With a view to facilitate the ongoing track doubling works between Bhakrapeta and Hastavaramu Stations in Gooty - Renigunta section of Guntakal Division from 5th to 22nd February, 2010, South Central Railway will cancel / partially cancel / divert and provide temporary additional stoppages as per the details given below:- 
  1. Trains Fully Cancelled. 

    Train No. 427 Dhone-Guntur Passenger from 8th to 22nd February, 2010.
    Train No. 428 Guntur-Dhone Passenger from 7th to 22nd February, 2010.
    Train No. 408 Donakonda-Guntur Passenger from 8th to 22nd February, 2010.
  2. Trains Partially Cancelled. 

    Train No. 407 Tenali-Donakonda Passenger from is partially cancelled between Guntur and Konakonda from 8th to 22nd February, 2010 
    Train No. 193 / 194 Arrokanam-Nandalur Passenger is partially cancelled between Renigunta-Nandalur-Renigunta from 7th to 22nd February, 2010 
    Train No. 271 Hubli-Tirupati Passenger is partially cancelled between Guntakal and Tirupati and run back from Guntakal as Train No. 272 Guntakal-Tirupati Passenger from 7th to 22nd February, 2010 
    Train No. 272 Tirupati-Hubli passenger is partially cancelled between Tirupati and Guntakal from 7th to 22nd February, 2010 
  3. Trains Diverted.  

    Train No. 6381 CST Mumbai - Kanniyakumari Express leaving CST Mumbai from 6th to 22nd February, 2010 is diverted to run via Gooty - Dharmavaram-Krishnarajapuram - Jolarpettai.
    Train No. 6382 Kanniyakumari-CST Mumbai Express leaving Kanniyakumari from 6th to 22nd February, 2010 is diverted to run via Jolarpettai-Krishnarajpuram-Dharmavaram-Gooty.
    Train No. 2797 Kacheguda-Chittoor Venkatadri Express leaving Kacheguda from 6th to 22nd February, 2010 is diverted to run via Secunderabad-Kazipet-Vijayawada-Gudur-Renigunta.
    Train No. 2798 Chittoor-Kacheguda Venkatadri Express leaving Chittoor from 7th to 22nd February, 2010 will be diverted to run via Renigunta-Gudur-Vijayawada-Kazipet-Secunderabad.
  4. Provision of Temporary Additional Stoppages: The following trains will be provided with temporary additional stoppages at the stations mentioned against each of them from 7th to 22nd February, 2010.

    Train No. 1041 CST Mumbi - Chennai Express at Rayalacheruvu,Gangayapalli, Kanamalopalle, Bhakrapetta, Ontimitta, Mantapampalle, Pullampet, Obulavaripalli, Anantarajupet, Settigunta, Balapalle and Mamanduru.
    Train No. 1042 Chennai-CST Mumbai at Mamanduru, Balapalle, Settigunta, Anantarajupet, Obulavaripalle, Pullampet, Mantapampalle, Ontimitta, Bhakrapetta, Kanamalopalle, Krishnapuram, Kalamalla, Regadipalli, Vanganur, Juturu, Vemulapadu and Rayalacheruvu.
    Train No.2163 Dadar - Chennai Egmore Express at Jakkalacheruvu, Vemulapadu, Juturu, Vanganur, Kondapuram, Muddanuru, Kalamalla, Yerragudipad, Gangatapalli, Krishnapuram, Kanamalopalle, Bhakrapeta, Ontimitta, Mantapampalle, Nandalur, Obulavaripalli and Settigunta.
    Train No. 2164 Chennai Egmore - Dadar Express at Nandalur, Mantapampalle, Ontimitta, Bhakrapeta, Gangakatapalle, Erragudipad, Muddanuru, Kondapuram, Regadipalli, Juturu, Rayalacheruvu and Jakkalacheruvu. 

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  1. When will the Train 2797 reach Tirupati in the diverted route?

  2. (1) It is very good to see the features on IRCTC site have been improving. One more feature which would be extremely traveller-friendly is, provision of railway maps for different zones, train routes, railway junctions on the way, etc. (2) There is no provision in the site lay-out for a user to write observations, comments, appreciation, complaints, requests, etc. .. Madhava Rao ..


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