D Reserved Coaches For Short Trips

Modification In Seating For Short Trips
Indian Rail today announced that all the season ticket travelers must enter the General Coaches and the D-Reserved Coaches Only. All the long trip trains Begin and End part having D-Reserved Coaches and the season ticket persons have to enter this compartment only in the morning.
The Sleeper Ticket short trip travelers also can enter the D-Reserved coaches without any extra money other than sleeper ticket. But if we want to travel in the normal Sleeper Coaches then you have to pay extra Rs.15. According to the seat availability the Ticket Examiner will give seats and claim Rs.15 per ticket.
Following are the Trains and Coaches for the Season ticket and Short Trip travelers can travel
  1. Kanyakumari - Mumbai CST exp (6382) :- S5,S6,S7,S8(Kanyakumari-Ernakulam) and S9, S10(Kanyakumari - Palakkad)
  2. Thiruvananthapuram - Chennai Super Fast(2624) :- S10,S11(Thiruvananthapuram - Ernakulam)
  3. Thiruvananthapuram - Mangalapuram Malabar exp(6629):- S6 (Thiruvananthapuram - Kottayam)
  4. Thiruvananthapuram - Hydrabad Shabari exp (7229):- S11,S12,S13 (Thiruvananthapuram - Coimbatore)
  5. Alappuzha - Danbad exp (6352) :- S2,S4, ST1,ST3 (Alappuzha - Perumboor)
  6. Alappuzha - Chennai exp (6042) :- S7 (Alappuzha - Palakkad)
  7. Thiruvananthapuram - Mangalapuram Malabar exp(6630):- S5,S6 (Thiruvananthapuram - Kottayam)
  8. Mangalapuram- Thiruvananthapuram Malabar exp(6629):- S2, S3 (Mangalapuram - Kannur
  9. Thiruvananthapuram - Mangalapuram exp(6347):- S1, S2 (Kozhikood - Mangalapuram
  10. Mangalapuram exp - Thiruvananthapuram (6348):- S6 (Mangalapuram -  Kozhikood
  11. Chennai Egmore - Mangalapuram exp(6107):-  S9,S10 (Trichy - Mangalapuram
  12. Mangalapuram - Chennai Egmore  exp(6108):-  S9,S10 (Mangalapuram - Trichy
  13. Kanyakumari - Bangalore Island exp (6525):- S8 (Kanyakumari - Palakkad)


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  1. The kerala peoples also DRAVIDIANS. So let them( season ticket holders ) alove to travel in all reserved compartments.




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