i-Ticket and E-Ticket Booking

Indian Railways i-Ticket and E-Ticket Booking

Both i-Ticket and E-Ticket are the Internet Online Booking tickets via www.irctc.co.in but these 2 tickets having some difference that difference is explained as follows

In the case of i-Ticket service charge of Rs.40 per ticket in lower class and Rs. 60 per ticket in upper class (maximum 6 passengers per ticket) is leviable in addition to the train fare.
IRCTC Website Train Ticket Booking
IRCTC Website
But this type of service will delivered the ticket without any extra cost. And maximum 10 tickets booked in an individual account.
Will get the e-mail to the mail id you are provided in the IRCTC  says the total fare taken for the ticket and the beth position of your ticket. 
If the ticket is not booked then that information you will get from the menu "Booked Ticket History" in the www.irctc.co.in site home page.
Indian Railways started E - ticket facility since 24.02.2006 to provide fast and secure online ticketing for the passengers. 
But in this case the passengers not provided any physical tickets. You can take the print out from the internet anytime after your ticket booked successfully.
In the journey time you have to carry any of the following identity details that is the main difference in the case of E-ticket. 
  1. Voter Identity Card
  2. Passport
  3. PAN Card
  4. Driving Licence
  5. Photo identity card issued b the Central / State government
If you are forgot to take any of these you will be treated as traveling without ticket. And if you are not carrying the ticket with you then you have to charge Rs. 50.
In the case of E-Ticket service charge of only Rs.10 to 25 per ticket in lower class and Rs. 20 to 40 per ticket in upper class (maximum 6 passengers per ticket) is leviable in addition to the train fare.
As part of the my concern better you go for E-tickets.

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  2. Do they differ in terms of Cancellation Charges??

    In IRCTC Site, I could only find information regarding the Cancellation of I Ticket but no information for e-ticket.

    @rungss on Twitter

  3. Both are possible.. you will be refunded the money in 3 days but the reservation charge is deducted.

    In one case i got "some" money back even after i missed the train.

  4. why concession is not available on e-ticket?

  5. 22629 is not showing in IRCTC.co.in



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