains and all other charges will be realised in full.

The element of concession for cancer patients & their escort in other classes, i.e., Second/First Class/AC Chair Car remains unchanged at 75% and for AC 2-tier/First AC, the concession remains unchanged at 50%.


Updated : 29.10.2014
Do you know IRCTC / Indian Railways provides Student Concession on train travel in India. Student Concession tickets are permitted only in Sleeper Class (SL) and 2nd Sitting (2S) I ticketsOnly I-tickets can be exchanged with student concession by presenting the I-ticket and the valid student concession order to the nearest Railway Reservation Office By going to the reservation office along with his journey cum reservation ticket and a request for exchanging the same with the student concession.
  • Student concession Applying Process : - The Student Concession tickets are permitted only in Sleeper Class (SL) and 2nd Sitting (2 S) I tickets. Only I-tickets can be exchanged with student concession by presenting the I-ticket and the valid student concession order to the nearest Railway Reservation Office By going to the 
  • reservation office along with his journey cum reservation ticket and a request for exchanging the same with the student concession. He will surrender his original fully paid ticket and a student concession ticket with the revised fare (with same seat/berth number status) shall be issued to him. The difference of fare (paid and payable) less the clerk age charge of Rs. 20/- shall be refunded and shall be credited to his account electronically on the next day by IRCTC on receipt of refund file from the Railways. 
  • Is student concession applicable for both E- Tickets / I -  tickets? :-  The Student Concession tickets are permitted only in Sleeper Class (SL) and 2nd Sitting (2S). Presently it is not permitted in e-tickets.
  • How will I be refunded the difference of fare paid extra with respect to student concession?:- The difference of fare (paid and payable) less the clerk age charge of Rs. 20/- shall be refunded and shall be credited to his account electronically on the next day by IRCTC on receipt of refund file from the Railways.

Railway provide travel concession to various categories of travelers like students, sports persons, scouts and guides, farmers, industrial workers, teachers, senior citizens, handicapped persons etc. Here are the details related to the concession rule and revised rule and percentage of concession.

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  1. Is there any list of hospitals that can issue the certificate. I have the railway concession form from Bangalore institute of oncology (BIO)for my mother who is under treatment on the same hospital and railway refuse to accept it. They are saying that in bangalore KIDWAI only is authorised to issue the certificate . BIO also is a reputed dedicated Cancer Center not sure why they are not accepting the certificate from them

  2. It is very great but I have one doubt Concession pass is available in all hospitals

  3. you can get the certificate from indian railway website

  4. THESE SO CALLED CONCESSIONS ARE ON PAPER ONLY..I am resident of Visakhapatnam and My wife is a cancer patient for the past Eleven years. I want to take her for check ups at Hyderabad as facility not existing locally .I have got the concession form signed by the Govt Hospital(King George )Visakhapatnam. But the clerk and supervisor at Railway booking refused to give concession saying you have to get the certificate from the hospital where she is going to get check up. I am forced to travel by paying FULL fare.

  5. All the registered cancer hospitals can issue a concession certificate whether its Kidwai, HCG, Apollo or BIO..

  6. Can we book tickets online for a cancer patient using the consation

  7. In rajasthan Railway ticket resfuse to give concession to escort because its no written in hospital forum...but i get concession for mumbai with same forum. What is this



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